The Phone Call

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Chapter 20

After 15 minutes we reached a McDonald’s.

“What do you want?” He asked coldly. I shrugged.

“Anything,” I said while clutching my stomach.

It hurts so bad. He went inside the McDonald’s. Afterward, he came with six bags of food. He drove again. At last, we ended up in his house. Thank God, at last, I can sleep I thought. I ran inside the house to change.

I changed into a comfy outfit and went downstairs to check on Blake as there were a lot of dragging noises. I looked to see him setting up the sofa near the tv. He had food settled in front of the tv as well. He stopped his work and looked at me.

“Sit down and eat. Watch anything you want” he said with his deep voice.

I nodded and proceeded to do want he said. I put on the movie 'The notebook'. I heard the front as I started the movie. I looked at the bags. There were some fries and burgers. I took fries and started to eat. After 20 minutes I heard the door opened. I was not bothered to look who it was as only three people have the key to this house. Blake walked to the kitchen and brought bowls with spoons. I looked at him.

“Pick any flavour you want,” he said while pointing to the bag.

I looked at it to see five big tubes of ice cream. I looked closely to see the flavors. Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla, Orange, and Mixed fruit.

I reached for the Chocolate ice cream and opened the tub. He picked the Vanilla ice cream and picked all the other tubs. He walked away and I heard the fridge open.

He may have put the tubs inside I said to myself. I started to eat the chocolate ice cream. It had chocolate chips inside. This was the fourth time I ate ice cream in my life.

It melted in my mouth and I loved it. Blake came and fell on the other side of the sofa. He took his phone and started to scroll while eating his ice cream in silence.

The air was so tensed as we never talked. The movie ended and no one exchanged words in between. In the middle of the movie, he started to watch the movie as I’d his life depended on it. I watched him silently by the side of my eye.

I will have to admit that he had a great face as a bad boy. He had a sharp jawline which was similar to Ares’s jawline as well. His messy black hair fell on his face.

His thin linen shirt was tight. It stayed glued to his body. His shapes were really someone I know. He is familiar bu I couldn't spot it as before.

He shook his head and that’s when I notice that I was entirely watching not the movie. I curled myself on the sofa as cramps were killing me.

Blake stood up and closed the tv as the movie finished. He switched off the lights and it was quite dark. I was so tired that I fell asleep. I felt a soft material over my legs but I was so tired to wake up what it was.

“Shhh, just take food and leave. Blake will kill us if we wake him or her” I heard whispers.

I opened one eye to see a hand gripping in front of me, grabbing the rest of the food.

“Ahhhhh” I screamed.

Suddenly, the lights were on. Seth’s hand was on the table while Ares was putting lights in the whole house. Blake looking at me.

“Sorry... I am really sorry. You can go back to sleep” I said to Blake.

Part of his face was red which showed the pattern of the sofa. It was printed on his face.

“Take the food and leave” he mumbled.

“Thanks, man,” Seth said while going away.

I look to see my position. Thank God. I didn’t give any show to Blake. The blanket was covering my legs. Wait a blanket? Maybe I might have brought it. I said to myself.

I was so lazy to find out. I clutched my stomach and silently groaned as cramps were getting worse and worse. I closed my eyes in hopes that I will fall asleep again.

' Drink this,' a voice said.

I opened my eyes and saw a mug which seems to be very warm. I took it. I smelled it to see what it was. It had a different smell from anything.

“I don’t need it,” I said.

“Just drink it so the pain will go away,” Blake said.

“What is this?” I asked curiously.

What if it was poison? A drug? Wine or something? I never have drunk wine or any other drinks in my life?!

“It is medicine. Just drink it” he said while getting himself to sleep again on the other side of the sofa.

I scratched my nose. I took the mug and walked to the kitchen. I saw both the idiots who woke me up from my sleep eating.

“Hi,” Seth said.

“Hi,” I said back.

“I am sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you,” he said while scratching his neck.

“It is fine. Now could you tell me what is this? Never in my life, I have smelled something like this!!” I said.

“It is the medicine of Kings,” he said.

“What?” I asked confusedly.

“Apparently our father made this when she is sick or we are sick. So Blake is the only person who can remember the recipe. He made it for you. It heals everything. Pain or any other stuff. If you can’t drink, let me have it. I would totally drink the whole thing since it is very delicious than any other drink in the world” Seth said while looking at my mug.

I silently laughed at his face. He was like a five-year-old kid waiting to receive gummy bears. I smelled it again. I kept the mug in my lips and the warm liquid touched my lips.

I licked my lips to get a lemon taste in between warm cinnamon taste as well. I took a sip again. It was so relaxing. The warm liquid entered my mouth again.

The mixture of liquid and cinnamon was a perfect combination. I silently moaned at the drink. This was the exact drink that I was given before.

“Is there any left?” Seth asked Ares who was searching in the pot that was sitting on the gas cooker.

“There is a bit,” he said.

“Maybe he made us a little” Ares said while pouring it into two cups. They drank as well.

“Now I am going with him,” Ares said to Seth ignoring me.

I felt a bus going right across my heart as Ares turned his back towards me without addressing me.

“Bye,” Seth said while waving me.

I waved back as they left. Blake appeared in the kitchen. He looked at me then again back to his phone. He sat at the end of the kitchen where he sat on the first day I saw him.

He kept his phone on the table and looked at the ground. I didn’t have anything to do. Maybe give him space?!

I took my mug and washed it. I started to leave the kitchen but a voice spoke.

“Where are you going?” He asked. I shrugged.

“I even don’t know,” I said while eye contacting him.

“Go change. We are going out” he said.


Blake's taking Audrey somewhere...

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