The Phone Call

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Chapter 12

“All of us have a surname. Their mother’s sister is Elise. ” he said while sniffing a bit. I nodded.

“Hmm ok. How about Oreos?” I asked as I tried to cheer him up.

I grabbed an Oreos packet that laid on his table.I opened it up and took an Oreos and pressed it to his mouth. He smiled.

“Thanks, everything is all good with a packet of Oreos and cups of milk,” he said.

“There’s the Seth that I know,” I said. He smiled.

“Aunt Elise doesn’t like me. She doesn’t accept me as a King. I mean as a family member,” he said.

“I am sorry about it,” I said while patting his shoulder.

“It is fine,” he said.

Then we heard footsteps. I looked at the entrance of the room. Blake and Ares stood with fuming faces. I didn’t understand why.

“Move,” Ares said to both of us.

What the hell? Can’t I just be with a person? Also, the person next to me is their brother. I mentally groaned.

“Leave,” Ares said.

I looked at Seth to see a hint of guilt?! And scared. Why would he become scared?!

“Why should I ?” I asked. My mind reminded me that I was asking back from a bad boy who would put his to guest down to any girl’s throat. Blake and Ares gave a glare that screamed “Fear”A shiver ran down my spine as I tasted fear in my mouth. A lump of saliva had settled down in the middle of my throat which made me nearly choke. After two seconds both the real King, brothers turned their feet back and retreated. I looked at Seth who was gasping for air.

“That was close” he whispered.

“Why? We didn’t do anything,” I said.

“You are so clueless aren’t you?” He asked.

“For what? I mean how can a person be angry with his brother for talking to a girl? Also the girl is just a random stranger who came to the house three days back,” I said.

“This will take a long time,” he said while scratching his head.

“Whatever, I am gonna go,” I said while closing the door.

I walked to my room. I to the tv remote and scroll down for anything to watch. Sometimes you catch something randomly, a TV show or drama which is very interesting, right? I changed the channels for about 10 minutes and I didn’t get any show interesting. I was bored. It was 9 pm. I decided to sleep. I walked to my bed and jumped to it. As soon as I crawled to my covers my door open. I see Seth standing.

“First before you say anything don’t you know to knock on the door? What if I was changing?” I asked.

“Answer to your question is No. I won’t knock because friends don’t knock doors to enter another friend’s door,” he said while giving me a cheeky smile “Also for the answer to the second question, I would love to see you changing,” he said while winking his eye.

I laughed at him “All the girls would faint when you wink at them but not me” I said.

“Oh, then what about some twist?” He asked while raising his eyebrows and twisting his hips.

I laughed again.

“Anyway, why are you here?” I asked.

“Ouch that hurts. You don’t want me here,” he said. “No stupid just tell me why,” I said while groaning.

This man really knows how to get girls in his pants.

“Ok, I am here to invite the queen to come to watch a movie with me. The boys are with Elise so...” he said.

“Ok I will be down in a minute,” I said.

“What if we watch in your room or mine? I don’t want to face her,” he said nervously.

I felt sorry for him. “Anywhere you want. I don’t mind,” I said him softly.

“We will stay in your room then. I will bring the laptop and my Oreos,” he said happily.

I smiled at myself. At least he will be happy. After two minutes he popped into my room with 5 packets of Oreos with 2 bottles of milk. This man is one big oreo.

“What?” He asked. “You basically brought the whole oreo company here?! Jesus Christ,” I said.

“You don’t know me properly yet. If you know how much I eat Oreos you will die here,” he said while laughing at me.

“Of course I don’t know you. Anyway what are we watching?” I asked. “Any... Action or horror?” He asked.

“No horror please. No romance too... Action.. um I don’t know. Just choose anything,” I said.

“Why romance? I thought all the girls love romance?!” He stated.

I kept quiet. I don’t like romance. It reminds me the past memories. The romance movie of course has love moves that make me feel the dirty touches.

“Are you alright? You seem so.... I don’t know.. like pale.. You don’t have to answer the question. But I will eventually find it” he said with a shrug.

I sighed. That was quite close.

“We will just watch Coco I guess. It is my favorite secret movie,” he said.

I smiled. He isn’t a bad boy even though he looks like one. He sat in the middle of my bed and I sat next to him. He started playing the movie. After 40 minutes, he was done with 3 packets of Oreos. I ate half of one packet. However, the movie ended with a huge smile on my face. Seth grinned.

“I guess it’s my new favorite too,” I said to him. “Happy to hear,” he said while packing his stuff. He took the laptop and the packets with him. “I am going to sleep. Thank you again for today. Ummm.. bye”


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