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The Hunt For Love: Crime is power (Book One)

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Hunter Kingston Is A bad boy with a cold heart. Forbidden and irresistible. Kim is a all around good girl. Who's never done anything exciting. So when she meets hunter Kingston. She immediately falls in love.

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Secrets In Suits


I walked in my front door, My mom was passed out on the couch.
Suddenly I heard muffled voices from the kitchen.

I peeked into the kitchen, I saw Two masked men wearing suits.
I hid behind the door frame, Where I knew they couldn't see me.
I collected myself And walked in the kitchen setting my purse on the counter.

As I did they started waiting for me to speak, as they continued grabbing stuff from all around the kitchen.
Grabbing knives, plates, forks, even a tiny radio I had.

"What the fuck do you want?" I said, One of the robbers looked at me.
I then realized she was a girl, "you're under arrest." She said.
I recognized them from somewhere.

Turning to me the guy pulled out handcuffs.
And walked behind me slowly putting them on my wrists.
My hand brushed his. Shivers went down my spine, And heat went down my legs.

He didn't have his ski mask on and he was hot as hell.
I then gasped, And the guy then punched me in the face. I had been knocked out.

Hunter POV

I can't believe I knocked her out.
But we did have a problem, She saw me without my mask.
And she knew I was a friend of her moms.

So Lia's idea was to drop her off at jail.
I felt bad just giving her to the cops.

As we were driving to the pigpen. I got really nervous and started shaking.
Lia started rubbing my shoulders as I drove, Which helped.

The girl was so pretty and the way she spat out those fucking curse words like they had left a bad taste in her mouth.
"O my God!" I accidentally said out loud.
"What?" Lia asked
"Sorry, was just thinking that girl is kinda hot, I said.

We pulled up to the pig station in the cop car we stole.
I pulled the girl out of the car, she was wearing a yellow dress and white fishnet stockings.
With as much as I knew she was a good girl, I still thought of what she would look wearing my jacket.
I dropped her off inside, and we drove away.

Doug POV

I got off my Harley, parking it on the curb. I slowly walked in the bar, the urge for a drink getting stronger.
I sat on a barstool, getting stares from all directions.
One man sat down next to me, " what the fuck you doing old man?" he said.
I gritted my teeth, " What the fuck it look like little boy?" I said.

He got up and kicked me off my stool. I then drew my gun from the holster,
And sent a bullet right through his beer.
The bottle crumbled, And the golden liquid came flowing out.

Everybody in the room drew their guns without hesitation.
They pointed them on me like I was a freak show.
I slowly put mine on the ground and punched the guy who had kicked me off the stool in the face.
It was a fistfight now.

I was outnumbered three to one.
Or at least that's at least how many bothered to fight me.
The rest were waiting.

And as soon as I knew it someone had smashed a stool over my head.
The last thing I remember hearing was those stupid pig sirens.

——— Sometime later———

When I woke up, I was in a cell with a girl laying on the ground.
She was very pretty. She had blond hair And looked about eighteen or so.

She was passed out cold, Who knows how someone like her got here.
But I was going to make sure I got her out of here.

I woke her up, she immediately asked "where am I?", "jail," I said.
Getting off the ground slowly, she asked "who are you?".
"I'm Doug, who are you?" I said, "Kimberly Kim for short," she said with a bit of regret in her voice.

Realization flashed over my eyes, As I remembered who this girl was,

She was my Daughter.
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