The Phone Call

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Chapter 10

“What is going on?” A voice asked.

It radiated power. It made me go weak again. Blake’s voice was all I heard. Everyone turned to him. Anyone couldn’t reply as the principal came from behind him.

“What’s going on here? Victoria Hills and Audrey Collins in my office. NOW” he said.

I mentally groaned. This was not my fault that I was bullied. This will not end good too. What have I ever done in my life to be so unlucky?

Just why is the whole universe against me? I make no harm. I only have been abused, bullied, and raped half of my life. I have never reported to anyone except my friend Emma who was also killed by that stupid douchebag person who has the name LANDON.

I pulled my hoodie more to hide my face. I never wanted to show my face at school.

I roughly saw Blake burning holes and Ares had a clenched fist next to him. I closed my eyes and sighed. I dragged my feet to the office. While I was going, I was pulled my hoodie cap.

“Listen, if you dare to open your mouth about what happened now, your pics of your thighs will be distributed tomorrow,” she said wickedly.

A shiver ran down my spine. Of course, Landon took pictures of my thighs. The anxiety levels were high and it was high in an alert. Victoria went inside the office, I turned my head to the hallway to see the two boys standing there.

My hands were already shaking and trembling. I sighed and pushed them down to enter the room.

“What happened Audrey?” The principal asked.

The old man who was in his forties had his bald head shining to the light with his grey formal suit. I didn’t reply. He raised an eyebrow. I guess you could say he is a player in his teens. He got some skills anyway.

I laughed at myself for thinking stupid stuff in a serious situation. He looked at Victoria.

Before he even speaks she started to speak.

“She is the person who started it first. She started to say inappropriate things to me. Especially about my boyfriend”, she said.

The principal looked at me.

“Is it true Miss Collins?” He asked. I didn’t reply.

I just wanted to get over this.

“Well, there won’t be any punishment but both of you are warned for now. You may leave” he said.

Victoria burst from the door while fake crying.

I walked out of the door to see, Victoria clinging to Ares’s shoulder while he patted her back.

She was rambling. I didn’t want to interfere with their problems so I walked to my thinking place at school. The backyard of the school.

Sometimes there will be boys who would smoke, I would quickly leave as soon as I see them. For my luck today, there weren’t any boys or either a girl.

Thank God I can have peace. I began to go to my dream world. What will happen with Ares? Will the boys kick me out of their house?

Anyway, I am practically a stranger. I reminded myself. But Blake?! My mind spoke again. I sighed in frustration. Why do I have to doubt Blake?

He doesn’t care about me and I don’t care about him. I reassured myself. My thinking was cut by a voice behind. I groaned to whom it belongs. Landon!

“Babe you know sometimes I have to take action when you become naughty,” he said while placing his hand on my back.

I flinched at his touch. I hated him when he touched me. He removed my hoodie cal even though I pulled it more, I couldn’t cover myself. He was much stronger than me.

I knew something terrible is about to happen. If he ever touches me, it will end up so bad. I felt weak. I hated myself when I feel weak in front of the hardest person in my life.

“Oh babe I think you miss me,” he said while placing his damn sloppy lips on my neck.

I felt shivers running down my spine.

This is seriously going to end badly. He started to go along my jawline. I struggled but he wrapped another hand around my body which resulted in me getting more trapped. He put his hand under my hoodie where skin-to-skin contact was. I hated it.

Goosebumps trailed along my body. As his hand goes randomly down my back a tune of music is interrupted.

Thank God. The person who is called is a savior. I thought. Landon answered the phone call yet he had his hand was holding my hand. Suddenly he shouted.

“What the... What.. they aren’t there?!” He shouted.

He released his hand from my hand and he put his hand on the air took this chance to escape. I quickly ran out of the school. No way I am going back to that hell hole.

I looked down at my phone to look at the time. One hour more to finish school anyway. I walked down the street. It was drizzling. I was drenched anyway.

But I didn’t care. I kept walking. In distance, I heard a motorcycle coming towards me. It was long away. I felt cold.

I rubbed my arms to keep myself warm. Why do people take me as a joke? I thought to myself. A loud noise suddenly erupted. It was right next to me.

I turned my head to see a boy with a whole black outfit with a black racing motorcycle. He seems like a racer.

He looked at me. I quickly walked as I was scared if it was Landon. What if he wants to continue what he began? If so he will surely end up killing me himself.

The motorcycle came closer to me. “Wait. Get in” he said. He opened his helmet glass where I could see the eyes. My heart dropped as I recognised the person.


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