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The Secret

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The story about two souls finding one another and tries to face the challenges every relationship faces

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1: The day I realized

The day started as any other day, boring....
I got to school and sat in homeroom and our teacher Mrs Sanders introduced a new kid in our class, Ricardo. Everyone thought he was real high headed, he sat down next to me. Introducing himself, I did the same, everyone ignoring him, I talked to him, as time passed he became popular and we didn’t talk again...

Later I caught myself staring at him without even noticing, it felt weird, different, I ignored it and went on with my work.
He became the schools favorite sport star with his blue eyes, wavy light brown hair and the best muscles.
Everyday I was hoping just to see him, even if we don’t say a word to each other, I just wanted to see him.
Everything would remind me of him, Like what the actual fuck, I think I might be in love

Days later and I still couldn’t stop thinking about Ricardo, I wrote his name everywhere in my books, I always was the shy and quiet one, never had a lot of friends and finally he talks to me and I was so shocked I didn’t know what to say, you know that awkward moment.

Days have passed with him talking to me every day, and me thinking more and more about him, one break time he came and sat with me eating lunch and I almost kissed him, it felt like I was going to die of embarrassment, I leaned in for a kiss and nothing happened, I wondered for hours what was going through his mind at that one moment.

So the next day came and with all my nerves all acting up I told Ricardo EVERYTHING...

“So I have to tell you something...”
“Yeah? What is it?”
“I’m gay....”
" you’re kidding right?”
“I’m sorry if I made it uncomfortable....”
Unexpectedly he kissed me!

It felt like a million minutes gone by, I just can’t believe it happened, just so out of the blue...So behind a sexy sport star, very manly is a guy with a great smile and A Secret....
Yet again, what would everyone think? At this moment I don’t care. All I can think of is his lips touching mine, OH MY GOD his a good kisser...

As the day start with the sound of birds in the sky and the sun shining we kissed before school, we were going to keep us a secret, I mean he is the sport star and I’m only the school photographer.
I thought to myself, how could a guy like him be like he is. I fell in love with the wrong person but it felt so good to be with him, so different and great, he makes me feel different in a way I can’t believe.

All the excitement, the secret kissing...

He is the best kisser....Even his name makes everything in my head go all crazy.
“Ricardo ”
We would sneak out of class and go to the bathroom kissing,
It was so romantic but with the smell of pee, but it’s cute.
So we made it official, we are finally dating.

My dream of dating the perfect guy in school came true...Ricardo...
The way he touches me, the way he talks to me, the way he kisses me, it’s perfection.
I woke up the Friday morning full of excitement because I knew he’s coming to my house for the weekend, so I just couldn’t wait anymore.
I got to school, told him to meet me after school by the little cafe next to our school, the bus picks us up there.
So the rest of the day I was blooming with excitement, couldn’t wait for school to end.
End of school came and we met each other by the cafe and waited for the bus, he sat next to me, touching my leg secretly, and Obviously I started laughing, so people can think we do this stuff as jokes but meanwhile it wasn’t.
Yet I wanted more...
We got home after a long day at school and long ride home on the bus, I introduced him to my mom and dad as a friend, they actually believed me.
The night we ate and went to bath, he bathed first, I sat on the floor in the bathroom for a while then he called me over, he wanted a kiss, he took my shirt of and kissed me, as my hand went down into the water where his dick was huge and hard...I took of my pants and joined him in the bath as we kissed, an hour after we decided to go to my room and “Go to sleep” but we didn’t.
We both decided it’s to early in our relationship to have sex, so we cuddled, kissed, Im in his arms.
I slipped my hand down to his dick
I knew he wouldn’t mind....he loves it when I do it.
He would touch mine and I’ll bite his lip gently and he’ll tell me he loves me.

So the only thing I could think of is the late night kisses and the late night goodnight calls and him next to me, It felt like a never ending story, the love, the cuddling , the kisses, Everything.

I knew from the start that Ricardo was my one, the only one. So it’s almost the last year of school, we both decided to go to the same University.

Ricardo came to visit me for the summer vacation and with my mom and dad knowing about us, things have changed between us in a good way, it’s more of an open thing now, we don’t have to hide a thing anymore. We have been together for 5 months now.

That night when everyone went to bed, we were alone at last, we totally couldn’t wait, we kissed, the taste of his lips made me even want him more and more, the lust for his body grew stronger and stronger the longer we kissed. Ricardo always did everything with passion, so the kissing felt like heaven on earth. Finally Ricardo asked me if I’m ready to have sex with him for the first time, well my first ever time, feeling anxious I said yes, all of my body was wating just for him to ask that question. He took my by my hand, lead me to my room, pushed me against the wall and starting to take my clothes off, turned around and through me on the bed and said ″Wait for me, and close your eyes″ and the next moment when I opened my eyes, he was naked, hard and ready to rock my world. He was gentle and asked if I feel okay, let’s be honest he was huge and it was painful. But pleasurable. That morning after our first time I woke up with a kiss and a cup of tea.

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