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A short story with 500 words, where a broken woman finally overcomes her fear. Hope you enjoy :)

Romance / Mystery
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Heavy footsteps and harsh panting fueled me to run even faster. Cold damp grass, squelched under my boots, and my heart thundered in my ribcage, while frightened sobs left my quivering lips.

Deep violet clouds blankets the half-moon, snuffing out the only light around, and a loud howl resonates around the deep forest.

"Just a few more steps, just a few more steps" I mumbled to myself hysterically, hoping I could somehow hide away from the one-eyed beast chasing me.

Loud, guttural laugh mockingly boomed a few feet behind me, as if it could hear my thoughts, shaking me to the core.

Desperation clawed every single atom in my body, hoping a miracle could get me away to safety. It was as if history repeats again and again. But except this time, I'm running away from a real monster.

I barely escaped that night; the deep knife wounds on my back, my stomach is a painful reminder of what I've been through.

Marco loved me, but sometimes he had a funny way of showing it.

'Don't run away from the monster, fight them' a voice hissed.

Something snapped inside me at those words.

My eyes sharpened, fiercely looking around for something I can't explain. It was as if my eyes had it's own mind.

But I don't care, as long as it gets me away from this soulless creature.

And for the first time ever, my prayers were answered.

Eyes set on my prize, my feet propelled me forward, adrenaline pumping my veins. A frustrated loud growl ripped from the beast, as if he knew my intentions.

Grabbing the rusty, abandoned looking axe, I pivoted on my heels facing my hunter head-on, and threw it forward.

Time stood still as black, gooey looking liquid flowed down from the middle of his forehead, so close to the only eye he have. Thick scaly skin peeled away slowly, showing the fleshy muscle beneath them. Veins on his bald, fleshy head, turned a deep red color.

And the axe? It was lodged on the side of his neck, while the gooey fluid spurted out uncontrollably.

The sight horrified me, yet I finally felt at peace, as it sinked down on it's scaly limbs, the eye slowly drooping down.

"And cut" the director yelled, clapping his hands, "Bravo Miah, bravo".

Compliments and cheers rang around the set, as my co-star, Bernard peeled away his costume.

"Damn love, you've got a good arm" he rubbed his neck chuckling low and deep, where I've thrown the wooden stick.

"Does it hurt too much?"

Shaking his head in negative, strong yet warm arms, wrapped around me, pulling me onto his lap, deep blue eyes, seeking mine.

And for the first time ever, I kissed him, sobs of victorious joy and love for him mingled together, sputtering through my closed lips.

You finally fought your demon, Miah.

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