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Oh to be Mr. Perfect

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There was one word to describe him. Cliché. Blonde hair, Blue eyes, Popular, Etc. He was, in a sense, Mr. Perfect. Until one day.

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0: Gay Batman (Part 1)

(This story contains strong language.)

Take a moment to think about this. How would the world react if DC Comics suddenly announced Batman was gay?

Have your guess?

Here’s the answer. They’d turn their backs on DC Comics and continuously bash on them. Why’s that? Because the world hates gay people. It doesn’t matter how much good he did before, he’s gay, and hardly anyone likes a gay person.

The world would react the same way if I were to do the same.

In a sense, I’m the gay Batman in this story.

Blonde hair, blue eyes, Student Council President, etc. Everyone... admires me.

But, they don’t like gay people.

And, well, I’m gay.

Nobody needs to know that, though. And, I’ve learned to be content with that.

It’s not like I had a guy to crush over anyways. So, there wasn’t the whole “who do you like” type thing to worry about. If someone were to ask, I could easily shrug it off or say the first girl to come to mind.

Of course, there’s the whole “don’t be ashamed of who you are” argument. But, it’s not that I’m ashamed. It’s the opposite. I know that I’d never like a girl or anything close, and I’m okay with that. However, there’s people who aren’t okay with that. With the way things currently are, I can’t exactly blurt out that I’m gay and shrug off anyone who judges me for it.

And so, like Batman, it’s easier to step into the shadows and leave those aspects unknown. And, probably better too.

So, how would you react if Batman was gay?

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