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His Cold Yet Sweet Wife

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Liang Ren and Zhang Yiyi got arranged into a marriage but they agreed that they will divorce each other after an year of their marriage..............Will they get a divorce or something would happen between them within this period. Read to find it out

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Chapter 2

It has been days since they had a talk and now they're busy with their own tasks.
Yiyi is just super free and she had no work to do as her patients are in different city ....
She is a psychologist and also a doctor.
But she spends her days being a psychologist.
These days she was thinking about signing the contract with him .
After much thought,she texted him…
"Mr.Liang, Can we sign the contract now?
i hope you have no objections."
After sending the message,she got busy talking to one of her patients.
Meanwhile,Liang ren was confused after reading the text but he still decided to give it a thought and after thinking about it for an hour he finally texted her,"Okay! we will draw the contract tonight!"
After sending the text,he was still pondering over the fact that his wife wants to sign a contract with him and he would have a contractual marriage.
In the evening,he left the company early and reached back to his apartment.
The lights of the apartment was off and there was no one around.
He turned on the lights and saw that yiyi was sitting on the sofa with her eyes closed plugging in her headphone.
He was somewhat attracted to his young wife but he still remembered the words she said to him on their wedding night.
He didn't make a sound and went to his room.
After taking a long bath and dressing up,he finally came out and saw yiyi cooking instant noodles in the kitchen.
He always dreamt that one day will come when he came back home and his wife would be cooking for him.
He was busy in his thoughts when he saw yiyi eating all the noodles by herself.
His dream was shattered and he was left with his broken heart.
He didn't spoke a word to her and just sat on the couch.
After finishing her noodles,yiyi finally noticed him.
She was waiting for him since she received his message.
yiyi was the one to break the ice cold silence between them saying..."Mr.Liang,so are you ready to sign the contract?"
He nodded.
Then they began to draw the contract.
Liang ren was party A while yiyi was party B.
The first clause says that Party A and Party B will never interfere with each other's lives.
The second clause stated that they will pretend to be a happy couple in the front of their family but strangers in front of outsiders.
The third clause stated that party b can stay at party a's apartment and can cook in the kitchen.In return,party a can ask party b for a favor once.
Finally,after two hours their contract was ready to sign.
They signed their respective name and shake their hands.
Yiyi said,"May we have a happy cooperation!"
Liang ren just nodded.
It has been days now since they signed the contract and just like stated in their contract,they never interfered in each other's lives.
They didn't even talked to each other.
These days yiyi was busy thinking about going back to her city and restart her normal life.
Today,she was booking a flight ticket so that she can fly away in a day or two when the doorbell rang.
She was confused because Liang ren knows the passcode himself and she never got out of the apartment,so she doesn't know about the passcode.
While she was busy thinking about this,the doorbell rang once again.
She dispersed her thoughts and went to open the door.
At the door was standing a woman who was in her fifties .
That woman was yiyi's mother-in-law, Mrs liang.
But yiyi forgot that she had seen her in the wedding.
Mrs liang really liked yiyi so she agreed to the wedding.
Reading her mind,she said while giving a really big smile ,"Yiyi! I'm your mother-in-law"
Yiyi was starstruck,her mouth was wide open.
she never expected her mother-in-law to be here while she was planning to go back.
Mrs liang was really amused by yiyi's shocked expression and her smile grew bigger and bigger.
Yiyi stuttered,"Mother-in-law!?"
"Just call me mom!"Mrs Liang said.
They were still standing at the door when yiyi came back from her thoughts.
She hurriedly called her inside and gave a sincere smile.
She then brought water for Mrs liang and started talking to her.
Yiyi was very adaptable so she didn't even hesitated in front of Mrs liang.
Soon,they were laughing and talking about things.
It was only ten in the morning and yiyi just woke up half an hour ago and was dressed casually with only a hoodie and shorts.
She apologized to Mrs liang," Ah! Mom! I'm really sorry .i am dressed so casually but it's fine we're family and it doesn't matters!"
Mrs liang was really amused with her frankness and she loved this young girl even more.
She just hopes that yiyi will be able to change her son.
It was 2pm now but they were still talking and watching tv.
They felt like a real mother and daughter.
Right then,yiyi remembered that she doesn't have any food items to eat now.
Her instant noodles,chocolates,snacks,juices were all finished.
She said,"Mom! How about we go shopping?"
Mrs liang will do everything yiyi wants her to.
After 15 minutes,yiyi came back wearing a black hoodie,black denims,black shoes and black mask.
She was looking like a mafia girl but black clothes made her even more beautiful.
Mrs liang thought she must've saved the universe in her past lives that she got such a beautiful and sweet daughter-in-law.
Mrs liang was really happy and didn't wanted her son to spoil this moment so she didn't tell Liang ren about her arrival.
As for yiyi,she was too busy playing with Mrs liang that the thought of telling this to Liang Ren didn't even Crossed her mind.
Mrs Liang's driver drove them over to the mall.
The mall was very big with many fashion stores .
There were so many people around mostly girls dressed in fashionable clothes unlike yiyi.
But Mrs Liang despised them all.
She only likes her daughter-in-law.
Right at taht time,Mrs Liang saw yiyi heading to the snack stores. She was confused and asked,
"Yiyi, why are we going to the snacks store!?"
"Ah! Mom! we're here to buy snacks for me.!"
"Don't we need to buy clothes!?"
"Nah! Mom! i have plenty of clothes and i only wear hoodies so i don't need to buy dresses .
Anyways,dresses here are too girly and i don't really like girly things."
At that time , Mrs liang's perspective on yiyi totally changed.
She was really moved by yiyi's honesty and simplicity.
She followed yiyi to the snack store.
There were many snacks around and yiyi was busy looking for her snacks items.
Mrs liang was so surprised.
She never thought that her daughter-in-law who's so slim would eat so many unhealthy snacks.
She asked,"Yiyi! why are you buying so much snacks?
Aren't you afraid that you will get fat?"
Yiyi luaghed at Mrs Liang's questions and then she said,"Mom! Don't worry! I won't get fat! I've been eating all these snacks from my childhood and it's really hard for me to get fat. Look at me now ,how slim i am!"
Mrs liang was just so surprised that she didn't even utter a single word.
They were paying the bill when yiyi's stomach suddenly growled.
Yiyi didn't ate anything the entire day and she was so embarassed now that she wanted to hide in a hole but she still laughed at her stupidity.
Mrs Liang felt really sorry for yiyi so after getting into the car she asked the driver to drive over to a good restaurant.
The restaurant's name was paradise kitchen and there were so many people there as it was dark in the evening.
They sat beside the window and ordered the food.
After they were finished,yiyi asked the waiter to pack one serving of the food they just ate."Yiyi! who's it for?"
"Mom! it's for the driver !"
Mrs Liang was falling deeply for her.
At almost 8'o clock , they came back to the apartment.
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