The Phone Call

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Chapter 22

I did my daily morning routine and got ready for school. I walked down the stairs slowly as I was very lazy. I heard the voices in distance and the back door closed very fast. I ignored the sound. Maybe it is Blake or Ares as usual.

As soon as I took the turn to the kitchen, I met Seth standing. I quickly took a glance at the window nearby. Benjamin started his bike and went off. I quickly realized what was going here. I looked at Seth who was already blushing.

“When are you going to say to your family?” I asked him.

“I don’t know Auds. I know that my family will not accept it.” He said.

“Don’t think much. Just say it” I said.

“It is not easy,” he said while pulling his hair out from his hand.

“What if you both get caught?” I asked.

“You do have a point. Maybe I will confess today or tomorrow. Ughh.. this is so hard.” He said.

“Anyway when did he come here? ” I asked.

“Yesterday night. Ares and I went to the cafe. I worked on the shift. Ares went to Tori’s house. I came home found it empty. So I brought Benji here since his house was full and also he is kicked out since his sister is getting married in next two weeks” he said.

“Oh ok,” I said.

“Give me 5, I will come soon,” he said.

I nodded and headed to the kitchen. I ate a cereal bar and took one for lunch as well. By the time I was done, Seth was in front of the house with Blake. I sat in the car and as usual, the ride went off.

We reached school and the sessions very quickly. It was lunch. I am never used to the cafeteria. I decided to head to the library but my hopes lowered.

“Hey, Audrey we are heading to the canteen” Jenna shouted from the other side of the hall.

Her hand was waving very excitedly. I never thought someone would be so excited for me to join them. I smiled and nodded. I walked towards her.

“So how’s today?” She asked.

“Great and yours?” I replied.

“Just the same,” she said.

We talked random things until we entered the loudest place I have ever been. She dragged me to a table and the worst part was, the table was the middle table from the whole cafeteria. I hesitantly sat near the corner hoping that I could just disappear any moment.

Ares was sitting next to Blake as Victoria was sitting on his lap. Blake was followed by Coby who was followed by Benjamin and Seth. Jenna was next to me.

“Where’s Devin?” Ares asked.

“He didn’t answer my calls or texts. I am going to kill him if I meet him today. But I am afraid what cause him so busy.” She said.

“Maybe she is sick,” Benjamin said.

“Yeah maybe” Jenna replied.

I took out the cereal bar and nibbled it quietly.

“Seriously?! You are going to eat this thing for lunch?” Jenna asked me.

The whole table looked at me and my cereal bar. I nodded slowly.

“Holy shit... I would eat this thing and after 5 minutes I will eat a burger again” she said.

I didn’t say anything. I might have eaten at least a pack of fries but the devils didn’t let me eat so that’s the main reason for me to be like this.

“Earth to Audrey” Seth sang.

“Yes?” I asked.

“Nothing. Just eat this” he said while giving me a burger.

“No need. Thank you very much. I am good with this” I said while showing him the empty wrapper.

“Come on you need to eat,” he said.

“At least half” Jenna suggested.

“Ok then,” I said while taking half of the burger.

I ate a quarter of it when I was poked by the side.I looked up to see Coby standing.

“Rose cafe at 4,” he said.

“Come on Coby we are late...” a boy in the distance shouted.

“Meet you there beautiful,” he said while winking.

I choked my saliva.

“What was that about?” Jenna asked me.

“Nothing..?” I said. It was more like a question than an answer.

“Nothing?! He asked you on a dating girl” she shouted.

“lower your volume ” I said.

“So... when is it?” Benjamin asked casually.

“Today,” I said.

“At last the boy got balls to ask her on a date,” Benjamin said.

I remembered Seth said the same thing as well. I laughed mentally. They do match together. I looked at who was burning holes in me. Blake. What’s his problem? His face was emotionless but his fists were white. Within seconds he left the table followed by Ares followed by Victoria.

“Don’t mind them. Can I please do the makeup?” Jenna asked.

“Umm. Sure... Should I use makeup? I mean I am fine with you coming but I am not a person for makeup” I said.

“Holy Jesus. Makeup is the beauty of a girl’s life. You should have makeup.” She said.

I frowned at her statement. I am trying to live a little from the devils and she has a life full of makeup.

“Ok, I will do at least a touch-up,” she said.

“Please” she begged again when I didn’t reply.

“Ok,” I shortly replied and left the cafeteria soon as the bell rang.

The next period was Physics followed by Biology and Study hall. The sessions flew faster. This was the first day of school by staying the whole day without any trouble. I smiled to myself.

“So I am going to drive you today,” she said. I nodded.

“The boys have football practices,” she said randomly.

“Oh” I replied pretending to be interested.

“Wait a sec, do you have something to wear for the date?” She asked.

“I think, a hoodie and a Jean’s are perfectly fine,” I said.

“What?! That’s it we are going shopping. You need a dress or at least a cute blouse where Coby would immediately fall in love with you ” she stated.

“No shopping please” I begged to remember the time with Victoria.

“We will only take one hour or two. We have two hours left to get ready too” she said.

Two hours to get ready?! I mentally screamed.

“Come on Sweetie we have a date to go on,” she said while dragging me towards her black car. I processed everything again. I am going on a date with Corby Samuels....

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