The Phone Call

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Chapter 26

I called Benjamin. at last, he picked up.

“Benjamin” I spoke.

“ Audrey, what happened? Why are you calling from Blake’s phone?” he asked.

I heard Seth asking who Benjamin is talking to.

“ Please pass the phone to Seth please,” I said.

I heard shuffles and Seth spoke.

“ Hello, what do you want now?” Seth spoke in a rough tone.

“ Hello, Seth, Please can you come soon, Blake is st-stabbed” I stared as I saw Blake’s face again.

He was still holding my three fingers very tightly.

“Place?” Seth asked as he was panicking yet with a picture of confidence too.

“I don’t know. After.. a bridge... then. I don’t know” I said as felt Blake moving uncomfortably.

“I will come soo,” he said as he cut off the line.

I looked at Blake who was struggling. Blood was pouring, he managed to stay upright.

“Keep your head here, if not you will lose blood,” I said while showing the ground.

He nodded slowly while lying to the side. He kept his head on my lap. The red liquid was all over his hand as he was pressing the wound harder.

I didn’t know what to do, I kept my other hand on his other arm while waiting for Seth. His breathing was steady but I felt scared. What if… No way...

“Did.. he say .. that.. he.. is coming?” Blake asked while coughing.

“Yes, he did. He will come soon. Don’t speak.” I said.

“Umm... Thank you” he said as he opened his eyes briefly and closed them.

“Please.. don’t speak... You lose more blood..” I said. He nodded.

He took my hand which was holding and intertwined with his. After 2 minutes, There were about 10 black cars right in front of me with an ambulance as well. Blake was taken.

I slowly removed my hand from his and my hand instantly felt cold.

“You alright?’ Seth asked. I nodded.

“Get in that car, Benji is there. Tell him to drive you. I will come soon” he said.

I nodded and walked to the pointed car. Benjamin gave a weak smile. He had puffy eyes as well.

“Here tissues,” he said while giving me a pack of them.

“Thanks,” I said while cleaning my hands.

He didn’t speak. He drove to a place, which didn’t seem like a public hospital.

“Come on,” he said as he was leaving the car.

I walked inside the hospital. My nostrils were filled with medical scents. I hated hospitals since the only scene I can remember is my mother and her last words.

“Do what’s best for you, You will be always my princess” she said and the monitor went crazy.

I closed my eyes as tears streamed down on the memory.

“Audrey-“ Benjamin said but he cut off his sentence as he hugged me.

Within seconds Seth came in too.

“Sir, the boss is in the fifth ward,” a nurse said to Seth. He nodded.



Are they in a gang or something?

Landon had his private doctor but not a hospital like this. We walked to an elevator and eventually, we reached the fifth floor.

I sat down on a waiting chair while Seth and Benjamin were speaking quietly softly, much more like whispers. Jenna and David along with Ares and Victoria came.

Jenna came over to me and hugged me, which I was surprised by.

“Hope you are fine,” she said while looking up and down. I nodded.

They all sat on the waiting chair. I was sitting in the cornets one next to the door. Next to me was Seth and Benjamin while Ares and Victoria were sitting opposite me and Jenna and David next to them.

I waited to hear a single result but the known came. I kept my head on the wall and closed my eyes. Instantly I fell asleep. But woke up as my head fell sideways.

“Keep it here” Benjamin who was slightly awake sam me.

I looked own to his shoulder and gave a weak smile. All the others were sleeping with their couples. Seth was sleeping as well in Benjamin’s shoulder. I kept my head slightly not giving much of a weight.

But I couldn’t get into sleep as the image of Blake’s wound keep flashing in my mind.

“Sirs and madams” I heard a voice. I opened my eyes to see a doctor standing.

“Sorry to interrupt but the boss is currently asleep, his reports are out,” he said.

My eyes went wide. I wanted to hear the reports soon as possible.

" He is currently experiencing lack of blood. We immediately need a donor for his blood type. His blood is rare. AB-, his wound is fine, we figured that the knife is bit rusted, but we treated the best treatments that we have. He will be up within net five or six hours. But we have to find a donor" the doctor said.

"Thank you. We will find a donor" Seth said. He was shaking with anger and sadness. "Shshshsh, he will be fine babe" Benjamin said while running his hand through Seth's hair.

I couldn't do anything.

"Can I check my blood type? I don't know" I said the last part slowly to Benjamin.

"I think I am AB-, I have to check it though" I said.

"You can't do it, he did so much for us now" Seth said.

"Please.. I owe him. He protected me" I said as new set of tears flooded in the memory.

He nodded and I was taken inside a room along with the same doctor.

Oh God please make my blood AB-. That what I prayed hard for.


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