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Katherine's story continues as she tries to get her life back together, but the demons from her past are never far away.

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1

It’s been three months. Three months since I left that monster. Xavier.

I killed him, yet I still don’t feel any remorse. He deserved it.

The cast from my leg and hand were already gone, and thankfully everything healed perfectly. I returned to work after two and a half months of being home. The recovery was a bitch, but it’s fine now.

Xavier had been dead for months now. And nobody knows. I believed that the police would be looking for the killer, but no word was heard from anyone. I was scared at first. Furthermore, I killed him, I was the murderer and I believed I would be caught. Xavier was a powerful man.

And yet no one knows that he is gone. I am still a bit suspicious.

But maybe life is going the right way. And these will be just memories of a fuck uptime in my life.

Arabella took care of me the first month of being home. My body was so badly beaten that I couldn’t move on my own. My body was broken. But my mind wasn’t. It was hard being back on my own. The fear was still there.

I thought about moving back home. But I came here to make a new life and no one is going to stop me from achieving that.

Everyone at work was so worried. They were shocked to hear what had happened to me. But they didn’t know the whole truth. They thought I was attacked in the street.

Tonight was the first time in three months that I am finally going out again. I was solely struck to work and home during this time. But Arabella persuaded me to go out again and have a good time.

I wore a hot red sparkly dress with black heels. Sitting in the taxi with the girls made me feel easier, but I still feel this fear in the back of my head. We arrived at the club, and it was filled to the brim. People of all ages were dancing and having fun. They were carefree and happy. The opposite of me.

We were standing at a table when the waiter brought our drinks.

“Loosen up, Katherine. He isn’t here anymore. You are safe, and can finally have fun.” Arabella yelled. The girls hummed in response to her.

“I know Arabella, but there is still this filling I have in the back of my mind.”

“I know love, but you need to start living again. It’s time.”

She is right. It is time. He is finally dead, and I can have fun again and just enjoy life.

Drinking three tequila shots, I made my way towards the dance floor. The girls cheer behind me.

The DJ starts the song Cyber Sex and the crowd erupts. Feeling the alcohol in my body, I start to dance.

Feeling hands on my hips, I start to tense, but he isn’t here.

I danced with the stranger, but I still haven’t turned around to look at him. I turned around, and I saw a very handsome guy. He looked about 30. He was hot.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him closer.

“Hello, handsome.” I greeted him. He smiled in return.

“Hey, beautiful, how about we go somewhere quieter?”

I nodded my head, and we stopped by the girls to say goodbye. The girls were giving me the thumbs up and wishing me luck.

“You go girl, he is delicious,” Isa whispered.

I left with the stranger, and we hopped into his car. He drove an Audi and the inside was smooth leather. The car was a beauty. I wonder what he does for work.

We arrived at his apartment and he opened the door for me and lead me inside. The apartment was on the 3rd floor, and it was very modern and expensive.

“Wine?” he called out to me, making his way into the kitchen.

“Sure.” I replayed.

He brought me white wine and I took a big sip. The wine was good. Expensive even.

“So, what do you do?” I asked.

He looked at me.

“I work for a well-known man. Well, I used to. I also run a nightclub in his name. That’s where the money comes. You?”

“I’m an interior designer.” I replay.

“Hmm, nice, so maybe you could change something here sometime.”

“Sure.” I flirted back.

He seemed nice and laid back.

He gestured me to the couch, and we sat down. We talked about everything. My parents, his parents, our jobs and if we like it, and so on. He’s really nice, and I just got this feeling I could tell him everything.

So we spent the night with wine and talking our souls out.

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