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He's Back

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''Tell me you're not dumb enough to think I'm going to let you go out with that scum'' he basically growled, his hands trapping me between him and the wall. ''Y-You can't t-tell me who to date. You left me alone for t-three whole years'' I said, my voice trembling from how close we were. He chuckled and looked from eyes to my lips, smirking. ''But now I'm back, baby'' ~~~ He's back. Her best friend, Aiden. They grew up together, with the promise that they'd never leave each other's side. Partners in crime, like everyone called them. That was until Aiden left, leaving behind no clues that he ever existed at all, giving no explanation as to why he had to leave. 'I'll never let him in my life again'' Evelyn told herself then. Little did she know he'd make his way in and not only would she let him in her life again, but she'd be the one holding the doors open.

Romance / Action
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Chapter 1

″OHHH! Who lives in a pinneaple under the sea? SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS!″

I groaned and hit my alarm that was going off like crazy, Spongebob’s song playing loud and clear. I got up to close it since it didn’t seem to want to stop on its own and went to check the time. 3am. Really? Again. I sighed and rolled my eyes. My Spongebob themed alarm was now almost broken from all the times I had hit it, thrown pillows at it or you know thrown it in the closet, therefore now, it just went off anytime it wanted.

Guess who still refused to throw it away.

I hated being up in hours like this, considering they always brought back memories I oh, so badly wanted to forget. I was always the type of person that stayed up until the morning, being out with friends, watching movies at home or just keeping myself busy with something. That was until things changed faster than my younger brother throws tantrums when we don’t let him watch Spongebob.

Three guesses on who he got that from.

I got up and looked around my room, trying to find something after deciding I had lost my sleep anyway, until my eyes landed on a picture frame that had fallen down. I lifted it to put it back, smiling at the picture. It was a photo taken a little before my older brother Cole went to college, and it showed me and Cole laughing hysterically at how our little brother Jason had gotten ice cream all over his nose in an attempt to prove that he could eat his faster than all of us.

I put it back in my nightstand next to another picture I kept there -one of the only ones I had kept from that time, the rest I put away in a box somewhere to make sure I wouldn’t see them again.

It was a picture of when I met my best friend, Aiden. We were five years old at the time and though I don’t remember much of it, our mums made sure to have enough receipts to make me want to grow a mustache, change my name to Juan and move to Mexico. It happened on Valentine’s day -how ironic, and Catherine -his mum had made him give me a lavender lily. In the picture was Aiden, shyly giving me the lily as I smiled a toothless grin, taking it, as in the back of the photo you could see our mums smiling like crazy, probably planning our marriage.

I put the picture back, smiling sadly. He had given me so many great memories and I hid them all. Before, I would laugh like crazy looking at them but now they just make me sad. Sad, because I know that after what happened I’ll never make any more memories with him.

January 1st, 2015

I woke up in the middle of the night, gasping for air. ‘That was one hell of a nightmare’ I thought. I looked around me and realized that I was still on my couch. I fell asleep here after coming home from the New Year’s party that me, Aiden, Jagger and Ivory went to. The party was great and we had an awesome time there, but the minute I came home I felt as dead as a corpse. So, I changed into my comfortable cookie pj’s, grabbed my pillow, picked a movie and sat on my couch with the love of my life. Leftover pizza.

I looked at my clock; 3:30am. Well, that’s early.

Just as I was about to go to my room to try and fall asleep again, I heard someone banging on my door. ″Evelyn?′ Eve, it’s me open up. Evelyn please open the damn door″

″Aiden?!” I said, almost running towards the door. ″What the-″

″No time to explain, shut the door.″ he quickly said before lightly pushing me further into the living room and shutting the door behind him so hard I winced at the thought of Jason waking up. It didn’t take long for me to realize that something was wrong since the word ‘panic’ was basically written on his forehead.

″Aiden, what the hell is going on?! Why did you come here at 3 in the fluffing morning and why do you look like you’re about to have a stroke?″ I said, my confusion evident in my voice.

″I have so many things I want to tell you, and no time.″ he said, his voice trembling. The minute he said that, we heard the sound of glass breaking coming from inside his house. ″Shit, this isn’t turning out the way I thought it would.″ he whispered, but loud enough for me to be able to hear him.

″What’s not turning out the way you thought it would? You’re freaking me out, what’s going on, Aiden?!″ I yelled and before he could even reply heard Catherine almost scream ″Aiden we need to leave now.″

″Leave? And go where? What’s Catherine even saying? You can’t just leave! Why leave? W-What’s wrong?″ I desperately yelled, my voice shaking.

″Eve, you need to listen to me for a second. I have to leave ’cause if I st-″

″- W-What? Where are you going?″

″I don’t know, okay? What I do know is that I can’t stay here anymore. It’s not safe for me to be here, alright?″

″B-But If you leave t-then how am I going to see you?″ I said, weak, tears now making their appearance in my eyes.

″I’m sorry, Eve, but I don’t know If you’ll see me again. I’m so sorry.″ he said before giving me a bone-crashing hug. ″J-Just, be safe, okay?” he said and walked out the door. Not even a minute later I heard his mum’s car leave our street.

And just like that, he was gone.

Present time

I woke up to my alarm going off like crazy, on the right hour this time. Last night I got a great amount of three hours of sleep. Yay me!

Dragging myself to the kitchen, I made myself as well as my brother some breakfast, only to find a note in the fridge that grandma was feeling sick early in the morning, so my mum took Jason and went there, but apparently she didn’t want to take me with her because I had school and I’m old enough to take care of myself.

I sighed and put the note in the trash. ″So I have to throw away pancakes?” I told myself. ″Or I could eat them and put the sandwich in the fridge as if nothing happened″ I murmured with a smirk before doing my best impersonation of a sexy dance as I moved towards the freshly made pancakes that waited for me on the table.

After eating my heavenly breakfast I got ready and started walking to school, doing my best not to look at the still empty house that used to be Aiden’s home. You could always hear music come from it especially in the morning when his mum got ready for work. Now, it was lifeless. Empty.

I kept walking, ignoring the random whistles coming from random old men sitting in the town’s coffee shop, drinking their coffee and, well, being pervs. I never liked walking to school from this part of the town, it was just, creepy. I got to school after three times of almost tripping into mud and messing up the hair I didn’t’ take care of in the morning and the outfit I hadn’t spent hours picking and was pretty sure I looked like Pennywise from It already.

Thinking about it now, maybe mud would’ve made me look better.

My friends were both at a field trip, a trip which I didn’t attempt because I’d have to spend three days in a crusty, old motel with some stinky roommate and I was not spending my money on that.

I could’ve just visited our local college instead, it’s basically the same thing.

The day passed slower than tv commercials do when I’m trying to watch basically any movie ever, considering I had some of the most boring classes the one after the other, and my friends were all on that trip. After dodging the cheerleading squad like a professional FBI agent I have become after stalking- I mean observing from a far distance- my crushes and managing to leave school without humiliating my ass, I was basically sprinting towards my house, day dreaming about my bed.

I reached the door, smiling to myself in a totally not weird, humiliating way, as I unlocked the door and braced myself for the only time when we’d have silence in this house, only to walk in and find my mum fighting with someone over then phone, accompanied by my grandma who was also yelling to the person my mum was talking to, while Jason was sitting in the other side of the room playing with his Patrick, Squidward and Spongebob stuffed animals, contributing in the chaos that was now our living room.

Mamma mia, here I go again.

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