The Phone Call

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Chapter 16

I decided to make my decision, I walked to Blake’s bike. Even though he is not much friendly with me, I have ridden with him. He hasn’t damaged any single hair of mine yet.

Corby is not a person I like. He is touchy and seems dangerous. But Blake is more dangerous looking too. As soon as I got on Blake’s bike, Corby rode off.

“Could you please, I mean please... drop me off at your house? Please...” I said from behind grabbing his muscular waist.

He didn’t reply but rode the bike at full speed. The wind rushed through my hair as several shivers ran through my spine due to the cold. The bike stopped in front of the house. Jenna and Devin were standing while holding their hands.

“What are you doing here?” Blake asked Devin.

“I texted Tori saying we will meet at your house. As usual, maybe she has misread it” Jenna said. Blake nodded.

“And why are you here?” Jenna asked Blake. He looked at me.

“I didn’t feel good so I came to take a rest,” I said.

“Oh well, call me if you need anything, this is my number,” Jenna said while typing her phone in my phone.

I mumbled thanks to her. Both Devin and Jenna went off. “

Thank you very much,” I said to Blake.

He gave a stiff nod while riding off as well. I walked inside the house. Elise was nowhere to be seen. Thank God. I jumped to the comfy bed. I started scrolling my phone through Snapchat. There were some suggestions who I might know.

My eyes widened as I opened who has sent a friend request. Blake King and Seth King. Before I could do anything I heard voices downstairs. I walked out of my room to see who it was.

Elise came inside the house and she was followed by a man. My heart raced and shredded into million pieces. The person who began my abusing was right in front of me.

Elise and my uncle?!

He kissed her like there was no tomorrow. It began vigorously and I didn’t want to see it further. I ran to my room and locked the door. Goosebumps appeared on my skin.

“Did you hear that?” I heard Elise asking.

“Yeah, I will go check,” my uncle said.

His evil voice made my ears bleed. Sweat beads started to appear on my face as I heard footsteps outside the room. I kept my mouth shut as the pressure was so high. I breathed out the breath I didn’t know that I held such a long time.

But soon my door was opened with a kick followed by. The door is broken. Great I have to pay for that too. Blake broke my door first and I managed to close this door and now my uncle.

“What a surprise?! Today is perfect” my uncle said while licking his lips.

“Please don’t ” I whispered.

“Oh yes... You brat wasn’t there home for 1 week time” he said.

“Please” I whispered.

“Let me taste you,” he said.

“Love, is everything alright?” Elise shouted from downstairs.

“Yes, just a mouse running. I will catch it soon” he said.

“A mouse?!” Elise screamed.

Right! I am the innocent mouse here. I nearly screamed as he walked further but my voice was empty.

“Shhhh, you be a good girl and I will not kill the people who saved you,” he said.

“Please don’t ” I begged him.

I met the wall. He started to touch my arm. I kicked his precious jewels and he fell to his knees. Thank God. But he managed to grab my leg. I couldn’t walk further as I fell. I grabbed my phone which was on the bed. I couldn’t do anything. I looked into my phone. But my uncle started to grab my phone from me.

“You slut came here with this fucking object... ” he said while locking my legs with his hands.

I tried to kill him but it didn’t work. With all the trouble, mistakenly a phone call went on. I didn’t know who it was until a voice spoke.

“Hello, why are calling?” I heard the familiar voice.

Ares or Blake. They both have the same voice.

“Help-” I whispered.

But the phone call was cut off by my uncle.

“Love, is everything alright?” I heard Elise asking.

“Yes but this mouse is a very furious one. Just give me 5 minutes” he shouted like a normal calmly.

“Be careful love” Elise said back.

He grabbed me by the back of my hoodie. His other hand went to the hem of the hoodie and soon within a second, he had his hand on my stomach. I elbowed him to his stomach.

“Shit” he shouted but still managed to keep his hand on my hoodie.

I kicked him again. But it didn’t hit him. I struggled but nothing worked. He grabbed my hoodie very tightly and raised it up.

“Stop struggling brat” he sneaked.

“I only want this now,” he said while kissing my private part.

I kicked him again and it worked. I heard footsteps coming across the hall. I ran out of the room to see Blake and the two boys standing.

“Are you alright?” Seth asked.

“What happened?” Ares asked with little concern.

I shook my head as I was unable to speak. My uncle came out of the room as nothing happened.

“What happened Ricky?” Ares asked him.

“There was a mouse inside her bed. She got scared and screamed I came to check her up” he said while eyeing me.

'Oh seriously? She called us for help for a fucking mouse?' Ares shouted.

'Well they are girls for a reason you dumbs hit' Seth said while rolling his eyes.

Great.. Now I am a fool in front of them.

Surprise, Elise is dating Audrey's uncle...

Any thoughts about it?

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