The Phone Call

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Chapter 18

“I have said everything. It feels good to talk to a person actually about this. Benji” he said.

“Holy shit... ” I shouted again.

“Shut up you idiot. You shout like the mouse is in front of you again” he said. Again the mouse.

“That’s why you were staring at Benjamin the whole time in the cafe. That’s why you and Benjamin went together on the bike. Holy shit this is so good. So does he know? I mean does he know that you like him?” I asked.

“Yeah, he knows. We keep this relationship very low. I just don’t want people to know it yet” he said while running his hand on his hair.

“It is fine. Everything will be fine. So why are you smiling? Are you meeting Benjamin?” I teased him.

“Ummm.. kind of... Ok, I am working in the Rose cafe so does he. We have the same shift hours...” he said while blushing.

“Ooooo You are blushing. I am happy for you” I said to him while hugging him.

“Wait I have a question, why the hell do you hang out with girls then?” I asked him.

“You have a lot of questions,” he said chuckling.

“Of course I do. It is just that you have a lot of girls around you” I said.

“Yeah, I guess. I just keep them to keep my standard as the bad boy” he said.

“Jesus Christ Seth″ I exclaimed.

“Yeah I know it is so fucking bad to keep girls like that but... what can I do to keep my standards. Imagine how people will react when they get to know I am gay. I just don’t know what to do neither do Benji. But here we are” he said while smiling.

“Woww. Deep secret” I said.

“Yes it is,” he said. I yawned.

“You are tired, go to sleep. Tomorrow is a school day after all” he said while closing my door.

“Bye, thanks for sharing,” I said.

“Thanks for listening. I feel better now. Bye,” he said at last. I drifted to sleep.

“You better be back you brat” I heard the voice of the evil.

“You did get away easily this time but not now. I will end you like I ended your mother” he shouted.

I fell to my knees.

“You are just pathetic like your mother. Such a slut” he shouted.

He started to walk towards me and grabbed my arm. But within seconds he had ripped the t-shirt I was wearing. I gasped for air as my eyes widened. I took a hand full of oxygen several times.

After few minutes I unlocked my door to get some water and refresh up. I walked to the kitchen and grabbed a cup to fill the water. As I was drinking my water a voice spoke that scared me.

I slightly jumped. I hoped that it isn’t my uncle. All the boys I have talked to in my life have very deep voices and all are quite the same. Few differences.

“What are you doing?” The voice spoke.

“Umm. Drinking water?” I said.

It was more like a question than a reply.

“Turn around. What are you scared of me?” I heard the voice asking me since I haven’t turned to see who it is.

“Of course, I am scared of everything,” I said.

I didn’t even realise what I just said. I turned around to see while having my eyes closed. I opened one eye to see who it is.

Blake. I sighed.

“What are you so scared of?” He asked.

“Everything... Nothing ” I said.

I didn’t know what to reply to his question.

“Anyway what are you doing, 2 am?” He asked.

“Couldn’t sleep” I said.

He nodded and went towards the fridge. He took out a beer and took a sip. My mind had questions. Doesn’t he sleep? Also, why is he awake this time?

“For your first question, I do sleep and second, it is a private reason,” he said.

Did I say that loud? Or is he a mind reader?

“Yes, sometimes you talk loud your thoughts when you are afraid. And no I am not a mind reader” he said while chuckling the last part.

How does he know that I am scared?

“Apparently your hands are shaking and you are playing with your hands nervously and bit your lip,” he said as he took another sip from his beer.

“Umm ok,” I said while turning to go to my room without being embarrassed anymore.

“Goodnight” I heard his voice.

“Goodnight,” I said while turning to him again.

I saw a small smile appearing on his face. The first time I had a real conversation with Blake. A smile plastered on my face as I kept my head on the soft pillow.

I woke up and stared at the ceiling as there were some sounds in my room.

“Wake- oh you are awake on time. You seem tired. Anyway, I need help” Seth rambled while standing near my school bag.

What the hell is he doing this morning?! “Hold on,” I said while rubbing my eyes and sitting on the bed to hear what he says in my correct mind.

“Go on,” I said.

“We have biology before the last period. Could please give me the notes for biology only for today?” He said.

I thought for a second and realised that today was a school plus last week teacher said there will be an exam on Thursday which is today.

“Holy shit, today we have tested. So we don’t have anything to learn but write what we have learned” I said.

“I forgot it, Shit I need to do well in this test so that I can at least get a pass for the next semester” he whined.

“Where we were you gonna go?” I asked him. He frowned.

“Benji and I were going to hang out. Oh, wait! We both are in the same class as you and Benji are totally like a nerd sometimes, but sometimes the perfect guy anyone could ask for. We have to hang out sometime” he said.

Oh, this dream boy. He is seriously in love with Benjamin.

“Hmm ok... Out I have to get ready” I said. “I would love a show,” He said.

“Of course, you would love to if I was Benjamin.” I said while closing the door.

He blushed and winked at me. I got ready within 15 minutes.

I wore the same outfit but different colors. A large hoodie with white pants. I walked down the stairs but was dragged by a rough hand to a room.


Benjamin is Seth's boyfriend....

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