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18-year-old Tyler Baxter lives a pretty good life. He is the quarterback for the High School football team, insanely good looking and he can get any guy he wants. On top of that, he got a football scholarship to Stanford University and a chance to take on college life with his best friend by his side. But a few weeks before college, during a physical examination, Tyler's life takes a turn for the worst. A few years later, Tyler tries his hand at a life of normality. With whatever little time he has left, Tyler vows not to get emotionally involved with anyone or anything. But it's not always easy...nor possible. Until he meets the charming and mysterious Ethan Storm who has an unforgettable smile, an eagerness for the brooding handsome type, and a very healthy lust for life in and out of the bedroom. Will Tyler be able to let anyone near him? Especially when he has to keep secrets to protect the ones he cares about the most. Especially when he has a ticking clock hanging over his head. Follow the story of Tyler as he has to do what it takes to balance a life-altering secret with his college life and his personal life. Is it possible to save Tyler Baxter? If so, what will it take to save him? Or more importantly, who?

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1 - Life as we know it...

Life as we know it...

“Fuck yes!”

His breathless moans echo loudly through the rather quiet hallways as our tongues wrestle with each other.

We burst through the door in lustful haste, barely able to keep our hands off of each other. Inside, I pull away for a split second and kick the door shut with one foot, trying to maintain my balance with the other. My hands are otherwise preoccupied.

A lustful groan escapes his mouth. I pin him against the wall with my hardness, making him feel the effect that he has on me. I trace soft kisses down his jawline and to his neck. His skin smells of faint peppermint body wash and lust.

He pulls away and starts working on the top buttons of my shirt, his eyes not once leaving mine. I kick off my shoes while my hand’s fiddle with the button on my Jeans. I can feel myself leaking already. I pull him in again as the button snaps open, feeling my pants slide down my legs and bunching at my feet. My tongue invades his mouth again. Our loud breathing and lustful kissing echoes throughout the entire apartment. Liz is probably out for the count anyway, so it doesn’t matter much. Besides, I need to get my dick inside of him soon, or else I will burst.

He forcefully pulls away, trying to catch his breath. I peel my shirt back, exposing my bare chest to the rather crispy air in the apartment. The coldness makes my nipples hard instantly. I watch as he licks his lips, taking in what he sees. I move back slowly, lifting my arms behind my head to give him a better view.

“Fuck me…” he breathes, his eyes glued to the bulge in the front of my Calvin Clines with a very noticeable wet spot starting to form

“That’s the plan…” I assure him. “You like what you see?” I ask the obvious with a sly grin plastered on my face.

He nods his head without looking away. His mouth is open in awe, allowing me to form a mental picture of the ways that I want to use it. He pulls his shirt over his head and flings it across the room. It lands somewhere on the other side, almost knocking over something in the very dark distance.

I pull his face towards me and devour his mouth once more. I want to taste him. All of him, giving his tongue a taste of what’s to come.

He puts his arms around my shoulders, pulling me even closer into his body. I can feel his erection pressing hard against mine. He puts his legs around my waist as I pick him up against the wall. After what seems like hours of intense making out, we move over towards the couch, not letting go of each other’s mouths. He slowly lets himself down as we reach the couch. I let go of him and stand back, watching him pull himself up onto the couch. He gives me a quick once-over, licking his lips again as his eyes lock on the front of my boxer briefs. He looks at me again. A gleam of fiery lust burns deep within his eyes. He lifts his hips slightly and, without breaking eye contact, pulls his jeans off exposing a hard bulge in the front of his briefs.

A sharp intake of breath escapes from within me. Now I am licking my lips.

I move in for the kill, lowering myself over his semi-naked body and pressing my mouth against his. The kiss feels different this time. Slow, soft, and sensual at first. But this time, there is an intense hunger in the way he kisses me back. I bite his lower lip hard, pulling it with my teeth and hearing his breathing increase. He moans loudly in my mouth.

I trail gentle kisses over his chin, down his jawline, and his neck. He rolls his head backward as I take turns between planting soft kisses in his neck and softly tracing my tongue against his soft skin. His heavy breathing turns into grunts of lust. He thrusts his erection against mine, allowing me to feel all of him. My hand rests on the bulge in his briefs. I massage it slowly, allowing my tongue to continue the assault on his torso. I stop when I get to his nipple. I take it into my mouth to wet it and blow softly before circling my tongue over it. He moans loudly. I bite down on it and take it into my mouth, moving from one to the other. He starts leaking through his underwear as I continuously massage him, making sure to add just enough pressure. I slide my hand inside of his underwear, grabbing his hardness.

Perfect. He is wet for me.

I peel his underwear off, freeing his erection. His body squirms underneath mine as I grab hold of his hard dick, stroking him slowly.

“Fuck…” he breathes softly and pulls my face towards him again.

I continue to stroke him slowly as we make out, feeling him moan deep into my mouth.

“I’m so close,” he whispers breathlessly as he pulls his mouth off mine.

“Not yet,” I answer him back. I move my mouth downwards, kissing down his chest and across the wave of abs. His skin is wet with a salty taste to it. I trace my tongue through the patch of hair below his navel.

He probes himself up on his elbow, looking at me and panting. I look back at him, all the while slowly stroking his leaking erection.

My eyes dart between his lustful gaze and his leaking dick throbbing in my hand.

“Please…” he begs.

I grin widely and lick my lips again. I lean forward, opening my mouth to take just the tip…

A loud banging on the other side of my bedroom door makes me jump. I open my eyes quickly and squint as the bright light hits them. Another loud bang breaks the few seconds of silence, followed by a very agitated voice.

“Tyler! Wake the fuck up!”

I kick the blanket off me in protest and try to open my eyes again. Everything around me seems to be spinning. I close them as quickly as I opened them.

“Shit!” I breathe through my teeth. My head is pounding. My body feels heavy. I try to move my hands. But it hurts. After a few minutes of finding my inner strength, I try opening my eyes again. This time, it seems to be slightly easier.

I try to focus my gaze, looking around the room as blurry shapes slowly become objects again. I probe myself up on my elbows. My briefs make no effort to hide the very hard painful morning wood that I’m sporting.

“Tyler Baxter, I swear to god…” I hear her voice on the other side of my door.

“Alright, Jesus, I’m up,” I yell back in annoyance.

It usually takes a few minutes for the heaviness to settle. But today seems to be easier. The smell of freshly brewed coffee is wafting around the entire apartment.

Lizzy hands me a cup of coffee as I take a seat at the kitchen counter.

“Well you seem chipper this morning,” she snarls at me.

I scoff at her as I grab the cup from her hands. The first sip makes my insides warm.

“No thanks to the fucking freight train outside my door earlier,” I bark at her. She laughs loudly. “By the way,” I ask, leering at her over the cup of coffee that I hug to my face. “what the fuck do you use to bang on the door like that?”

“Oh my dear sweet very friendly Tyler,” she says, gulping the last of her coffee down. “I am an expert at banging things.”

I snort and take another sip of coffee.

“Here,” she says and holds a bottle of pills out to me.

I sigh. “Jesus, can I at least have some breakfast before you start shoving pills down my throat?”

She shakes the canister. “Relax Anal Annie, it’s for your headache.”

I frown.

“Your eyes sorta gave you away there,” she adds, almost as if she could read my mind.

Reluctantly, I reach out and take the bottle from her. Two pills should be enough. I put them in my mouth and take another swig of coffee.

“Good boy,” she says sarcastically and ruffles my hair playfully. We both laugh.

“Speaking of a good boy,” she adds. Her face is serious. “Maybe you should start by taking a shower?” she pulls her face sarcastically.

I laugh. “Fuck you,” I add playfully. “That’s what a real man smells like in the morning.”

She laughs. “Oh honey, you haven’t been a real man since kindergarten when you showed up dressed at Briney Spears for Halloween, remember?” she adds.

We both laugh. She takes the cup from my hand as soon as I take the last sip.

“So what do you have planned for the day?” she asks as she puts the cup in the dishwasher along with a few other items.

“Well,” I answer. “I have an early class that I have to start getting ready for.”

My eyes search around the quiet empty apartment. “So when exactly will this net flatmate grace us with his presence again?” I ask.

Liz is trying on a pair of earrings that she fished from her clutch purse.

“Today. Which is why I’m gonna need you back here to help welcome him,” she says. “Even though I know you are not particularly thrilled with the idea of him moving in.”

I scoff. “I’m…indifferent.”

“What is that suppose to mean?” she asks. She grabs a handful of the dark curls hanging from her head in an attempt to fix it.

“You look all dressed up?” I ask in some obvious attempt to change the subject. “Hot date?”

She laughs. “I have that interview for the internship at Sully’s attorneys at Law today. Remember?”

Remember? I can barely sit upright as it is.

“Oh yeah.” I shrug it off.

“Look,” she says. She puts her arms around me. “I know that you don’t think it’s necessary. But I promise you, it will not be so bad. He seems like a nice guy. I think you guys will get along.”

“I doubt it,” I snap back. “You know I don’t like people.”

“Well Ty, you don’t have a choice, alright?” she asks. “Now remember. We have that party going on tonight so try and make it back from class early.”

Fuck. “Liz, I told you. I don’t feel like going.”

“You can’t keep yourself locked up in this room, Ty. You’re gonna drive yourself mad. Besides, we can both do with a night out. It wasn’t exactly an easy year for either one of us. Let’s unwind a little, have some fun…”

“Yeah? I don’t see how some lame college party will help to fix that.”

My protest is fruitless.

I never could say no to Liz. We grew up together, went to school together, lost our virginities together and we’ve been inseparable practically our whole life.

“Ty, come on. I need this,” she begs.

That’s not the real reason. We both know that.

I sigh. “Fine,” I say fainting in dismay.

“Ah!” she squeals and grabs me around my neck. “I love you for this,” she says with a big wet sloppy kiss on my forehead. “Now about that shower?” she asks again.

“Fuck you,” I laugh and playfully push her aside.

“So, listen,” she says while grabbing her purse and her keys from the table next to the door. “When newbie shows up, please try to be a little more welcoming towards him than you were with the last one.”

I scoff. “I am always welcoming towards newbies.”

She pauses and looks at me in shock. “The guy dropped out of college because you were snapping at him like a bear with a sore tooth.”

“I did not!” I jump to defense. “He couldn’t handle the pressure of first-year varsity life, that’s all.”

“I call BS,” she says. She scratches around in her purse in search of something.

“Remind me again why we need someone else invading our personal space?” I ask while fully knowing the answer she is gonna give me.

“Because,” she says and takes out a dark shade of lipstick, “we need the money so that we can have this semi-private space, to begin with. It’s either this or crappy dorm rooms. You decide.” She touches up her lipstick and pouts her lips at me. “How do I look?”

I laugh. The dark red shade of her lips compliments the dark bush of brown curls hanging from her head.

“You look like you could make your tuition back on a street corner.”

“Perfect!” she says and wiggles her eyebrows at me before closing the door behind her.

After my morning shower, I hurry back to my room. My eyes scan the room for something clean among the piles of dirty unlaundered clothes lying around the room. I haven’t had much time for anything lately.

I grab my bag with my notepad, a few pens, and some textbooks and hurry out the door.

The campus is rather busy. Freshmen everywhere wandering around and groups of them being shown around campus. A clear distinction can be made between the lot of them. The ones who will be joining us on the football team and then the group of future scientists, wandering around in awe as they push their glasses higher up their nose to intensely study every building’s architectural value. Then the real cliché behind college life. The ones who are only here to party their life away.

I hurry through the hoards of students to get to my first class of the day. English Lit with Professor Rodriguez. ‘The History of Modern Literature’ sprawled in big bold letters across the board. He is busy setting up his equipment for the lesson. Students are hurling themselves through the door and filling up the auditorium.

I take my usual seat in the back of the auditorium in case I need to make a quick escape.

I take out my notepad and a few of the pens that I have in my bag. I open up to the first page and immediately continue the piece of doodling that I’ve worked on all of last semester. It’s gonna be one of those days again, my thoughts so casually remind me. I am dreading having to live with a stranger. Having to keep some pitiful guy from asking millions of questions that are absolutely none of his concerns. Or hearing him trying to drunkenly sneak in his latest piece from the campus bar to come and fuck her in our apartment. Having strangers wandering in and out. Then, of course, having to go to that stupid party tonight. Damn Elizabeth for forcing me to go and spinning me some cock and bull story about how much she needs it. I was looking forward to a peaceful night of reading or watching Netflix, trying my utmost best to ignore the unfortunate guy who was dumb enough to accept the ‘New Roommate wanted’ ad that we posted on craigslist. Who answers those ads anyway?

“Fuck,” I hear a voice in despair coming from the guy sitting two seats away from me. He pats himself down, looking around flustered in search of something on the floor.

I grab one of the extra pens I have in front of me. I offer it to him.

“Here you go man,” I say, trying to make as little eye contact as possible.

A pair of blue eyes look up at me with relief. He flashes a charming smile and reaches out to take the pen from me.

“Thanks,” he says. He positions himself upright in the chair. “I’m new here,” he offers up some unwanted information.

No shit.

“My name is Ethan,” he says again. This time I roll my eyes as I look at him. His hand stretched out to me, waiting for mine in greeting. My eyes dart between the hand in front of me and his gaze, making my annoyance quite obvious.

So much for trying to be fucking nice, I scold at myself.

“Tyler,” I say back with as little emotion as possible.

He looks at me and takes his hand away. The once wide smile on his face fades away slowly.

Throughout the lesson, I could feel the new guy throwing occasional glances at me. I pretended not to take note of it. Instead, I tried my best to concentrate on whatever Professor Rodriguez was spouting on about Leo Tolstoy. His gaze, however, was searing into me.

As soon as class was over, I gave a glance at my new friend seated next to me. He was fidgeting with the mounts of loose papers that he had in front of him.

Damn freshman, I scoffed.

I made my quick escape before anyone else could notice me.

“Come on Ty.” Elizabeth’s desperate pleas make me snicker. “Get off the couch and come help me.”

Very reluctantly, I lift myself off the couch and freeze at the sight of her standing at her bedroom door, trying to zip up her dress.

“What?” she says when her eyes catch my gaze. Her hands were quiet.

“Nothing,” I say back. “You look amazing Liz,” I add.

She is wearing an off-the-shoulder red party dress that frames her body perfectly. Her long dark curls hang loosely down her neck and over her shoulder.

“You like?” she asks, spinning around instantaneously.

I nod my head in approval. “You’re gonna make some heads turn tonight.”

“Hmm, now it’s your turn. Come on.” She pulls me by the arm to my bedroom.

“I don’t need your help to get dressed, you know.” I try to object, but it falls on deaf ears.

She opens my closet and, after careful inspection of what little I have in there, pulls out a black slim turndown collar shirt and holds it out in front of her.

“Perfect,” she says. A knock sounds at the front door as she hands the shirt to me.

“I will go and get that. You pair this number with that faded pair of jeans that looks so good on you and then we are good to go.”

“But…” she disappears before I could express my disapproval.

After closing my closet door, I pulled on my pair of faded jeans. I carefully button up my shirt and decide to leave the top button loose.

“Damn, Ty,” a voice startles me from the door. “I knew you were going to be a knockout in that shirt.”

I smile at my reflection in the mirror. The shirt does frame me pretty well. My hair is a mess though. I make a mental note to fix that before we leave.

“Lemme just fixes this,” Liz says. She pulls on my collar, trying to angle it perfectly. “You have to meet our new roomie,” she says.

“He’s here?” I ask. Of course, he was at the door.

“He is very cute and very nervous, so please be nice?”

I snort.

“There,” she says with a pat on my shoulders. “You are all done.” She stands back to examine me. She pulls her face as her gaze falls on my hair. I laugh.

“I know, I know,” I hold up my hands in defense. “I’ll go and fix it before we go.”

She fakes a sigh of relief, making me laugh.

“See you out there. Hurry up?” she says before disappearing.

I look again at my reflection in the mirror. The same reflection that once turned heads whenever he walked into a room. The guy that could’ve had his pick of guys lining up at the door. A perfectly sculpted set of abs and decent biceps now replaced by the faint outline of what was.

“Ty!” I hear Liz calling from the living room.

With as much motivation as I can, I hurry out the door. My body stiffens as soon as I enter the living room. The very same pair of piercing blue eyes that I tried to avoid earlier, is standing in front of me, in my living room, next to Liz. His smile immediately widens at the sight of me standing there frozen in complete disbelief. Liz exchanges a few glances between me and the guy standing in front of her.

“Ty,” Liz says as she tries to fill the awkward silence. “This is Ethan Storm, our new roommate.”

“Fuck…” I mutter a little too loudly.

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