The Phone Call

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Chapter 25

I didn’t know what to do. I walked towards Blake. He stared at space. The wind blew strongly and it was getting darker.

There were three cars parked but no one to be seen inside. Either I can't see who is present because the cars were black, same as Blake's car.

Owls hooting in the distance while a dog was whining under a bench due to the cold weather.

I was shivering but I didn’t care much about it. I was frightened about what would happen next. He took his helmet while passing me another one.

Without any single word, he ride off as I clutched his stomach harder since his speed limit was above the range. He stopped in the middle of a bridge. There was no one nearby. He got off the motorcycle leaving me alone in it. He grabbed a bunch of his hair and pulled it frustratedly.

“ What?” He snapped at me as I was staring at him.

“Nothing, Just wondering what’s happening,” I said casually but I was scared yet I didn’t show any sign.

“I just can’t believe it. He is…. URG… Fucking gay... I never thought my brother would fucking gay... This is a fucking problem... Damn it... WHY?” He should at my face.

I moved a bit. I was used to shoutings since my father and uncle had trained me.

“Damn it” He shouted turning to another side.

He kept his hands on the railing of the bridge and looked up. His face showed many emotions as usual. But this was the rarest moment I have ever seen. He felt so helpless. But I just couldn’t point out why he was so angry with Seth being gay.

“Why are you so angry about Seth?” I asked in my timid voice.

“ You don’t understand it. I am fine but.. SHIT” He said while holding the railing harder making his hands turn white.

If he is fine with it what is the problem of Seth being gay? I just couldn’t understand at all.

“If you are fine what is the problem with it?” I argued.

A wave of anger burst inside me when I replayed the memory of what happened before.

“You don’t fucking understand... Just shut your mouth or leave” Blake shouted.

I couldn’t stand him. I was bursting in anger. I walked across the road looking back several times to see what Blake does. I felt something drop inside me. I felt sad. But I didn’t like Blake at all. I knew it well. But...

He was just a person who lived in his house and I was currently staying with him as my temporary home. But today all of it would change. I will go back to my real house. The place where I call hell with two devils.

They say they own me well I guess they d- My thoughts were cut off as rough fingers touched my hand. I looked who it was. A person who had dark eyes with dark black hair.

‘Where are you going beautiful?’ a husky voice asked.

“Go away,” I said while taking my hand quickly.

“Fierce, I like it. And to your statement , Not so fast,” he said.

He kept his hands beside trapping me into a wall. Damn, I have walked so long and I didn’t even feel my feet hurt. The next street is my house and two streets across is the boys’ house.

“You look good,” he said while staring into my eyes which I found way uncomfortable.

I didn’t like the way he acted so I kneed my leg to his precious jewels. I have trained my whole life for this stuff. I said mentally. But he was way stronger than the two devils.

I smelt alcohol as he came much closer than before. Only two inches apart from me. I felt disgusted by his to breathe and touch. He dragged his fingers on my chin. I struggled to get away from his grip. I had only one thing.

“Ahhhh... Help… BLAKE..”I shouted.

“Don’t you dare shout you slut… If you shut up mouth I will not kill you” he said.


He showed me a silver knife which was right in front of me.

“Hahaha, you got scared little pathetic slut? Look no one is coming to help you” he said while shouting.

“All of them have gone to the town or sleeping their butts on the bed,” he said.

I shivered as he traced the pointed knife on my arm.

“You are a pathetic bitch-“ he was cut off by a strong hand. Everything was quick.

“How dare you? How dare you touch her? Look now you are pathetic” The person said.

I looked up to see Blake holding the collar of the man. But the man took the knife and stab Blake. Blake did an evil laugh and he fell to his knees. The man looked at me and ran.

“Blake..” I said as I moved his hair from his face.

“Take my phone here. Call Seth. He will take care of everything” he said.

“Don’t close your eyes. Open them... Please” I whispered the last part. He smiled.

“I will open. Be safe” he said as he closed them stubbornly.

I was lost. I felt as if the whole world is on my shoulders. Tears were streaming my face continuously.

A warmth spread near my fingers. Blake was holding three fingers of my right hand.

I couldn't stand seeing him this way. I grabbed his phone quickly and called Seth. He didn’t answer. Shit, I curse.

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