Thorn (Werewolf)

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BOOK TWO, sneak peak.

It’s been six months since Thorn and Devon sailed across the deep ocean and found a new life and home at Thorn’s old estate. Living one last mortal, ordinary life with his mate is all Thorn ever wanted but his mate is far from ordinary.

When Devon starts to come into her telepathy powers, all hell breaks loose. Secrets among the pack begin to come to the surface, new faces are questioned and interrogated and Thorn is forced to choose between Devon’s abilities and his own instincts.

Their peaceful world is starting to break and Thorn has no choice but to keep Devon hidden away for her own safety. However, when a coven of witches claws their way into their lives, Thorn and Devon are confronted with a terrifying revelation about Devon’s first-born child which is already alive and growing inside of her.

Hearts will be broken. Lives will be ripped apart. Devon was kissed by death and now they will both pay the ultimate price for it.


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