The Phone Call

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Chapter 24

He took long strides towards me. I could hear his skin shouting “anger” and my brain shouting “danger”. I sink into my seat deeper and deeper. He was face to face.

“What. Are. You. Doing. Here?” He asked clearly.

“ a date” I mumbled.

“With. Who?” He asked. I could see his skin turning red. Why is he angry?

“Coby,” I said slowly.

“Fuck it..” he spoke slowly something under his breath.

He walked to the dance floor and after two minutes, he came back.

“Coby isn’t here, come on, I will drop you cafe and Blake will take you home from there,” he said while dragging me with my wrist.

I couldn’t refuse since he was dragging me and I didn’t want to stay in a club all night alone as well. As we were about to leave, I didn’t see him anywhere.

I got in his black car and he drove. My emotions were here and there. I was sad because I came on a date but it didn’t go well.

I am happy that I am going back to where I find peace. My bed. I am angry with Coby for why he did it to me. I didn’t like the silence between Ares and me.

We weren’t like this before, he was a great guy. I am the person who caused the problem. After 20 minutes we arrived at the cafe where I recognized the black motorcycle parked outside the cafe. We walked into the cafe.

The lights were out on one side of it. There were no people inside too. It was scary. I heard glass shatter. Ares looked at me. I followed the path where the sound came from. Ares opened the door. The sight caught me off guard.

Blake was tending his muscles looking out of the window and next to the place where he stood were filled ceramic pieces. Seth was standing in the corner looking at the ground while Benjamin was shaking vigorously.

“What’s going on?” Ares asked. Seth looked at both Ares and me. He shook his head.

“Did. You. Know. That. Our. Brother. Was. Fucking . Gay?” Blake asked.

I could feel his anger radiating even though he was at least three meters away. I turned to Ares who was shocked.

“Umm... what?” He asked.

“He is fucking gay,” Blake said pointing to Seth. Shit. I realised what was going on.

It was my fault that I brought Ares here and Blake came here because of me, to pick me up. I could have just walk back.

Why am I cursed so much to this world? The next several actions went off in the blink of an eye.

Blake was holding Ares’s t-shirt while Seth was pulling Blake off. Benjamin was shocked.

I walked towards him and stood next to him. I looked at his face to see a purple bruised Benjamin standing next to me.

His eyes were red and puffy. I felt so bad. Blake stormed out of the room. Ares took a beer bottle and took the car keys and walked off as well.

I heard the car tires screeching which meant that he left. Seth ran his hand through his hair and pulled it out frustratedly.

“Why is this happening to us? To US?” He shouted.

Benjamin tried to walk towards him but Seth hugged him quickly. He wince when his face pressed into Seth’s t-shirt. I felt as if I am intruding on their privacy. I turned my back.

“Umm.. Audrey” I heard Seth’s voice.

I turned again to face him.

“I am sorry for what happened,” I said to him.

“It’s fine. We had to face any day. I don’t know what to do right now,” he said.

I swallowed hard as I was trying to find a solution.

“Blake hasn’t gone I guess. I didn’t hear him leave,” Benjamin said.

“Maybe I will go outside and he is my ride back. I hope he drops me to the house. So he will leave from here,” I said.

“Thank you for doing this” Seth said immediately.

“I will take Seth home and if my home doesn’t have any space left because of my sister’s wedding, I guess we could spend the night in the cafe,” Benjamin said.

“Umm.. will you guys be fine here?” I asked.

Seriously a person staying in a cafe is so hard even though it is a matter of few hours.

“We will be fine. ” Seth said confidently.

He kissed Benjamin’s cheek. But Benjamin slightly flinched back.

“This will help you out I guess,” I said while giving the. first aid box that was right next to me.

“Blake surely has a great ironic hand,” Seth said.

“Yes, he does,” Benjamin said.

“Could you dress this up? I can’t do it” Seth said and his eyes were filling tears.

“Sure,” I said.

I picked up cream and applied it.

“Does it hurt?” Seth asked.

“It is fine babe,” Benjamin said.

I applied the other side of the face as well.

“Does it hurt?” Seth asked again.

“No babe, it is fine.. I am fine it doesn’t hurt,” Benjamin said.

“But you have purple bruises all-around your handsome face!” Seth pointed.

“But it doesn’t hurt. Only one spot hurts,” Benjamin said.

“Where is it? Audrey please apply gently there. I just can’t even imagine being him hurt and now he is hurt! Ugh... I am going to kill Blake,” Seth said while pulling his hair out from his hand.

“No need to kill Blake at all. We knew he would react this way. And the only spot that hurts right now is my heart. It aches for you.... Audrey I am sorry that you can’t apply this cream to it cause it is already filled” Benjamin said.

I giggled and Seth kissed him eagerly.

“Anyway I don’t need your heart. Seth will kill me if I did. I don’t want to get killed this early. I am young to die” I said but didn’t mean the last part.

I was surprised that I even said that.

“All done,” I said at last.

“I am going to go to the house I guess. If you need anything just call” I said and left the room I took a deep breath and closed the cafe door.

My eyes shot on Blake’s back wondering what would happen next.

Oh God what will happen next...

I am not going to lie, writing this book is fun actually..

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