The Phone Call

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Chapter 19

I looked to who it was.

My uncle?! Ricky?!

“It was hard for me yesterday night. I heard you talking with that stupid head, don’t you dare say him any word or neither anyone” he said.

Shivers ran when he pressed his fingers harder where he dragged me on my arm to the room. We heard footsteps coming towards the room.

“You are lucky that someone is coming now if not you are done” he whispered to my ear.

Why is my life so unlucky?

“Oh hey love, I was searching for you,” Elise said as she saw us standing near the stairs out of the room. She glared at me.

“Come on I made you breakfast love,” Elise said where dragging Ricky’s hand.

“Smells good love,” the devil’s voice said to her as his back turned to face me.

“You ok? You seem pale” Seth said as he walked down the stairs. I nodded and walked to the kitchen.

“Good morning Ricky,” Seth said.

“Morning kiddo” he greeted back as nothing happened.

Blake was already sitting near the kitchen main table and was staring at me. I walked towards the fruit basket and grabbed an apple. I put it in my bag and was not bothered to eat breakfast.

I walked towards the car where Blake and Seth followed behind.

“Ares?” I asked Seth.

“He went early to pick up Tori,” he said.

I nodded and got in the car while the boys got into well. We reached school and a normal I informed them to stop a block off away. I was scared to inform them at first since Blake was the driver today.

He looked at my eyes and diverted them again back to the road. He didn’t stop the car instead he drives very fast to the school. Blake and Seth got out of the car.

Many girls followed them while I stayed till they disappeared. They were basically following the two boys as a procession. I slowly opened the door hoping no one saw me.

But a voice in distant which was familiar but also unfamiliar spoke.

“Good morning Audrey”.

I turned to see who it was. Coby!

“Good morning Corby ” I mumbled.

“So how is life?” He asked casually.

I frowned. Seriously? He is asking this early morning about my life? Well, I wish I could say life is very very interesting in a sarcastic way.

“Good,” I said with a fake smile.

Thank God he believed my answer.

“I was thinking... maybe we should hang out more..” he said while walking towards the school.

I was quite shocked. We met only one day?!

“How about we meet tomorrow?” He said.

“Umm. I don’t know” I said.

“Come on. I know that I was an idiot for making you uncomfortable in the cafe. I am really sorry” he said.

His eyes were pleading to accept this offer.

“So what do you say? You and me?” He said while grinning.

What?! You and me? Like a date?

“Yes, if you want...” he said. while smirking.

“Did I say that aloud?” I asked him.

“Yes, you speak your thoughts loud,” he said.

Of course, I know it. Blake mentioned it yesterday.

“So is it a date?” He asked.

My cheeks heated up but my mind was negative at the thought. What if he was like Landon? No, I have to try to have a good life. At least try.. my mind said to me.

“Your face said my answer. Then it is a date,” he said.

“Sup Cobs,” a boy said while going.

“Bye gotta go ma boy is calling,” Corby said while winking.

I was shocked at what happened seconds ago. Corby and I are going on a freaking date?! Jesus!!!

“You seem happy and that smile is a million-dollar smile you know?” Seth said while popping in front of it out of nowhere. I smiled.

“What’s going on?” He asked me suspiciously.

“Umm.... well you said your story so... well. Ok.. here it goes... Corby asked me on a date” I said.

“At last this boy grew some balls,” he said while joining his hands and looking up dramatically.

I was confused.

“So he was pestering me yesterday in the carnival asking for your number. I didn’t give it because I know for a fact that girls don’t like when friends give numbers to random guys,” he said.

“That’s true,” I said.

I took the books out of my locker. I looked at Seth who was already looking in a direction.

I followed his eyes to see Benjamin staring back.

“I guess I will go,” I said. He blushed.

“Bye,” I said giving Benjamin a smile and he blushed as well.

The school went on and on. I walked out of the class towards the washroom. I washed my face to refresh up.

“Hey, you might need this,” a girl with black hair said to me giving me a tampon.

I took it and look at her confusedly. I have my periods three days ahead. I turned towards the mirror to see a red spot on my white pants. Damn it!

” Thank you,” I said to her while going to the bathroom.

I did my business and walked out of the restroom. The bell rang where all the students rushed to the corridors. Shit, I have the worst timing in my life.

I hid it under my bag put it was visible. I rushed again inside the washroom. I hid inside the toilet for the next hour. Tears rushed as down my face. Why does this happen to me? Am I born to be bullied?! I heard footsteps. Someone was trying to open the door but I locked it.

” Who is it?” I whispered.

” It’s me, open the door,” a masculine voice said. This sent shivers down my spine.

How did a male enter the female washroom? Oh God!!!

“Come out before I break this door” he warned.

But I didn’t move an inch. He started to kick the door.

I quickly unlock the door and met grey cold eyes. He dragged me out of the toilet. I stubbornly shook my hand from his. Luckily my hand was removed from his grasp.

How am I suppose to walk with a red spot? I thought. He removed his jacket and wrapped it around my waist. I was shocked.

He took my hand and pulled me to the parking lot. We got in his car. He drove off. I was speechless.

How did he know it first place?

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