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Deadly different love

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She was supposed to die, unfortunately she was ready. He was baffled at how a human girl could keep such composure, even while staring death in the face. When she didn’t scream or beg for her life he was surprised. He had never had pray act like this. He’s noticing she’s not a normal human. And she’s in need of some serious lovin.

Romance / Fantasy
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Being young was never my forte, so I never acted of the such either. I never played with dolls or played at the play ground like other children. Iv never had any interest. It never gave me any pleasure.
I enjoyed reading and drawing. I have sketch books from back when I was 7. And 3 full bookshelves in my apartment. It’s just who I was, who I am.
Iv worked hard for my place in the world so when I thought this was it, I wasn’t sad. I’m not afraid of death, more afraid of never living. I worked hard so if it’s my time to go then I guess I really don’t mind. I figured I’d be mourned by a couple of people and forgotten soon. Just that one girl found dead in the ally besides her work. Leaving late one night and ran into the wrong guy. One Saturday evening that’ll go forgotten in a couple weeks. Everyone will forget- it probably won’t even make the news. So I gave up. I was ready to be devoured by the man looking beast in front of me. I closed my eyes and gave up. So when I stood there, in the mans grasp unmoved, not dead. I was a bit confused. I opened my eyes to see him staring at me. I pushed him hard. He stumbled back confused.
“Who are you?…” he asked confused.
“What do you mean?! You just tried to kill me and your asking who I am?” I responded back sarcastically.
“Well I suppose- but your calm?” He said as if flabbergasted.
Before I could respond, he looked at the door leading into my work, a very live club, and was gone before i could blink. I shook my head in confusion. Moments later one of my coworkers walked out. A bag of trash in hand.
“Adora? Your still here?” She looked down the street and back at me.
Still in shock I shook my head.
“Yeah I forgot something I was just coming back to see if I left it here..”
She looked at me as if she knew I was lying.
“Ok well… are you coming in? Or ya just gonna stand out here all night.” She said sarcastically.
I forced a smile.
“I’ll go inside in a minute just gotta get my purse.”
She looked at my feet where my purse was, half spilled.
“Umm ok…?” She looked at me confused slowly going back inside.
Now that I think about it I guess it is a little strange for me to be out here. I picked the contents of my bag up and put everything back. I picked it up and contemplated weather I should should go back inside or head straight home. I look at my- now, freshly cracked- phone screen. It turned on showing me it was 11:37 pm. I sighed loudly. I shouldn’t have told amber i was going inside, because now If I don’t this situations going to look even weirder.
Deciding against going back inside I quickly walked home. Walking back into my small apartment, I shook my head again. A man just tried to kill me, and instead of screaming or calling for help, I gave up like a suicidal maniac. And to make that even better when someone actually came back outside, instead of saying “oh yeah I almost died, some guy was about
to rip my throat with his teeth like some crazy vampire maniac” I made up some stupid story about forgetting something. I question my judgment and wonder if someone’s been drugging me. I must be insane.
But for some strange reason I did. I lied, even though this man just tried to end my life. I lied.
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