The Phone Call

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Chapter 2

I heard the front door closing. My knees felt like jelly. I was very sure that it was my father or my uncle.

“Are you alright?” The stranger asked.

“Yeah, I am alright... I will talk to you later I have to go now” I said in a shaky voice.

“Sure, take a call oh message me to my number or WhatsApp anytime,” he said.

“Thanks.. bye,” I said.

“Bye remember what I told you,” he said to me and cut the call.

“Where the fuck are you brat?” I heard the familiar alcoholic voice.

I ran out of the room as if I was late even a second I would end up getting punished.

“Oh, there you are,” my uncle said.

“Today I am gonna try something new,” he said.

He had a devil smirk that my blood freeze from head to toe. He pushed me to my room which I came out from few minutes. He was drunk.

I smelt alcohol dripping out of him. He started to place his sloppy lips on my neck. I hated it. I started to struggle.

“Stop struggling you brat” he shouted at me.

I started to kick his jewels which didn’t work. He pinned my hands on the wall and started to nipple my skin.

I shouted but who the hell would wake at 3 am.

Well, the stranger was. God knows who is the stranger either. The devil started to nipple my skin bit by bit under the reached my upper private area.

I freeze as his sloppy lips were against it. I felt his hand underneath my sweater that contacted my skin. Since he was drunk he was quite weak.

I managed to jump on his shoe. He was distracted by it which I hit his precious jewels.

He removed his hand where he had pinned my both hands on the wall. I grabbed my phone and called the stranger.

Whoever it is please pick up my phone.

“Hallo,” his deep voice answered.

“Hello,” I answered. But before anything, my uncle grabbed my free hand.

“Are you alright?” The stranger asked.

I couldn’t answer as my uncle was placing his hands by the sides of my hips. I started to kick him and punch him. It was a bit of success.

“Can I help you in any way?” the stranger asked.

“Aaaa... ummmm... I don’t think so- ” I was cut by my uncle.

He started to drag me towards the bed. He is so strong even though he is drunk. I pushed him and kicked him in the stomach. But he grabbed my ankle that which resulted in falling on the floor.My butt was on the floor that hurt so bad.

“Are you alright? Cause it seems it is not! ” the stranger’s voice spoke out loud through the phone.

'' where do you live?' The stranger asked me as I managed to grab my phone again.

At least would be a way to escape from the ridiculous man. I made my path towards the door.

“Where are you? You brat! ” my uncle asked as he was leaning against the wall for support to stand up.

Why the hell would I answer him? Without any hesitation, I took my phone and spoke.

“Rosewood street,” I said.

“I will be there soon,” the stranger’s voice said.

My eyes widened. What if he is the same man when I get to him? What if I am tricked? Many questions rambled in my head that I tripped from one step down the stairs.

“Damn it” I cursed under me breathe.

I gathered some clothes, just in case. I started to run away from the house as I stepped out of the house. I reached the main street where I saw the board with shiny letters”Rosewood street”. I saw a person standing a bit far away parking a car.

A message popped on my phone. ” I came to the entrance of your street. The car is black,” it said. It was from the stranger.

My legs were shaking. I have never walked to a stranger fit asking help that involved my father or my uncle. I was nervous and hoped that I did something good.

I walked towards the exact car that saw earlier. The person was not clear since it was dark to recognize his face.

” Come on getting,” he said.

“How can I believe that you are the exact person I am looking for? ” I asked.

He typed his phone. Suddenly, a message popped in my phone saying

” I don’t just pick random girls inside my car for god’s sake”.

I mentally laughed t the message and got in the car. He drove quite fast which made me feel uncomfortable.

” Where are we going? ” I asked.

“Where do you think I am going? ” he asked.

Why did get in the car in the first place? He can be a murderer, of course, promised Landon will die but it takes a lot of courage to take up yourself. At j just want to have peace when I die.

“I don’t know,” I said.

My legs began to shake due to the cold.The car didn’t have a roof either.

“Don’t be scared, I am not going to kill you or anything. We are going to my house” he said while chuckling.

God know where we are going? I don’t trust him at all even though he was my escape!

I rubbed my hands did to the cold. I barelyI rubbed my hands did to the cold. I barely felt the touch of my finger tips.

“Take this jacket and sorry for the cold. This is my grand father’s car” he said.

“Thank you very much” I said while taking the jacket and placing it on my shoulders to prevent the icy cold wind. The smell of mint surrounded me. My eye lids eventually closed due to the cold that passed and to the warmth of the jacket.

I don't know where I will end up but I know one thing for sure, I will end up dying anywhere in the world.

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