The Phone Call

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Chapter 15

“Bye Elise, you can take the car” I heard Ares saying to Elise I guess. I shrugged at the thought of going on the bike.

All the others left with their bikes while I stood with Blake near his motorbike.

“Here is yours,” he said while not meeting my eye. He gave me a helmet.

It was black and was nice. I really liked it. It smelled bit minty. I really have to find that cologne in this house, it makes me fresh every time.

I looked at Blake. He was quite familiar to me as I got closer but I couldn’t spot where I met him. May be because he is famous in school. But my gut didn't agree with it. He is a person I have seen and met.

His half-slashed eyebrow with dimples in the cheeks and the sharp jawline which seems like a blade. The chocolate brown hair curled up smoothly on top of his head as it lands long enough just above his eye.

The smooth tan skin with perfect muscles that was tightly fitted to his black t-shirt. His black jacket with his black Jean shows the muscles through it as well. The abs were poking right through it. Blake started the motorbike and I got on it.

“Hold me,” he said with his deep voice.

The voice seems so familiar as well. How did I suddenly feel he is familiar? Maybe I was filled last week and so on. He looked around and started to take off from the house. The motorbike rides faster as same as before.

I held him very tightly for my dear life. I did want to die but still... He parked the bike in front of a cute little cafe. Everyone was inside the cafe as we walked in. There weren’t many people so I didn’t feel uncomfortable.

An old couple is in the right window while the group of teens is in the other corner. I saw Seth and his friends talking in the middle of the cafe. The cafe was small and I liked it.

“So let’s order,” Seth said while I took my seat in the corner near the window. I ordered a black coffee like my life. A plain black coffee matches for a person who has a plain black life right?

Opposite to me Ares and Victoria were sitting. Next to me, Corby sat. I didn’t like it. Even though he was lazy, he was touchy. He had his hand on my knee and his leg wrapped with my right leg. I shook it off but it didn’t affect him. We were like an ant versus a rhino who was well built.

“Seems Jenna and Devin aren’t coming. They messaged me” Victoria said while showing her phone.

“We knew it. They always end up ditching and have their fun making love” Seth said while rolling his eyes.

“There is a party next Saturday,” Victoria said.

“I am in,” Seth and Ares said at the same time.

“Of course you guys are going. You are the party crackers” Victoria said while sliding her finger against Ares’s chest.

I mentally rolled my eyes.

“Soo....??? Corby? You in? Blake?” Ares asked them.

“Ok count me in,” Corby said.

“Umm Blake?” Ares asked. Blake didn’t answer.

He was sitting opposite the table from where I am sitting next to Ares and Victoria.

“Ok, then we will go to the party at 6 pm. Like usual” Victoria said.

I knew it. No one cares about me. No one really wants me to live. Ares was the person who talked to me and now he is on the other side against me. I will return to the house and will go back to my house. I decided.

“Audrey” Corby poked my arm.

“Yes,” I asked.

“You going? To the party?” He asked.

“No, I am not going. Parties are not for me” I said.

“No way. You have to come” he said.

“Nope,” I said with the “p” popping from my mouth. He frowned and turned away.

I excused myself and went to the restroom. I didn’t like the way this was going. I am not a person to go with social circles like them. They have perfect lives with a lovingly family and friends for life.

I looked in the mirror to see a normal girl but with a broken heart. A girl with a life that always has black spots everywhere. A girl who has a plain life without anyone. A girl who is been abused for the whole life. A girl who has long scars underneath her clothes. A girl who has what she is engraved on her thigh itself.

I laughed at me. Why did I even agree to go with Seth? I just making myself go through the same pain again and again.

My thoughts were cut down by a male voice outside.

“Come out we are going,” The voice said.

I walked out of the restroom as I was the only one inside it. I saw Blake and Corby standing.

“Others went to the carnival, come on we got to go,” Corby said.

“Sorry,” I said while putting on a fake weak smile.

“It is alright. We have to catch up” Corby said while cheering up.

We went out of the cafe. Both Blake and Corby were standing near their bikes. They got on their bikes looking at me. I was shocked and confused. I just can't pick out one.

Blake is tough and isn't speaking with me. Corby is way too friendly but I have only met him 1 hour ago. You can't ever trust a person who you met. They might be players who want to take advantage of you just like Landon. A shiver ran down my spine as I thought his name.

'Come on' I heard Corby saying and it was directed to me.

Which bike will I go on?

Who do you think she will go with?Corby or Blake?

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