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Breaking The Walls, Bending The Cage

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This is a Story Of Someone named ,Lets call him "randy" its based off true stories and all the names have been changed to protect everyone's identities

Romance / Horror
Aaron Thomas
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Silence. In every direction. Silence, not a single noise. Not from any animals, not from traffic, just silence. Emptiness in every direction. Except a couple trees and a playground, not a person to be seen except under the play structure. There lay a depressed 17 year old boy. His name is Randy. He wasn’t very special, just an average kid he writes, draws, but he’s the laughing stock because of his body build. He's 6’1 285 lbs. and has short brown hair. He would go to school like anyone else but he acted differently around people, he felt like a burden to people so he’d put a fake smile on so people wouldn’t worry about him. Everyday was the same routine get out of bed after a sleepless night at 5:30 get dressed in baggy sweats and a shirt and a zip up hoodie make himself some hot tea for the day and leave the house, at school it was no different fake smile a couple fake laughs here and there, hiding the pain he felt. The first week of school was different he couldn’t take the pain anymore when he got home he just sat on his bed reliving his past

4 week ago

“Nobody wants you here, freak!!” “Careful when he walks there’s an earthquake.” Strangers would say as Randy walked past them. He walked through the halls just trying to get to class on time. Almost to class, he went to the back of the school and let out his anger and sadness, he just started punching the wall over and over till his hand was bruised. he just curled up holding his hand. He curled up into a ball and cried, but he wasn’t crying from the pain, the pain felt like his best friend, he was crying because he was alone.

Randy sat there on his bed looking down at his hand, It was still bruised from the wall, he made a fist checking his knuckles none of them were broken. He looked at his scar-filled wrists, faded but still there. He looked at his palm full of white scratches that are recent from a paper clip. He curled up and cried on his bed and covered himself with his blanket.

Three weeks ago

He couldn’t feel anything anymore just pain and he couldn’t take it anymore, he looked into the bathroom mirror with the bathtub filling with hot water and a box of blade next to him he was tired of feeling pain he just wanted it to go away. He got undressed and got into the tub and open the box and took one out, and looks at the blade. Sharp, but was it sharp enough to stop the pain. He placed the cold blade on his wrist but he couldn’t do it. He wanted to, but he couldn’t do it. He tried moving the blade along his wrist but the blade wouldn’t cut. He dropped the blade and curled up in the tub and cried “why, why am I still alive”

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