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Falling For Love

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lovena Thomson grew up without knowing her real parents. she was adopted when she was just a toddler. she lived a happy life with her parents in the countryside. Attending high school and college without any friends was hard for her but that didn't let poor love forget about her goal and what she wants to achieve in life. After college, she moves from her old town and moves into the city to open her fashion design clothes store. Little did love know that she would fall for a man out of her league or so it seems. Joey Miller a poor guy who once was rich. Grew up in a rich family. His mother and his father think that he is getting old and must marry a beautiful, independent, and intelligent woman. Time of searching he found her when he went into a clothes store and met up with the perfect description of his standards. come with me in this journey of betrayal, forgiveness, lust, and more importantly love. be patient as it which everything might not turn out the way that you like.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Joey's pov

Beep beep

I woke up by the sound of my alarm. Stretching my hand to turn it off I fell out of bed on the hard wooden floor.

"Damn your floor," I said to myself with the alarm still not turned off. the door burst open and my head maid Rose came rushing in.

"Joe are you alright? I heard a loud thud outside the room when I was passing by." She asked trying to help me get up. Which wasn't necessary considering that she's in her late forties and I being a heavy lead.

"Yes I'm alright I just tried to turn off the stupid alarm and just fell out of bed"

"I suggest you pull the bedside table closer to your bed so you can stop fall like a baby," she suggested laughing.

"Are you laughing and I'm in pain?" I said and tried limping to the bathroom so it would not only sound realistic but look realistic too.

"Boy, you better stop that fake limping before I punch you in the throat" I turn just in time to notice that indeed she was holding up her fist.

"Okay okay, please don't punch me in the throat. My mother put a crazy lady to look after me. Wow," I said closing the bathroom door.

"Don't be rude" she shouted out before I turn on the shower so after that I couldn't hear anything but the shower, not even the stupid alarm clock.

Oh shit the alarm

"Rose can you turn off the alarm please" I shouted out as loud as I could for her to hear me.

I spent about 15 mins in the bathroom. I turn off the shower and wrap a towel around me and head out of the shower.

The alarm

"Come on I asked rose to turn off this god damn thing minutes ago," I said to myself before switching it off.

I walked over to my walked in closet and took out my black suit and black shoes to match with it and a sky blue tie. I hurriedly put on my clothes took up my suitcase alongside my briefcase and went downstairs to the kitchen.

" Rose I thought I told you to switch off the alarm clock," I asked her while putting down my belongings on the floor and sat around the table.

"Um sorry, joe. You see I'm so crazy that I don't even know what is an alarm clock " she said pouting.

I didn't reply to her knowing that she would continue to pout. She always acts that way when I say something to her that she doesn't like. Rose put my favorite breakfast on the table not even bothering to fix it like she used to. I gave a glare and she just put her hand to her head signalizing that she is indeed crazy. I finished my break in a drift.

"Are you going now?" rose asked me after she put the plates in the sink.

"Yes, I have to leave now or else I might miss my flight" I replied taking up my bags from off the floor.

"Well this crazy lady will miss you very much," she said. I told you she didn't drop anything.

"I'll miss you too rose" I kissed her on the cheeks and head out closing the door behind me.

I head to my jeep and signal my driver matt that I'm ready to go. He opened the car trunk and put my suitcase in the car. Then he opens the door and ran towards his door.

"Matt I thought I told you that I'm not a girl, I don't need you to open nor close the car door for me," I said to him looking down on my watch.

"I'm sorry boss it won't happen again" he replies while turning on the car.

" you've been saying that the moment you start working here, you've been working here for years which means you've been saying that for years," I said to him this time looking out the window.

"And you've been saying that I'm saying that for years"

"Shut up and drive the damn car matt" I don't consider matt as my best friend but we have a good relationship and he's easy to talk to.

Hours had passed and we've still hadn't reached the airport and I'm bored as heck. You must be wondering how I'm supposed to bore when I have a company to run but sadly I'm bored of that too. It's not like I don't love my job, I do it's just sitting in a chair in a tall busy building organizing plans, and going to meetings all day, and every day I'm entitled to get bored.

"Sir we are here," Matt said awaken me from my thoughts.

"Damn it's about time," I said to myself opening the door beating matt to it. He once again opens the trunk but this time to take out my suitcase.

"Have a nice flight sir" he said handing me the suitcase"

"Thank you matt" I turned around and head towards the front door of the airport. I walked straight to the front desk.

"Hello ma'am"

"Hello, Mr. Miller, would you like your private jet," the receptionist asked me

"No, the public plane would be fine"
I replied

"Would you upgrade to VIP?" she asked

"No Megan I would like a normal flight" I read her name tag

After sorting out all of that I head out to where they were boarding the plane. That's when I bumped into this beautiful girl. She Apologized immediately.

"no, it was my fault I am the one who is to be blamed," I said to her earning a little blush from her. Wow, she is super cute and I can sense the shy Vybz from her.

We head to the plane and end up being placed in the same seats. I told her that I came here for love but that's just half the truth. I can't tell a total stranger about my life problems. But some how e I get the feeling that I can trust her.

A couple of minutes passed of us being silent and I could feel the sleep consuming me. I took one last glimpse at lovena and with that, I fall into a peaceful slumber.
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