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My Wish Come True (MWCT bk1) ON HOLD

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Aria Clementine Jones is a 17 year old in Topeka High School and Ready for graduation in 10 months. She honestly hates school, and her home life. Her mother - whom is an druggie - left her to fend for herself after an incident a few years ago. She's a depressed loner in school, that keeps secrets and no one can stand her. Well almost everyone, when Grayson Jamie Winchester (Aria's teacher's son) He's a popular guy around Topeka, everybody knows and loves, yet goes to a private school and plays for a varsity baseball team. What will the turn of events lead to? Love or Last breath? ****MATURE CONTENT*****ATTEMPTS OF SUICIDE******DRUG USAGE*****LANGUAGE*****SEXUAL CONTENT*****RAPE*****

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Chapter I

You know what sucks in the Monday morning? One: It’s not the weekend anymore. Two: This damn alarm clock. Three: Getting out of bed, and Four: This Damn Alarm Clock! As I sit up I turn off my alarm, debating whether or not to throw it out my window. I choose the latter. I toss my blanket off my legs, and I scoot my little ass outta bed.

When my feet hit the floor I stretch my arms and legs, and walk to the bathroom to do my business. Once I’m done I wash my hands and get in the shower. I wash my hair, and clean my body. I turn off the shower, and grab my towel to wrap it around me. Once I step out onto the tile floor and walk towards the mirror. As I do every morning, I look at myself, I have high cheekbones, brown hair with blonde and red highlights, emerald green eyes, and just normal sized lips. I shake my head, I look just like her. I grab my toothbrush and brush my teeth. I hear scratching and whimpering on the door. I open it to spot my Husky. I smile. As I spit out the toothpaste in my mouth. I look back down.

“Good Morning, Zeus.”

I pat his head. I rinse my mouth out and rinse my tooth brush off. I walk past him to get to my closet. Him following. I open it to spot a black shirt that says Blame it on my roots, I laugh with no humor to myself. It hits it right, cause I look just like her. I go to my drawer and look for my lace black undergarments, then my black high rise shorts. I go back to the bathroom and change. My shirt is tucked into the shorts, while my hair is a wild frizzy damp mess. I roll my eyes and get my brush. I brush my hair and toss it up into a high ponytail. I grab my eyeliner, glitter lip gloss and mascara and put it on.

“I look alright, don’t I Zeus?” I ask and he barks once, I take that as a yes. I smile again. “My adorable, Husky.”

I walk downstairs to an empty house.

Of course

I go to the cabinet and open it to see my chocolate chip pop-tarts right there.


I grab one, then I grab my bag, phone, earbuds and leave the house. I walk to school, it’s not that I don’t have a ride. Who am I kidding? I never have a ride. People don’t fuck with the loner. I plug in my earbuds and put on a playlist. I reach school in less than thirty minutes. And I walk to my first period class. Geometry. And I have Mrs. Winchester. She seriously hates my guts. I have no idea why. I think it’s because I don’t do anything in her class. But since she hates my guts, I do nothing but tempt her into exploding.

“Miss Jones” She greets, when I walk into the class.

“Mrs. Winchester” I greet back and go to my seat.

The bell is about to ring in three minutes. So I’m glad I got here before everyone else. I play on my phone for half of the period until the door of the classroom opens. And when I look over my green eyes lock with cold gray ones.

Oh my god, gray is my new favorite color. Wait is it a color or a shade? I don’t care its my favorite.

“Winchester,” The principle states - Whom I did most definitely not notice - “May I speak with you in the hallway.” She nods and steps out for a minute or two

That old hag just stole gray eyes from me! I’mma get revenge. God, I’m being dramatic.

And I was so dramatic I didn’t notice her come up to my table. With gray eyes.


“Miss Jones, does anyone sit here?” She asks

“How would I know. I don’t pay attention to my surroundings but in this case I do. No one in this class likes me -” I turn my head - as do Winchester, and gray eyes- to notice a few kids nodding. I roll my eyes. Sighing, I look out the window “- so yes Mrs. this seat is free.”

“Oh my god, Aria will you just let my son sit here for the day?” She spits. I smirk turning my head towards the 47 year old lady.

“Why of course he can. He can even have my seat.” I look at her son, “Here you go, Gray eyes.” I stand up as he raises an eye brow. Probably at the nickname. “And uh Mrs, tell the class to do their work before I do something to embarrass them all.” I lean in “Including you, Mrs. Winchester.” I gesture for the kid to sit down. He hesitates at first, then does so.

I inwardly smile. then my phone rings. I pick it up only to realize its her. The smirk that was on my face vanishes and its now a scowl. I answer it.

“What do you want?” I spit

“Is that anyway to talk to your mother?” She snickers

“You lost the benefit of being my mother when you threw me away like fucking trash, bitch. And, do not call me again. At least not while I’m in school.” I hang up, and I have now realized, I did not go outside when I usually do when my so called family calls.

Well, Shit

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