The Phone Call

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Audrey Collins is been abused through out her whole life by her father and uncle. She hates and wanted to leave the world at one point. It is also due to her ex boyfriend who was making her life miserable. But a random phone call changed her life.... "Why are you anyway talking and helping to an unknown stranger?" I asked. "You know, I even lost a loved one who died kind of the same way. I just can't let this happen. I just miss him!" He said as I felt a pang in my chest being hit with hard rock. "I am sorry for your loss, whoever it is it might be someone you cared and loved a lot," I said. Who is the saviour? Find out...

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Chapter 1

I heard my phone ringing. I hated the ringing of my phone right now.

“Landon I said that I don’t want to to talk you. I swear that I am going to kill myself tonight as I promised. I just hate myself. Congratulations that you have your mission accomplished. Tomorrow come to my room and see my dead body” I said.

I was ready to leave the world. I hated this world. Everything was against me. What have I done to people to hate me this much? My thoughts were cut down by a deep voice.

“Wait hold up”. This voice send me chills as it wasn’t Landon.

“I am really sorry” I said quickly.

“Wait hold up” the stranger’ voice said.

“Hallo?” He asked as I stayed silently in one place holding my breathe.

“Can we talk? I know that you think I am a stranger who needs to talk but we can be friends by talking. I mean if you have something to share I am here to listen” he said.

I froze in one spot.

“Umm thank you very much for your offer and sorry for disturbing” I said and cut the link of the call.

I looked up my roof to see the rope hung above. I only had one thing to do. Just hung myself so that I may at least have peace from this world.

But something in my mind was lingering over. What if I speak to stranger. He won’t find me anyways. We even don’t know each other or have seen. My thoughts were cut as another phone call interrupted my thoughts. I answered it.

“Hallo” I said.

“Umm. Hallo.. I think you might have to reconsider your decision of taking up your life. There are may be at least one to two people who would like to see you alive and happy” the same voice repeated.

“Thank you for your speech but I am living ina world where no one cares about me. So I have no one. Please just leave me alone. I am not a person that you can talk to either” I said.

“But.. you can live at least. Just promise that you won’t risk it. We could hold up the phone through the whole night if you want, but don’t risk your life. If you want to speak or stay silent it is fine with me too. But promise me” he said. I sighed.

“This is not easy as you think. I have the whole world against me. I just hate my life. I don’t want to love anymore. Every time I live, every time i breathe there is some wrong” I replied.

“But I didn’t judge you. There are some idiots who can’t get it through their thick skull but there are many others who might love you. ” he reasoned.

“No you are wrong... there aren’t people like that on my area. I would rather end my life” I said.

Tears were flowing on my cheeks. My eyes were puffy with lit of crying through out the day.

“Please I beg you. Don’t make yourself let down. You will find something to hold on to” he said.

“I hoped it before but it just became the worst” I said.

“Who is Landon?” He asked.

His name sent chills down my spine. I hated Landon. He was the person who made my life upside down.

“Hallo? I am sorry for asking about him” he said.

I sighed and waited few minutes to calm down myself.

“He was my first boyfriend.... he made a deal with me after I said yes for becoming his girlfriend. That was if I ever say to anyone that he is a drug dealer I will be killed or I will have to end my life. I didn’t even knew that time he was a drug dealer. However I am saying this to you as well which will eventually lead me to death. I will die anyway” I said.

“Oh I am really sorry for this. He is serious a dumb shit fucking maniac idiotic lunatic brainless douchebag bull shitty man” he said.

I smiled at his vocabulary for Landon.

“Yeah” I shortly replied while sniffing.

“So do your parents know about this?” The thought of parents made me stiffen.

My mother died from cancer when I was five. My father is the person who is left. God knows where he is at the moment.

He would come home and beat the shit out of me and leave. Currently I am in my uncle’s house and I hate him too. He is another character that beat the shit out of me.

“Sorry again for asking” he said.

“It is fine but I don’t want to talk about my parents” I said truthfully not liking the idea of remembering my parents.

“So where are you at the moment?” He asked.

“Home,” I said.

“Oh ok,” he said.

“What do you u like to do the most?” He asked me again.

“Reading and walking,” I said.

I love to read books. The smell of old books is my favourite and walking different destinations.

“Oh, do you play any sport?” He asked.

“I don’t do any,” I said.

“Which school are you going to?” He asked slowly.

I hated this question. What if we were literally in the same school. What if he was a bully. I stayed quiet.

“Sorry I just wanted to know you more that’s all. No worries. So anything you wanna talk about?” He asked.

“Nothing much actually. I hate people and crowds. They stare and make comments that make me uncomfortable and hard to stay holding my pieces which is one of the main reasons I am deciding to take my life. I hate how the universe works. People judge me from outer appearance. At the moment I hate myself and much more I hate Landon” I said while scratching the tip of my nose which I do when I am thinking as a habit.

“I just can’t believe I agreed to be his girlfriend and then he blackmailed me,” I said.

“I am bout this but sometimes the world is not what you see. It can change you know. Sometimes people have to reconsider their theirs and decisions. Judging people is one of the things I hate. I hate when people make fun and stuff. I just don’t like it” he said while yawning.

I assume it was his bedtime. “Why are you anyway talking and helping to an unknown stranger?” I asked.

“You know, I even lost a loved one who died kind of the same way. I just can’t let this happen. I just miss him!” He said as I felt a pang in my chest being hit with hard rock. “I am sorry for your loss, whoever it is it might be someone you cared and loved a lot,” I said. “Yes he is my brother, Aiden,” he said. We both were silent. The silence was comfortable. Even though sometimes talking to strangers can feel you welcomed. I heard the front door closing. My knees felt like jelly. I was very sure that it was my father or my uncle.

Oh shit...

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