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The Unidentified Raven

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In a world full of bad people, one vampire believes she is doing good by eliminating these people. So does a human. Their love grows and is like no other, but will Scarlett's secret tear them apart? Badass 400-year-old vampire Scarlett (The Unidentified Raven), hunts the bad in society believing she is helping mankind. Unfortunately, they do not see it this way, that is but one. Autumn, she understands what The Unidentified Raven is doing, and wants to help....

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

I towered over my victim and watched as the life drained from her eyes; blood trickled down her neck. I lapped it up. Moaning at the rich taste.

“There! Over there, come on get em!” A jock shouted to the rest of the football team as they ran towards me with baseball bats. I just grinned, fangs bared and disappeared into the night. The mere mortals knew I existed. They knew I was a vampire yet they didn’t know my face or name so I could easily blend into crowds and the school. You see I’m a good vampire really, I rid the town of all the bad people and the people no one likes such as the jocks, mean girls, and the odd slut. I rid the town of the people no one likes or wants. Those who deserve to die. As you can imagine the town does not like this and each night, they send out the “toughest” townspeople to hunt me down. Naturally, all their attempts fail as I am superior to them. By day an innocent schoolgirl, by night “The Unidentified Raven” as the local paper likes to call me.

I got back to my apartment and went to my “workroom” to put the dead girls picture up on my wall amongst my other victims. I like to keep a picture of everyone I’ve killed. My good deeds. I ran the pad of my thumb over her pale cheek, the girl had a pretty face, Peyton I think her name was. My face soon turned sour. She was a mean girl, always picking on those weaker than her plus she’s a little slut. Word is she fucked her science teacher who’s about 50 to boost her grade. Scum of the Earth if you ask me, shouldn’t have been let to carry on with her life. I came out of my “workroom” and sauntered over to the living room where I decided to kill a few hours killing some zombies.

The next morning, I drove to the hell hole of a school to begin my boring dreary day. The minute I stepped out of the car I was ready to kill. Some asshole jock hit me with a football, granted it was an accident I still wanted to rip his throat out. This morning I had triple chemistry; little did I know there would be a different kind of chemistry in chemistry. As I stalked through the corridors of the school, I tried to avoid any contact with the mortals. I finally arrived at chemistry and begrudgingly walked inside. I took my seat in the corner of the second row and slowly got out the necessary equipment. I don’t know why I even bothered; our teacher Mr Stone is always late. I was absentmindedly looking out the window having a daydream when he walked in. I didn’t even have to look to know it was him; I could smell him. But wait there’s another scent, a scent I couldn’t recognise. I whipped my head around so fast and stared in awe at this magnificent beautiful creature that was before me. She had soft-looking loose bright orange curls with these ocean blue orb-like eyes. I realised my mouth was open, so I quickly slammed it shut and continued to stare out the window pretending like I didn’t see her. I could hear Mr Stone talking to her what with my acute hearing and all. He was giving her the correct books she would need for the course, he then told her she could sit with me even though there were plenty of other seats he could’ve chosen from. She came over and perched herself on the chair next to me. She looked at me for a moment and said, “Hi, I’m Autumn. I guess I’ll be your lab partner for the year.” She said and offered me a warm small smile. I turned to her, gave her a small nod and simply stated, “Scarlett.” I then stared at the front where Mr Stone was. I wasn’t even listening to a word the guy was saying for a whole hour I was thinking about stuff. About life, about people. About Autumn.

I was broken out of my thoughts by being tapped on the shoulder by Autumn. I slowly turned around to face her. Her scent filled my nostrils. God, she smelt amazing, like summer, she smelt sweet. I wanted her so badly.


“We’re doing an experiment, I don’t know where the stuff is, so could you maybe gather up the equipment for us?” She sweetly asked. I replied with, “Yeah, of course, I can. Sure, yeah.” I fumbled around trying to get out of my seat as quickly as I could without using vampire speed. I nearly tripped in the process. Hang on a minute what’s happening to me? I don’t fumble around girls or get nervous and I certainly don’t do anything for anyone. Yet I felt a certain kind of pull to Autumn like I’d happily do anything for her, like I want to protect her from anything. I gathered up the necessary equipment. If I’m honest I didn’t have a clue what we were doing I was just following everyone else.

I arrived back at our table and plonked the equipment down. That’s when Autumn said to me, “wow you must be strong if you can carry all that.” And sent me a small wink. I somehow found myself blushing. Gosh, what was happening to me today? I tried to hide my face, but I think she saw. I could sense her looking at me and I swear I heard her giggle.

The rest of the two hours was spent with her giggling which was like music to my ears and the small touches between us. She was driving me crazy but in a good way. I was definitely going to need to hunt a lot tonight to get Autumn out of my head.

Before the end of the lesson, Autumn was checking her timetable. She had beautiful hands, not too fat, not too slim. Perfect. I glanced over at her timetable and noticed for the rest of the day she had the same lessons as me. Great, just what I wanted, (secretly I did.) Definitely a really big hunt tonight. I quickly gathered my things and left the room as soon as I could. Even when I was away from her, I could still smell her scent. Her blood. God her blood, I’d give anything to taste it, to taste her. No! Godammit Scarlet! You need to think of something else. Think of draining the life out of someone. I thought to myself. So, I did except the girl who I was drinking turned into Autumn, I had made her into a vampire. Then we started to kiss, we were running our hands all over each other, feeling each other’s skin. Stop it Scarlett! Except I couldn’t stop. No. I didn’t want to stop. However, some stupid “queen bee” girl barged passed me and pulled me out of my wonderful daydream. I shouted out “bitch!” And gave her the finger as she gracefully walked away with her little clique.

I arrived at history (the dullest subject in history, but I was good at it) and took my seat in the corner of the second row. (That’s my seat for every class) Mrs Robertson stormed into the classroom, it was clear she was in a terrible mood as usual. She was an older lady, older than Mr Stone. She had a head of short thin grey hair, no wonder she was always in a mood.

Ten minutes of the lesson had gone by and I was already bored out of my mind. Then I realised that Autumn hadn’t turned up yet. Hmmm, I wonder if she’s decided to ditch? Nahhh she seems like the type of girl who wouldn’t, she’s just probably lost poor thing. Then a flustered out of breath hot Autumn came bursting through the door. She locked eyes with our teacher and gasped out “sor-sorry I’m la-late, I I got lost.” Everyone else in the class began snickering, I shot a few people death glares, so they stopped. Poor Autumn I thought, she looked like a lovely sweet girl, beautiful too. She didn’t deserve to have people laughing at her. I’d stop them for her. Permanently. She bowed her head and quickly made her way over to me and sat down. I was secretly happy she came to sit with me, I wouldn’t let her know that though. She glanced over at me and whispered, “Hey.”

“Hey.” I whispered back.

“I didn’t know you would be here Scarlett.”

“Oh, well yeah I am. If I had known you would be here, I would’ve walked with you.”

At this Autumn blushed a little and smiled big. Her blushing was very cute. I really liked seeing her smile, I liked it even more because I was the one who made her smile. Seeing her smile made me smile.

After the first hour, Autumn and I were talking about anything and everything, just learning about each other. I found myself being fascinated and intrigued by her which was a first for me since I have never been fascinated by a mere human. We kept stealing glances at each other hoping the other wouldn’t see even though we always caught each other. This was how we spent the rest of the day with each other.

After school, me and Autumn bid our farewells and went our separate ways. I was sad to see her go, but my god did she have a fantastic ass. I got into my car and sped home I couldn’t wait to kill some more zombies before my big hunt. I got into my apartment and lazily walked over to the sofa and loaded up the best zombie killing game ever. Zombie killerz III. The graphics were even better on this one the blood splattered onto the screen making it look 3D and the zombies actually looked realistic, a bit like the ones from the walking dead. I played zombie killerz III for a few hours and consumed 3 bottles of blood. Animal blood not human, animal blood sustains me. I only use blood from the animal’s hunters have killed or wounded or the ones who are sick and in pain, so I end their lives quickly and humanely.

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