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Naní De Leon never thought that she would have to go on the run. Living and growing up in a pack all her life she finds it difficult to keep her head above water when she must go rogue. To make matters worse she has her previous pack hunting her down to kill her. When she ends up in Los Angeles to hide amongst the crowds of supernaturals that congregate there she hopes her scent is undetectable. But as weeks go by with no incidents and a new sense of normal settles in, Naní's life does a 180. What happens when you try so hard to hide your scent from the enemy? What happens when your so indulged with being kept hidden that one person can sniff you out in a second and pick you out of the crowd in moments? Naní was so consumed by hiding herself from the enemy she failed to realize someone else had there eyes on her.

Romance / Fantasy
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"Each one of you no longer follows orders of Alpha Syrus. He has made his choice to kill his younger brother out of spite." Everyone's eyes nearly fell out of their head as Seren delivered this news. Even I was astounded but I concealed my precariousness. "I will be the acting Alpha until Logan comes of age."

The way Seren spoke of his nephew with repulsion had my stomach twisting. Something wasn't right. None of what he was saying made any sense.

"All due respect sir, but shouldn't we be sending a search party to bring Alpha Syrus to the courts for trial?" Someone in the guards unit asked.

Seren's reply worsened my fears. "That won't be necessary. I'll bring him in myself. It'll be less stressful for him and I don't want anyone getting hurt if he decides he wants to kill more of his pack."

Everyone nodded their heads in understanding. No, this doesn't make sense. Alpha Syrus would never kill anyone for no reason let alone his own brother.

As Seren continued to talk I tried to make sense of it all. I didn't get far in my thoughts as someone invaded my head, forcing themselves. Only a few wolves can do that and it was usually only ranking wolves which is why my blood ran cold for a moment.

'Naní listen to me, don't believe Seren. He was the one who killed Enzo, not me.' There was a plea in my Alpha's voice that I've never heard before. 'Logan was there with me when he did it. My family isn't safe here anymore Naní.'

My heart fell to the bottom of my stomach as I felt his pain through our link. 'What do you need me to do?'

'Get to Diana, tell her what's going on. I need you to take her and Logan out of here. Far from here.' He felt distracted through the link for a moment before I brought his attention back.

'Alpha, Seren is going to be looking for you. He says he's bringing you in to sit on trial before the council.' I warned him trying not to make it obvious I was linking with anyone. The way that Seren was looking at me now I knew he had his suspicion of me.

'That's a lie. He's coming to kill me. He wants to take over as Alpha now. That's why I need my family gone. In case I fail.' He felt my protest to his order but he growled tossing my protest out the window. 'Please Naní. I need you. He'll kill Logan once he's done with me.'

Biting my lip to keep from becoming emotional I replied. 'Yes, alpha. I'll head over to her now.'

The connection cut off as we had no need to link further. I had my orders I needed to follow through with. The life of my superiors is in my hand. The life of my future alpha lies in my hands.

I couldn't let Seren get a hold of Logan he was only sixteen. He had only been able to shift just a couple months ago, Logan wasn't going to be able to defend himself, he was still very much a child. He was with Alpha Syrus but if Seren was searching for him he would inevitably get a hold of Logan if he was close by. I couldn't let that happen I had a job to do and lives that were depending on me.

Seren had just dismissed everyone. I had missed most of his speech but it didn't matter as I had different orders to follow now. Orders from a true Alpha.

Trying to go unnoticed I grabbed a bottle of water from one of the coolers we had on the training grounds. Twisting it open I made my way to the edge of the woods. I tossed the bottle aside as I quickly shifted before anyone could notice.

My shiny black fur went unnoticed to the naked eye, which I liked best. I was practically invisible in the dense woods. Picking up my pace I hurried back to the packhouse but I didn't get that far as I was roughly ran into. I tumbled to the ground in a mess of my own limbs and mud.

'Where do you think you're going?' The voice had my fur standing on end. I growled at the dark gray wolf that was standing just meters from me.

'Why hello Tristian. Seren let you detach from his hip all of a sudden?' I spat sarcastically.

Tristian had been standing tall next to Seren like the teachers pet changing loyalty to Seren in the blind of an eye. I shouldn't have been surprised Tristian was had always been a sly little shit.

'Oh Naní, you never fail to try and seem so intimidating.' His wolf circled around me. I snarled when he took a step closer. 'Don't worry I don't think it's a bad thing. I always thought it was cute.'

'You thought it was cute? Am I too hard on your eyes now?' I retorted flashing my teeth at him in a snare when he took another step closer still walking in circles around me.

I heard a dark chuckle from him as growled in my direction. Returning my own growl he snapped.

'Syrus isn't here to protect you any longer little girl. No amount of skill is getting you out of my paws this time.' He was threatening me but there was a hint of lust laced in his words. I cringed at his shameless antics.

Aggressively I stepped up to him pulling my ears back. 'Touch me and I'll end you.'

'I'll just have to take you up on that.' As he taunted me he lunged at me biting into my shoulder.

I recoiled in retaliation, but it did little to nothing to break me free. His bite was deep and bone crushing. I whined out as I felt his jaw lock as he shock his head from side to side. I swear he was trying to take a chunk out of my shoulder.

Just when I thought I was about to lose my shoulder another wolf bit into Tristians side tearing him off of me. I limped on my good legs as I watch none other than Alpha Syrus standing between Tristian and me, forming a defensive shield.

Tristian snarled and growled trying to intimidate Syrus. It did nothing. Syrus hadn't flinched nor fray in any manner.

I thought it was all over and the tables were turning but I was sourly surprised when Seren's massive wolf stood next to Tristian. He had been standing in wait behind a hue Boulder, I was surprised I hadn't smelt him.

'Go Naní, do as I say.' Syrus ordered.

My eyes snapped to him. Was he crazy? Was he trying to get himself killed. This was two against one I couldn't just leave him. What would Diana think?

'No! I can't-'

'I'm not asking you I'm telling you.' He growled menacingly frustrated with my sudden willingness to oppose his orders.

With on last reluctant look at him I turned away forcing myself to run on my roughed up leg. I had to grab Diana and get the hell out of Blue Moon Territory. I had to find Logan though. Where was he? He wasn't with Alpha Syrus. Was he already heading to the house? He had to have been I told myself.

Nearing the pack house I threw open the door caring little that I put a hole in the wall with the force I used to push it open. I was completely naked having freshly shifted but it wasn't like it was an abnormality we were all open about our bodies. Something that came with being a werewolf.

I rushed up to the Alpha's bedroom not caring to knock on the door as I pushed it open. Diana had just gotten out of the shower her long blonde hair draped over her left shoulder. She dropped the comb in her hand when she saw me burst into her bedroom.

Clutching the towel tightly to her body her eyes grew wide with worry. "Naní is everything alright?" She questioned knowing very well with my lack of clothes and my heavy breathing that something was wrong. My heart broke as I realized I would have to be the one to break the news about the mutiny that was happening in the pack.

"Luna Diana I need you to change into some clothes and pack a bag. Seren has killed Enzo and he is turning the whole pack against Alpha Syrus." I left the part out about Seren attempting to kill Syrus. I didn't want her chasing after her mate and prolonging the time we desperately need to escape. We were already wasting time standing and talking.

"I'll explain more after I pack. Be ready in five minutes we need to leave now. Alpha Syrus instructed that I take you and Logan out of the territory until further notice." Diana stared at me with a blank expression only mustering up enough energy to nod her head to give me an indication that she was listening to me.

Quickly, I turned on my heels and ran to my room changing into sweatpants and a t-shirt. I threw the essentials I would need into a pack back and ran back to the Alpha's room.

Diana was already packed up. There was two pack backs on either one of her shoulder but I didn't miss that there was a third on the floor by the closet. I frowned when I looked at the last bag. Why had she packed three and left one? When I looked back to her face it was pale and empty. Tears were flowing down her now pale cheeks and I tried linking with Alpha Syrus.

There was no response. The connection between us was in a tatters, broken into a million pieces and my head hurt the more I tried to piece the connection together. What had happened?

As if hearing my thoughts Diana crocked out an explanation. "He's gone." Her voice was barely over a whisper. Her green eyes looked up at me and I felt guilty. I should have fought Syrus harder. I should have fought to stay and fight beside him. This was my fault. "I have a child to find I can't grieve right now Naní. We need to find him and get out of here."

Her attitude changed her motherly instincts kicking in as she pulled the back packs tighter to her body as she ran out of the room and down the stairs. I was hot on her tail as we ran out of the pack house. She stopped when we reached the tree line, Diana took one last glance at the pack house she had called home for the past seventeen years. She would never return, she knew this, I knew this. None of us would return, Seren would kill each one of us if we dared to return. We were all a threat to him now, as long as we still lived.

"Logan is going to meet us near the boarder at the Silver Wolf falls." Diana explained. She shifted trying to pick up both back packs with her mouth. She struggled. Her wolf was tinier than most and it showed now more than ever. All the while I was massive for a female wolf, it was one of the reasons I had ended up being a sentinel for the guard forces in the pack.

Shifting I took the back pack she couldn't pick up and nodded towards the direction of the falls. I trailed a few feet behind Diana looking out for any wolves that may have been lurking in the shadows of the forest.

The smell of the fresh water of the falls hit my senses and I felt a wave of relief when I saw Logan sitting as his wolf by the top of the falls. The river dumped gallons of water over the edge. The noise was so powerful it was felt in your chest as the roaring water fell below.

Diana dropped her bag and rushed over to Logan. She rubbed against his body in a comforting manner. I could tell they were talking between themselves as I watched them rub into each other to comfort each other as they undoubtedly knew that Syrus was now dead.

As I listened out for anyone I heard a quiet snap. Neither Logan nor Diana picked up on the noise. I was highly skilled in all of my abilities of sight, sound, and scent. The snap was close by and I knew someone failed at trying to remain quite.

Turning around I looked at the nearby forest growling lowly in the direction of the noise. The wolf that had been trying to be quite stepped out of the tree line, but they weren't alone. There was at least five of them. The tallest and strongest in front. I couldn't help but pull my lips back when I recognized the wolf. It was Tristian.

'I knew you would meet up here. Honestly thought you'd have smelt us Naní.' Tristian was trying to provoke me but it wasn't going towards work. I had people relying on me and exacting revenge for my Alpha right now was not the time nor place. 'Your senses aren't as heightened at you think. Alpha Syrus would have been so ashamed. At least now that he's dead you won't hear how humiliating you are as a high sentinel.'

Tristen paced from side to side trying to figure out his next course of action. I had made it my priority to place myself between Tristan and the Alpha family. I'd sacrifice myself for them, I had to... no, I wanted to.

'Logan, Diana there is a hidden passageway behind the falls. Jump over the edge and into the waterfall you'll see the cave. It'll take you outside the territory.' I explained to them both knowing I was going to have to distract this small group of wolves to buy them enough time to escape. Before any of them had showed up I knew I'd have probably not make it out. I was ready though. I had been trained and preparing for this moment for the past four years, now I could put my skills to good use.

'Naní no-' Diana's begging was cut off when I spoke over her. I felt guilty talking over my superior but I had to. She had to be reasonable with me if Diana wanted any hope in her kin surviving and herself.

'I'm not asking you guys I'm tell you. When I go after Tristian you need to jump.' I cut off my connection so I wasn't distracted with Diana or Logan's pleads for me to follow with them. There wasn't a possible way that all of us were going to make it out and I needed them to realize this.

When I finally found a weak spot in Tristian's vision where he couldn't see me for a few seconds as he turned directions pacing I lunged at him. Knocking him onto his side I caught him by surprise. I was growling like a feral dog on a mission for blood and that wasn't far from the truth. I was going to have to kill Tristian if I wanted Logan and Diana to make it out of this.

Snapping at Tristian's fur neck I watched out of my peripheral view as the three of the other wolves rush after Logan and Diana. No! Momentarily distracted Tristian sank his teeth into my neck twisting me around sending me tumbling to the ground as he towered over me.

'It doesn't have to be like this Naní. I can persuade Seren to have mercy on you. You don't have to fight for them anymore.' He was talking in a desirous tone that begged me to listen to him. I couldn't he was wrong and I knew he would spew anything out to keep me from leaving.

'This is not right Tristian! Who's side are you on?' The hurt in my voice was enough to get him to pull his teeth out of my neck. I swiftly kicked him off, circling him with tentative attention.

'Please Naní, don't make me have to kill you.'

'Killing me is the only way you'll be able to go back to your Alpha. You and I both know he'll accept nothing less than my dead body.' I didn't wait for my words to register in his mind as a yelp came from Logan as two wolves were pouncing on him trying to drag him into the woods. It didn't matter that he was pulling against them with all his might. He was still a teenager, a child still.

I pounced onto Tristian sending him into a heap in the dirty as I jumped over him and towards Logan. Diana beat me to him snapping her jaws onto one of the wolves. She shook from side to side finally building enough pain in the wolf and enough energy to tear the wolf off her son. I ran into the side of the other wolf breaking their hold on Logan long enough for him to take off.

'Jump off the falls! Now!' The command came out as a scream as I watched Logan dart for the falls. Just when I was about to feel relieved he was going to get away he came to a halt when he heard Diana yelp. With just enough time to turn to look at her I watched as Tristian chumped down on her neck with deathly force snapping her neck with ease.

Logan was running back towards with the intent to harm him, but I knew he wasn't yet a match for Tristian, even if he had Alpha blood, he was still young. Tristian was a full grown Beta and he wasn't here to make friends.

I was bitten in my already roughed up leg. One wolf bit into the back of my neck pulling on the lose skin as they dragged me towards Tristian. Logan was still rushing towards. What was he doing?

'Don't!' I yelled hoping Logan would listen before he lunged at Tristian. I prepared myself for the worse as I awaited Logan's doom. There was no way that he was going to attack Tristian and make it out alive.

Held in place all I could do was look on as Talon flung himself at Tristian growling so loud and powerful it made even I bow my head to the ground. The growl created enough of a diversion to loosen the other two wolves hold. Using this to my advantage I twisted quickly biting down on the nearest wolf's neck snapping it.

I wasn't wasting anymore time. They all need to die if I was going to have any hope in get Logan out of this territory alive.

Kicking the other wolf that was still alive I rushed over to Tristian and Logan. They were more equally matched than I had first thought as Logan was still able to hold his own. Logan had even made him bleed on one of his front paws making Tristian favor his other leg.

Though I was badly injured I forced myself to run as fast and as hard as I could into the side of Tristian. I snapped my teeth at Logan when he tried to finish him off.

'No! You need to get out of here. Listen to me!' Logan growled at me and it took all my will power to stand my ground. Taking one last look at Tristian them to me he turned around and took off towards the waterfall.

I growled in Tristian's face a one last warning to back off, before I peeled off to follow after Logan. He was my responsibility. I couldn't let anything happened to him.

Just when I saw Logan leap over the edge a last of the three wolves with Tristian lunged at him while over the edge. Colliding in the air they spun around before disappearing over the falls. My heart fell to the pit of my stomach before nausea set in.

'No!' I screamed in my head as I looked over the edge searching for any movement... any remains. They collided over the edge where there were sharp edged rocks the jettisoned into the air. The smooth bedrock just below the waterfall was where it was safe to jump not where they lunged.

The mist from the falls made it difficult to see but through the glimpses of broken mist I saw the two limp wolf bodies laying slack against the muddy bank of the river.

They were both dead, blood trailed into the river from their limp bodies. The faint smell of iron and death floated in the air in the mist and up to my senses.

I'm just a matter of ten minutes I had failed epically. The entire Alpha family had perished before my eyes. I was a poor excuse of a sentinel if I was in human form I would have shed tears.

'Don't worry Naní, you're about to join them.' I didn't wait to turn around to watch Tristian attempt to push me off the edge and onto the jagged rocks below. Instinctively I side stepped and I watched as Tristian tried to stop his momentum but it was too late. It didn't matter how deep his paws dug into the dirty he slid off the edge and I watched with stoic eyes as he lunged below falling hard against a rock and into the river.

My heart felt heavy and my body now ached with unimaginable pain as I itched over the edge of the waterfall. I'd have to jump. Bathing in the waterfall and escaping through the hidden passageway was the only way to lose them off my trail for good.

It was just me now I thought picking up my back pack with my mouth. I looked at the other fully packed backpacks giving them one last goodbye as I leaped off the edge not knowing what my future would hold.

My fate was now more treacherous than the waters below.
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