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The Secret life of a Superstar

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“You are doing what you have done before, letting him ruin your life, Ethan,” Ronnie said outside the door of his room. “What do you mean?” Blake asks inside the room while still emptying the bottle of wine in his room. “Did you think ever think, how did Jessica come to know the truth?” Ronnie asks him, and Blake shakes his head at him, but thinking that Ronnie can’t see him, he mutters a small no. “It was Ethan who told her the truth,” Ronnie informed him “What?" Blake asks, shocked, and opens the door of his room. He looks disheveled, with his hair like he had run his hand through his hair many times and dark circles around his eyes, and Mike feels pity and wrong for his friend. “You heard me. It was Ethan who told Jessica about it,” Ronnie said to him. “I will kill that bastard,” Blake said and walked inside of his room to find the keys to his car. “Don’t be stupid Blake, Ethan is with Jessica right now, comforting him. If you kill him, it will make Jessica hate you even more,” Ronnie said, walking after him, grabbing his hand, which moves forward to take the gun from his drawer, which he has put there for his security. “Then what should I do?” Blake shouted at him while jerking his hand away from him. “Then what should I do?” Blake asks, falling on his knees while holding his face in his hand, crying his heart in front of Ronnie.

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Chapter 1

“Good evening, ladies and gentleman. Welcome to the Filmfare awards 2021. We have news reporter Rua Luis on the scene. Rua, can you hear me?”

“Yes, ma’am, loud and clear,”

“How is everything going out there?” Ruth asks her.

“As you see, the environment here is full of excitement. Everyone is standing and cheering for their favorite celebrity, waiting for their favorite celebrity to walk the red carpet.”

“I have heard that both Blake and Ethan were nominated as the best negative role in the movie ‘The Chase.’ What does our audience think who will win this award?” Ruth asks her.

“Yes, sir, that’s true. Both of them were nominated for the best lead negative role in the movie ‘The Chase.’ So let’s go and asks the audience who will get the award,” Rua said while looking at the camera and start walking towards the crowds.

“Hello sir, I am from the news channel In Star. May I please know your name, ” Rua asks a man holding a board with the name Blake written over it and pass the mike to him.

“Yes, my name Cecil Patter,”

“So, Cecil, who do you think will win the negative role for the movie ‘The Chase?’” Rua asks him.

“Blake Parker, there is no doubt about it,”

“There is no way that Parker is going to win this award. It will be Ethan. No one can beat him,” another man came and said to him.

“And why do you think he will going to win this award?” Rua asks him.

“Because no one would have done that role better than him.”

Suddenly a Limo stops beside the red carpet. The driver comes out of the car and opens the door. A young man wearing a black blazer went out of the car with a killing smile on his face and started waving his hands towards the crowd. The crowds go crazy and try to come closer to him but are stopped by his bodyguards and the bounties.

“Rua, we have Blake Parker with us. Let’s go and talked with him,” Rua said and start walking towards us.

“How are feel about being nominated for the best negative role with Ethan?” Rua asks him.

“I don’t know what the audience was thinking for nominating him with me. I mean, there is no comparison between us. I was way better than him in every role I played in the movies.” Blake said while looking disappointed.

“Then who do you think will win this award?” Rua asks him.

“Well, isn’t it obvious,” Blake said to her and took the mic from her, then started walking towards the crowd.

“Who do you think will win the award, ladies?” Blake asks with a wink. The crowd got crazy and started shouting his name.

"Blake, Blake, Blake,"

“Well, I can’t hear you ladies,” Blake said and moved the mic towards them.

“Blake, Blake, Blake,” the crowd cheers for him.

“Is that what you think, angles?” Ethan asks while walking towards them with a sexy smirk on his face.

“Ethan, Blake, Ethan, Blake,” the crowds started cheering for both of them. Finally, Blake turned around, and they glare at each other.

“Well, we both know who is best. So lets the award function answer that question,” Ethan said while smirking at him.

“Yes, lets the award function answer that question,” Blake said to him and pass the mic back to Rua. Blake glares one last time at Ethan and walks inside the hall.

Sometime later

“Now, the next award is for best lead negative role males, and the nominees are,” the host said, and a video started to play on the stage.


{The best lead negative role male nominees are Ethan Anderson, from the movie Chase.”

“Your mind doesn’t want to remember anything, but what about your heart,” (Ria, the female protagonist in the movie, asks the male protagonist while dancing with each other)

“What heart?” (Ryan, the male protagonist, answered)}

2. {Roy Smith from the movie Light inside of me

“Revenge is a dish better serve cold,” (Nick, the male side protagonist, said to his small brother in the movie) }

3. {Blake Parker from the movie The chase

“Don’t tell me you trust him?” (Ron side actor asks Shion (Blake) while standing beside him)

“Trust is not something I give so easily,” (Shion (Blake) said while glaring at him.)}

4 {Roky D’zosa from the movie Brothers conflict

“Be prepared to be punished for worrying me.” (Jay (small boy) says to the female protagonist while hugging her)}

(Video ends)

“To do the honor, Can I please invite on the famous producer and the director Jered Petterson. And the famous composer Nanami Haruka,” the host stage, and a man looking between 30 to 35 years old, and a beautiful girl wearing a light blue dress, looking between the age of 15 to 20, walks on the stage.

“And the award for a best lead negative actor is Blake Parker from the movie ‘The chase,’” Jered Petterson said while looking on the card. Blake stands up for his seat and walks towards the stage with a big smile on his place while everyone claps their hands for him.

“Thank you so much, everyone, for your support. I want to dedicate this award to my family, co-worker, and all the friends who had supported me all this time. I wouldn’t have been here if they hadn’t supported me all this time, so thank you all so much.” Blake said in the mike, shake Jered’s and Nanami’s hands, and walks back to his seat while smirking at Ethan and waving the award in his hands.

After the award ceremony, everyone gathers infamous director Russian Kanish’s house to party all night.

“You must have seen Ethan’s face while I get the reward. I had a hard time controlling myself from bursting out laughing at him,” Black said to his friend and co-worker Yuki with a smirk on his face.

“Congratulations on winning the best negative role, Mr. Parker,” the famous director and producer Rachel Dawson said and shook his hand with Blake.

“Thank you, so much and congratulations on winning the best movie award, Mr. Dawson,” Blake said while smiling and shaking hands with him.

“Thank you, are you free tomorrow?” Rachel asks him.

“Yes, why?” Blake asks.

“I was thinking of offering you a movie, So I was I was thinking to discuss the script with you and sign the movie contract with you if you are free, of course,” Rachel said while smiling at him.

“Of course, how about 10:00 am sounds good to you?” Blake asks him.

“Sounds good to me, so 10:00 am at your house?” Rachel asks him.

“Yeah, sure,” Blake said, smiling at him. They talk for some time and party with others till 1:00 am in the night and go back to their home.

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