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Mrs. Write

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As Mrs. Writes life disperses from it's normalisity, it further unravels as a part never shown comes at the addition to no ordinary woman.

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Chapter 1

Alina pov

It was only the beginning of the day and I was already feeling shitty. I’ve already learned to expect nothing from my husband so waking up to an empty bed, one we rarely share alone, was no surprise, but I forgot that my daughter was now off at college creating her own life.

She’d usually wake me up forcing me to get some cardio by hiking or something but all i hear is silence.

Now this big house was just simply empty.

I sigh, getting up to start my day not caring how late I must be. I mean as long as I get my work done by the end of the day there shouldn’t be a problem. Especially since I’m the main chairman of the company.

Going through my daily routine I only stop to look at myself in the mirror for a second to fix my hair before putting on one of my dress suits. And after fitting a vest and jacket to it I paired the outfit with some black heels.

I couldn’t care less to put makeup on so instead I made my way out grabbing my keys and purse.

To my surprise there was Anderson, my driver, waiting for me. I looked at him bewildered as his words started to render in “Good morning ma’am”

“Good morning and what time is it?”He looks down to his watch as he opens the door to which i get in, “It’s six right now, should i have come earlier Mrs. Write?”

I’ve never woken up this early without an alarm set which only made this day weirder”no sorry”.

The mornings in Switzerland have become a little quieter as most of the tourists leave but usually a whole fleet of them come back.

It’s only September, maybe by late November it’ll be normal again, but even in my twenty years living here I still can’t be certain of that.

I grimace seeing Saura standing right where I get out wishing I didn’t have to speak to anyone in general as of now.

“Why are you so early?” She stands posing with her hand on her hip in some ugly bright orange clothing with the same feeling i have about her all across her face

“I didn’t mean to be if I’m honest”

“I can’t say I would ever trust you”

“Can we just end this here? I want to get to my office and get settled before we start conversing any more.” I leave her not wanting to drag on anything making my way inside the building and to the elevator.

I never got that woman ever since she got here. I mean I willingly gave her one third of my company, yet of course that was never enough for her.

Luckily our offices are at the other ends of the top floor giving me less chances to run into her on a work day.

Thinking back to the subject I should have just declined when my husband suggested it to her. I didn’t really need help running my company as it was just doing fine without her. And of course he would purposely hire someone much younger just to piss me off even more.

I should have known right then and there he just sent that woman to have control over me when he wasn’t there. But I was still too blind with love for him back then. Oh how time changes things…

The doors finally open and as soon as I step out I’m bombarded with a bear hug by the only true friend I’ve ever known. Although I could die without the rib crushing hugs.

“Okay Sophie enough” I struggle in pushing her away, not so fond of over touching even after all these years.

“I could have spent the night with you. Espen never minds when i do” she finally lets go searching my eyes in which i shrug away.

“I’m not taking you away from a man that actually loves to be with you. And besides I was fine” I made my way into my office throwing my purse onto my couch before following behind my desk and into my chair.

“You big fat liar. I still don’t know what’s stopping you from sending in those long overdue divorce papers.”

“Honestly with Julia gone there isn’t anything stopping me. And once I do that I could finally get Suara off my ass.” I knew something was officially off with that damned woman written into our marital agreement

“Then it’ll go back to being Write Inc. instead of Lin and Write. I still have no idea how her name was chosen to go first.”I watch as her left leg starts to jump up and down meaning she has something more important to say.

“I just knew not to put up a fight with that. Especially since my customers know who’s name matters the most. Now it’s too early to have you withholding anything so spit it out.”

“I need some help doing work and other things.”

“I told you to just distribute your workload amongst the floor below us. It’s literally why people call it Sphiena’s Lorin’ and while I don’t completely understand the name I thought deeming that floor as yours would help you.”

“I just need someone… actually more of a personal assistant.”

“Oh god Sophie, I told you I don’t need or want one of those. It’s impractical for me to even have a personal assistant.”

“Exactly how is that Alina! I don’t want to keep seeing you here earlier than the last one out of this building.” It somehow always scares me when she calls me by my actual name.

“I don’t feel like being a babysitter for someone or better yet having to teach them how to do their job Sophie.” I avoid her gaze knowing she’s not gonna give up this time.

“Well you don’t have a choice anymore since it’s my executive decision to hire you one.”I groan shifting down into my chair too tired to even fight back.”By the end of the day I’ll have a list ready for you, but right now knowing you don’t feed yourself I’m going to grab some breakfast and your gonna either eat it or i’ll force you to.”

I look away from her, crossing my legs and folding my arms.”Ahh such a baby but I love you too, Aly.” She then leaves me and I turn around to look out the window watching the end of the sunrise wondering about the future.

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