The Phone Call

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Chapter 27

My blood was taken to the lab soon as I agreed to.

“Your report will be out within 20 minutes,” the nurse said.

I nodded and walked to the waiting seat which I stayed in before. I hoped that my blood matches his. Oh Please…

All the guys and the girls came to the place with food and drinks. Benjamin passed me a brown papered pack.

I looked it to it, to see bagels. I didn’t feel like eating since the image of Blake’s wound kept flashing. Why did he come to save me? No scene would be created.

“Come on eat one,” Benjamin said. I shook my head.

He gave me a coffee cup, I took one but I didn’t feel to drink it as well. Everyone seemed fine but deep down I saw everyone was worried about the outcome.

I looked at the clock to see that 20 minutes has passed. The nurse smiled along with the doctor.

“Thank the Lord that we have a match,” he said.

I sighed deeply.

“Are you alright? Do you need anything to eat before giving the blood? Are you feeling dizzy or any other?” the doctor asked.

I shook my head. I just want to pay back to Blake. That’s it.

“Please follow me,” he said.

He opened the door. I saw a man who saved me two hours ago lying on a bed with two tubes by the side.

His heartbeat ran in the monitor as the drops of saline were ripping continuously. I felt awful.

“Please sit down here. If you feel any change in your body please say it quickly” the nurse said as she pulled a syringe that was connected to a tube.

It was connected to Blake’s hand. The red liquid quickly flowed through the tube to a packet and flowed back to Blake’s arm. I didn’t feel any change. I sighed. I hope everything goes back to what it was before.

“Are you alright?” the nurse asked again. I nodded. After 15 minutes the packet was full.

It marked 475ml. The nurse brought a plate filled with various types of food with two orange juice packets. She pushed the plate to me.

I picked a piece of bread and took a sip from the juice. I looked at Blake’s face. Underneath his eyes, they were swollen, his face still had blood spots where his hands were having blood stains as well. His normal bright olive skin looked paled while his face was not bright as before.

“Hey,” Jenna said as the other guys entered the room.

“Hi,” I said timidly.

“So.. guys today what are we doing to the party? I wish I could go” Victoria said suddenly.

Seriously? She needs a party when her friend is in the hospital.

“But Tori without Blake we aren’t going to parties,” Jenna said.

The boys didn’t say anything.

“He is doing fine, doctors and nurses are there, that’s there a duty to check him up,” she said.

“I am going to make some coffee,” Ares said while dragging guys along.

“Yeah but still” Jenna argued.

“He is fine. Also, we have to be free. Who knows when we would die” Victoria said back.

“Yeah maybe” Jenna agreed but by the look on her face, I saw that Jenna was uninterested to argue back.

“ I have to go to find Ares so that I could have some fun,” she said while taking her things.

“Ok, Bye,” Jenna said.

“Bye Jen,” Victoria said and went off the room.

My heart stung a bit as she didn’t see me at least a human. What happens if you say ‘bye’ to a person who takes care of your friend?

Well, she is the person who bullied you, after all, my mind said.

“So…” Jenna said slowly.

I looked at Blake as she dragged her voice. I sighed.

“What were you doing with Blake?’ she asked.

“He was my ride back after Coby’s date,” I said.

“What happened with Coby?’ she asked.

“Nothing, he made my day into many surprises,” I said with a fake smile.

“I hope all are good,” she said. I smiled but didn’t answer.

I mentally rolled my eyes.

“Do you like Coby or are you just going on a date since he asked?’ she asked.

That question is tricky. I don’t have any feelings for Coby but I like being close to him as well.

“I.. aaa… I do like Coby but… a..” I said.

“I understand, I had the same problem before, with Micheal and David. They were both the same. Michael is the basketball captain and David is the school president. But at last, I found who cares and loves me. Only time will let you know. Always follow your heart” she said.

“I have no two guys... Just single one who randomly asked on a date” I stated.

“Well if you say so. But I know the other invisible person who likes you” she said.

“So tell me,” I said.

“Let’s just say he is in our biology class,” she said.

“Ok,” I said.

The only name that appeared in my mind is Landon. Of course Landon would spread rumours about him liking me so that I am left all alone.

“ I brought two bags of donuts just in case,” Benjamin said as he kept them on the table. The guys sat on the chairs.

“Sorry, I have to go for a quick moment. My mother is having trouble with something now. She needs me now” Jenna said

“Well Seth is here and Benjamin too,” Jenna said.

“Shell I come too?’ David asked

. Jenna nodded. They went off. “What a freaking day,” Seth said.

“Yeah’ I agreed.

“How did your date go on? Wait a sec, Did Ares break your date?’ Seth asked.

“No, apparently I was impatient to go back home since I was left alone in a club,” I said.

“What the fuck? The surprise was a fucking club?” Seth exclaimed.

“Low your volumes,” Benjamin said. I nodded.

“He needs to learn how to go on a date,” Seth said. “So did you like it?’ Benjamin asked slowly.

I stared at him. If I said yes I am saying a lie. I am bad at lying.

If I said no, Coby is their friend which will make things worse.

“It is fine if you say anything, we won’t say anyone,” Benjamin said.

“Honestly No,” I said.

“I agree. Who the hell would take a girl to a club on the first day?” Seth said.

“I will,” Coby said as he entered the room.


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Will they continue they break or continue what they started?

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