The Phone Call

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Chapter 11

“Just get in,” he said.

The tone of his voice was so annoyed. If he is so annoyed why does he need me to go with him anyway? I sighed and looked up at the sky. It seemed as it was going to heavily rain any minute.

I had no choice other than to get on the motorcycle. I didn’t want to grip his stomach but I was pretty sure that he rides this thing faster.

“Hold me,” he said while racing it.

I hesitated to put my arms around his stomach but eventually, I ended wrapping as he rode very fast.

Literally, he calling for death to come near to him. I closed my eyes tightly so that the raindrops won’t attack my eyes or my hair. It started to rain quite heavily. He stopped the motorcycle suddenly and I opened one eye.

Did we get in an accident or traffic lights? But I was invited by the sight of the white house that I left in the morning. I got off the motorcycle and ran to the porch of the house.

Ares was standing at the front door. Blake came running as well.

“Good that you are back. Here take this” Ares said while giving me a towel.

Ares gave a towel to Blake but he refused. They looked at me and the air was so awkward that I decided to go inside the house. They talked for two minutes and Blake went off again in the heavy rain.

“Where did he go?” I asked. Ares raised an eyebrow and gave me a look.

“why do you care”. I frowned at his face.

Seriously is he going somewhere in the rain? He would end up in the hospital for sure! I shrugged and walked to my room. I quickly rushed to the bathroom and had a quick shower and changed into comfy clothes. I guess it is time for me to return to my real-time. Ares is not pleased with me now and Blake is acting real him. Seth is fine for now.

I sighed and fell to the bed. My eyelids were heavy and I went to my dreamland which was filled with my past memories. I gasped for air again. My uncle was right in front of my eyes. I took few deep breaths and I calmed myself down. Suddenly Seth peeped into the room.

“Dinner is ready,” he said.

I nodded and walked down the stairs. This was the first they invited me to have dinner. Actually, they are having dinner at this house.

Ares had an emotionless face and it was followed by Blake who was sited next to him. Seth sat across me. There were four pizza boxes. They started to eat. The air was so tensed and I could see Ares’s anger lingering around the room.

I felt uncomfortable and not hungry anymore. Blake’s eyes and my eyes got attached together again. I saw nothing. His grey eyes filled with no emotions as before. I realised that he is angry because of the scene that I made in the morning.

I became to slide my legs further down the seat to make my appearance small. I wished if I could disappear. I will run away tomorrow for sure. I said to myself. The tension of the air was cut by the doorbell.

Who the hell would be here at 8 pm? All the three boys are here. Ares got up and walked to the door. He opened. A feminine squeal shot up. A woman who had beautiful brown curls that flowed to her shoulders, wearing a dark green dress walked in. She was pretty.

“Aww, my little babies” she cooed.

Is she their mother? Oh no. But my question was cut short as Blake answered.

“Aunt Elise,” he said while standing up.

I looked at Seth who was looking down at the ground. I would feel somebody’s eyes on me. J turned my head to see the lady looking at me. Specifically burning holes on me or throwing daggers.

“Meet Audrey Collins” Ares mumbled.

“Whois she?” Their aunt questioned.

“Long story,” Ares said again.

She nodded.

“So what brings you here?” Blake asked. He does speak to normal people. He gives me the cold shoulder.

“Can’t I visit you guys?” She asked.

“Of course you can,” Ares said while hugging her again.

I stood up in front of the table to bring a cup of water. But as I returned I saw their aunt had taken my seat. My heart was pierced. I didn’t know why but it did. Seth was nowhere to be seen.

It was weird that their aunt didn’t greet Seth. Something is not right. I walked to my room. I heard soft mumbles at the end of the room section. I walked to see the hall opened the door. This room is Seth’s. I knocked it slowly.

“Are you alright?” I asked.

No answer.

I pushed the door with a lot of courage. If he yells at me, I don’t care cause I used to people scolding. But the sight in front of me broke. Seth was sitting at the edge of his bed, sobbing quietly. I walked towards him and pulled him into a hug.

I didn’t want to do it because he was still a stranger to me but my instinct did. He is a funny boy with Oreos in his hands. He kept his head on my shoulder. We didn’t speak. I watched the moon from his window which was next to his bed. It was beautiful.

“What to talk about it?” I asked nervously.

At least a small conversation won’t hurt, right?

“Promise me one thing. Never say anything to anyone about what I am going to say,” he said.

“Of course I promise,” I said.

“The lady who came in now. She is Ares and Blake’s aunt,” he said.

She is also his aunt, right? I questioned myself.

“For your question, the answer is no,” he said. I was confused at this point.

“She is not my aunt because.... I am a half brother to Ares and Blake,” he said.

I nodded in understanding. Oh. I didn’t expect that. Oh shit,,

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