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All I Wanted

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Chapter 2

(Author’s Note: when you see () it’s their wolves talking in their mind)

Abby opened her eyes and saw she was in her bedroom. She saw Lance sitting in her bed beside her.

“Hey beautiful,” Lance said.

“Oh god it wasn’t a dream,” Abby said.

“It is not a dream, I’m your mate,” Lance said.

“Why do you want me,” Abby said.

“Because the moon goddess said we are mates and I have always told myself that when I find my mate, I would never reject her and protect and love her for the rest of my life, Abby, you are everything I could want in a mate,” Lance said.

“A wolf-less mate,” Abby said.

“You aren’t wolf less, she just hasn’t come yet, be patient okay she’s there,” Lance said.

“I’m sorry I just have a hard time believing that, my mom’s wolf came to her when she was 17,” Abby said.

“And you thought you would be like her,” Lance said.

“I thought it was how it was for the women in the family,” Abby said.

“All people are different, my mom’s wolf didn’t come until she was 21, she had just met my dad,” Lance said.

“So you think my wolf will come now that we found each other,” Abby said.

“She will come, Abby, I can feel it, she will come soon,” Lance said. He stroked her cheek. She looked up at him. They moved closer and she felt his lips on hers. She felt her body tingle as the kiss deepened. He held her close.

“Wow,” Lance said.

“Wow,” Abby said.

“Abby, you know what needs to be done,” Lance said.

“What’s that?” Abby asked.

“You are my mate, we can’t be without each other,” Lance said.

“Oh right,” Abby said.

“You know it’s what is done,” Lance said.

“I know, the female move to their mates pack house,” Abby said.

“April will be coming here,” Lance said.

“How is it possible for your sister to be my brother’s mate and her brother being his sister’s mate,” Abby said.

“I guess it was what the moon goddess wanted,” Lance said.

“Oh my,” Abby said.

“What is it?” Lance asked.

“I can smell you,” Abby said.

“And?” Lance asked.

“You smell like sandalwood and cedar,” Abby said.

“Your wolf is coming,” Lance said.

“(I can feel her coming),” his wolf Linc said.

“AHHHH!” Abby said.

“Abby!” Lance said. He picked her up and carried her out the door and down the stairs. Everyone came out of the living room.

“Baby girl!” Alice said.

“Sis!” Aaron said.

“Precious!” Alan said.

“Sis!” Alex said.

“I think her wolf is coming,” Lance said. He took her outside and sat her on the ground and they watched her transform.

“So beautiful,” Lance said.

“Son you know what to do,” Trevor said. Lance takes off his shirt and pants and changes into his wolf.

“(My mate),” Linc said.

“(Mate),” Abby’s wolf, Aurora said. They laid on the ground together. He rubbed against her.

“(So beautiful),” Linc said.

“(Handsome),” Aurora said.

“My baby girl is finally complete,” Alice said.

“I knew she would come,” Alan said.

“(I’m Linc)” Linc said.

“(I’m Aurora)” Aurora said.

“(Let’s change back and have dinner, beautiful)” Linc said. He changes back and gets dressed. Alice comes with a blanket and covers her as she changes back and wrapped the blanket around her.

“Oh Mom!” Abby said.

“I told you she would come baby girl,” Alice said.

“My clothes,” Abby said.

“It happens when you change, beautiful, now you know to always carry extra clothes at all times,” Lance said.

“How come you still have yours?” Abby asked.

“I took off my shirt and pants, I don’t care about the rest,” Lance said.

“Oh,” Abby said blushing.

“Come on, beautiful, go get dressed and meet me at the dinner table,” Lance said.

“Okay handsome,” Abby said. She went upstairs and got dressed and came back down and sat at the table between him and Aaron.

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