The Phone Call

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Chapter 14

My breaths were unsteady and my heart started to beat very fast. Literally 10000km per hour. To my unknown luck, the bell rang and I was the first one to leave the class. I ran straight to the locker to change books. I had enough time to do it. Even though it was the first period I still went to the locker.

I went to the Biology class. I sat in the spot where the window was right next to me. I hated Biology since the teacher was so boring. It was one of the hardest subjects for me as well and the other subject was Physics.

The teacher came in. She was very old with wrinkles too. After about 20 minutes Seth popped into the class.

“King?” The teacher glared at him.

“I am sorry Mrs. Stevens,” he said while giving a toothy grin.

“Last time,” she said to him.

He nodded and sat next to me. I was surprised. Seriously this boy is going to sit next to me. Out of all students he selected me?! Damn it. The girls were gritting their teeth and I could see “IN DANGER” alert screaming from my future.

“Why did you sit here?” I asked him.

“Because I want to and also you are my new friend, so I could sit next to my friend right?” He asked.

” I am sorry for talking like this but listen to me. You think I might be your friend. But I am not. If you become friends with me you will be end soon. I had one friend I trusted all my life who is now six feet below under the ground. I won’t talk about it. So please stay away from me. I will leave soon from your house too” I said.

I really didn’t mean the last part. Seth and I sighed at the same time. We listened to the boring lecture afterward. The periods flew and the school ended in a blink of an eye. To my unknown luckiness, I didn’t get any embarrassment after the incident in the morning

I walked in the street our of the school. I guess the boys won’t even remember me. I saw Ares kissing Victoria vigorously in front of the school. I shrugged at continued to walk. I looked at my phone it was 1.30 pm. I had 2 hours more to go with Seth. My mind was full of thoughts.

What would happen at the carnival? “Get in” I heard a voice from behind to see the boys’ car. Seth opened the door and I got in. I mumbled thanks. As soon as we reached the house Elise was standing.

“How was school Blaky and Ari? Any girls?” She asked while grinning.

Seth shocked his head and entered the house without any glance towards Elise and I followed him behind. The two boys and Elise went to talk in the dining room. I walked to the kitchen and grabbed a cereal bar that was lying on the cupboard. I went to my room. Seth peeped into my room.

“You are coming right?” He asked. “Ok I will come but if something happens I will come back here. I don’t like big crowds” I said with a sigh at last.

“I will make sure to stay with you all the time and we will not go to any places that have huge crowds” he promised.

“Ok” I replied back.

Within a matter of few hours, we were in the car. There were three boys standing with two girls in the living room. I was not ready to go with this gathering. One of the girls standing there was Victoria.The other girl had urban hair with “beauty” words screaming from her.

I was nothing compared to both of them. The boys were all the same. Well, they were all dressed in black. Ares mumbles something under his breath as he saw me coming out of the room. I felt uncomfortable. I had two people who are against it and this whole evening is going to be with them.

“So meet Audrey Collins and here are my boys,” Seth said pointing to the three boys standing.

“Audrey meets Benji,” he said pointing to a boy who was wearing black and was a muscular type. Mostly hulk I guess.

“Hi, nice to meet you,” he said while smiling making his dimples appear. I smiled back.

“This is Corby,” he said pointing to the boy who was very lazily sitting on the couch. He waved his hand. I smiled.

“And this is Devin,” Seth said. He pointed to the boy who had his arm snaked through the red-haired girl. The girl gave me a smile.

“I am Jenna,” she said.

“Hi,” I said.

It was awkward as Blake and Ares stood next to them.

“So I thought, babe we go to the cafe first and going to the carnival next,” Jenna said to Devin.

They are the couple in this group. Great, we all are gathered here to go this evening to third wheel this couple?! Great...

“That’s a great idea,” Seth said.

“All good with this plan?” He asked.

“Good enough,” Devin said while placing a kiss on Jenna’s head. The rest just nodded their heads.

“To the Rose Cafe,” Ares said cheerfully while having his arm around Victoria’s waist.

Great now the second couple. I was so bored right now and I didn’t like anyone yet.

“So Ares and Tori go in the car. We don’t want to see a romantic movie while going in the car. Benji, I and..” he said while stopping his eyes on me.

“I don’t know choose any of us. Benji and I are going on Benji’s motorcycle. Devin and Jenna are going in Devin’s one and Corby is going in his, while you....” he said while dropping his gaze on Blake.

Seriously Blake?! Oh great...

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