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Every New Years Eve (on hold)

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Meet Leah, a great painter and Karson, a talented violinist. Their story kicks off in an animal shelter with a simple "oh god, I'm sorry". On another note, New Year's Eve for Leah is always unpleasant, call it bad luck if you will. but, who knows, her luck may turn around for the better, especially with the help of Karson.

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ch. 1

Monday September 20th

Dayton, NV

“Leah. Get up, hon. It’s almost 7.”

I open my eyes to my mom standing in my doorway, holding her thermos of coffee and her purse draped on her arm. She’s on her way to work. She’s an OB-GYN at a hospital in Gardnerville, which is almost an hour away from us. Apparently the pay is better over there than working here in Dayton. My dad on the other hand, he lives in sunny San Diego, California with his new wife, Jessica. He’s a construction worker.


Him and my mom divorced when I was 7. I’m 18 now and it’s still awkward when they see each other. I’ve met his wife though. She’s extremely nice. At first, it was alarming to me but eventually I realized that’s just the way she is. Her and my mom aren’t that different. My mom has grey eyes with chocolate brown hair. She has chocolate brown hair as well but with blue eyes. They both love to read and help people. My dad has a type, so it seems.

My father has brown hair as well with grey eyes. So you can probably guess what I have.

Enough about my parents, I rolled out of bed, grabbing my robe off the back of my room door and headed for the shower. School doesn’t start until 8:30 so I have quite a bit of time to get ready and dilly dally. It’s my first day of senior year. To say I’m excited is an understatement but also, an overstatement. Yes, I’m glad its my last year of high school but also I’m sad it has gone by so quick.

After my shower, I threw on a royal blue romper and my plain white slip-on vans. I throw my mid-back length brown hair into a braid on the side securing it with a clear elastic. I go for simplicity when it comes to my makeup, I just put on eyeliner and mascara. I head downstairs to the kitchen and pop bread into the toaster and put some butter on top, grabbing my pre-made smoothie my mom has prepared for me almost every morning before she heads off to work.

I head into the cool fall weather, heading to my 2019 Jeep Renegade Trailhawk. I love this car. I got it for my 17th birthday. My parents know this was my dream car but honestly, I didn’t think I was gonna get it for my first car. Surprises happen everyday, I guess.

I head to my best friends from their houses. They both have their own cars but, we all wanted to ride together for the first day. First, I head to Bella’s house and honk my horn when I’m outside. She rushes out the house with a cute dark purple dress on and a jean jacket with her all white slip on vans.

“Hey. What’s up?” She gets in the passenger seat of my car and throws her bag in the back.

“Hey,” I giggle, “what’s the rush for? Its only 8”

“Well I wanted to request that we stop at Starbucks on the first day after you get Cody. “She says, as I pull off and head to his house.

“I wanted to go too, we have enough time. We’ll make it to school on time.”

I arrived at Cody’s house, once again, honking my horn for him to come out. He also comes running out. Do they remember what time school starts? I don’t understand the rushing out the house. He had a simple black shirt and grey zip up jacket with some jeans and white nike air forces. I also noticed he has an excessive amount of gel in hair.

He hops in the back seat, shouting “LETS GET SENIOR YEAR STARTED BITCHES”. We all laughed, blasting “Livin On A Prayer” by Bon Jovi on our way to our last first day of high school.

Once we arrived to school, I headed to my parking spot. Over the summer, before we headed back to school, we decorated our own parking spots for the year. It’s apart of our senior traditions. Mines looks like one of the stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and has my name written in the star. Bella, Cody and I have our spots next to each other. Cody’s parking space is the bird from Finding Nemo and it has the word “mine” painted all around it. At the bottom is says “Class of 2020”. Bella’s is just a baby pink color with half a sunflower painted on the edge and says “Bella ’20” at the bottom.

We all got out of the car. I grabbed my smoothie and book bag and locked my car door. We headed towards the front doors of the school and went to the office to get our schedules and locker numbers. It was definitely gonna take a while because its pure chaos, everyone is in a line that extends outside the office. This is gonna take a while.

After a while, the principal realized everyone was gonna be late for class with the awful system they had with a few faculty giving out schedules to thousands of students. Instead, he announced over the intercom that our schedules and locker numbers would be sent to our school emails.

It was 8:25am already. We didn’t have enough time to see what classes we all had together. Guess we’ll find out throughout the day. My first class was World History with Mrs. Turner. I hope my teachers aren’t assholes. And I really hope we don’t get homework on the first day either, that would really blow.

The bell rung indicating that it was 8:30am and everyone should be in their class. A few more students rushed in before Mrs. Turner closed the door.

“Good morning class. I’m Mrs. Turner. I’ll be your World History teacher for the year. I’ll try to make it as enjoyable as I can for you guys. All I ask is that I get the same respect I plan on giving all of you”

Off the bat, I looked around and realized neither of my friends are in this class with me. History class is a bust.

Nothing more had went on in that class, we pretty much introduced ourselves and talked about the syllabus and all the boring first day stuff. It was now 11:30am and I was headed to lunch. I walked into the cafeteria and immediately felt overwhelmed by all the students everywhere. I looked around for my friends until I spotted them at a table in the back over by the window.

“Hey guys” I say, setting my bag down next to me. We got our lockers but, obviously, it was chaos this morning so I’m just carrying it around with me. I’ll use my locker tomorrow.

“Hey. So it seems we all have Art and Calculus together” Cody concluded. We have 6 blocks. My schedule consisted of World History, Calculus, English, Spanish, Art and Astronomy. In that order too. And our lunch is after 3rd block. My schedule wasn’t bad, I like my classes. My teachers seem okay too.

“So, I wonder which of us is gonna end up with somebody first this year” Bella said, smirking. That will be interesting to see if any of us end with a boyfriend or girlfriend by the end of high school. Boys, and in Cody’s case, girls, never came easy to any of us.

We all turned our heads towards a loud commotion coming from another side of the cafeteria. It was Karson Jace.

Oh boy. He gets more handsome every year, it’s insane.

My friends and I walk to get in line to get our food. The school caters different restaurants or fast food places for lunch everyday and today its Chipotle. We each grabbed a burrito that had the fillings we wanted. On our way back to our table, I lightly bumped into someone. I looked up and it was Karson.

“Hi. Sorry” I say nervously, trying to go around him. He grabs my arm, getting my attention, “Hey. You’re fine. No worries.” I nod and head back to the table. Lord I hope my face isn’t all red as a tomato cause it definitely feels hot in here.

Hi guys. Thank you for reading this 1st chapter. Sorry if the end is not that good I just really wanna get this out to you guys. I hope you’re enjoying it so far. Give me some feedback, I’d love that. Anyways, not much to say so until next time ;)

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