The Phone Call

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Chapter 13

“Bye goodnight,” I said.

“Umm.. bye,” he said slowly.

“Bye,” I said again while giggling. This is going to be a bye session.

“Bye,” he said again with a smile but his face showed a sign of hesitation.

“Ok Spill. What do you want to say?” I asked.

“Am I this easy to read?” He whined.

“Yes, so what?” I asked.

“Well... I am going out with my friends tomorrow. I think you should come with me” he said.

“I don’t think so. I don’t fit into groups you know” I said him the truth. I don’t like going along with groups.

“Come on. It will be fun. We planned on going to the new cafe and then to a carnival nearby. You should come” he said.

“I will think about it,” I said. I didn’t want to be angry with him for not going.

“You have to. Plus both Ares and Blake are going to be there too” he said.

“What? Blake is going to be there too. No way I am going to be there. He is daring at me like a hawk. Ares is killing with his glares. And no one likes me. I barely keep up in staying in this house. Blake doesn’t like me at all. He hates me from the beginning itself and now Ares hates me too. You will hate me after some time when you realize I am just a stupid person. A broken person.” I said.

“I will never hate you. You are the first honest and kind person I ever met. You will be with me for the rest of my wife. I will never hate you. Also, they don’t hate you. Ares... might have a little bit... you know... Blake doesn’t hate you at all. It is just that .. he doesn’t like when people come closer to him. He never opens up to anyone. No one. He keeps a lot to himself. A very tough person. Even though I am his half-brother I don’t know anything about him” he said.

“Finally I am not going finalized. “No, you are going with me. Tomorrow 4 pm. I will drive you to school tomorrow and we will meet the group in the evening” he said while closing the door.

I sighed and groaned. Why does my life should be so complicated? I fall back to my bed and closed my eyes to be welcome by pitch black. I opened my eyes. I sighed. Today is going to be a long day I thought as I remembered yesterday night.

I was quite happy that I at least had one happy day in my life except for the memories with my mother. I looked at the clock to see that it displayed 6.00 am. I had 1 hour to get dressed. I quickly did my business in the bathroom and walked downstairs. I bumped into the wall-like thing. Oh well, my bad it was Blake. He didn’t say anything like usual.

“Sorry,” I said.

“Hey good morning Blaky” Elise chirped.

“Good morning,” he said.

“Good morning,” I said since it is awkward if I didn’t say but I got a glare from her. I shrugged.

I saw Seth walking in. He sat beside me while giving hitting me playfully with his elbow to mine. I smiled at him. At least we are in the same boat.

“Good morning mama Imelda,” he said.

“Good morning de la Cruz,” I said while laughing.

Elise glared at both of us but we didn’t care. I sat in the corner of the back seat and Seth sat next to me while Blake and Ares sat in the front as usual. I begged them to drop me off a block away and to my surprise, Seth got off the car as well. The car drove off.

“Why are you getting off here?” He asked.

“Because I want to,” I said.

I didn’t want anyone to open broken me.

“Jesus you are so fucking stubborn,” he said under his breathe.

“Why did you get off the car?” I asked.

“Because I wanted to,” he said like it was casual.

I scoffed. I bent down to act as if I was tieing my shoelace. I wanted him to go in front of me so that I can be alone. He surely does have long lines of girls standing in front of the school as I witnessed yesterday.He stopped at waiting for me. I mentally groaned. We walked inside the school in silence and there were girls drooling at him.

Many girls lined up around the car as well. I covered myself with the hoodie cap. I should wear hoodies every day I mentally noted so that I could cover myself. I entered the school hoping nothing happens like the day before. I crossed my fingers till I walked to the locker. I got my things along with my schedule for the day. I had English first, Biology second, and so on.Lastly, study hall.

I took a deep breath to start my day hoping that nothing happens. But as I walked into the English class. I didn’t expect to have so much pressure. Blake sat in the right corner of the class while Landon was in the left corner.

I felt the air been so tensed. As soon as I walked in I saw the teacher coming in. She started to speak and I zone out. I don’t like this teacher since she speaks too much and she speaks mostly unwanted stuff too.

“Miss Collins” I heard a voice.

I looked to the front to see the teacher standing right two tables away.

“I expect you to listen in my class. Tell me what did I say right now?” She asked me.

To listen to her in class, I said to myself. I felt all the students looking at me. I felt the heat rising in my body and uneasiness in my mind.

I started to feel hot. I didn’t like this any bit. “Sit down,” she said. I nodded my head and sat down.

I breathed out the air which I didn’t know that I was holding. The teacher started to teach but I couldn’t concentrate as I felt eyes on from both right and my left sides.

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