The Phone Call

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Chapter 29

He placed his other fingertips on my face. I felt something rolling on my stomach and I couldn’t help that I leaned more into his touch.

More and more blood was flowing to my cheek.

But the moment was ruined as a girl barged inside the room. I looked properly at her. I recognized.

The shopping girl. Victoria was tagging along behind her.

“Move bitch” the girl whispered.

I felt my blood fading away. I felt I was out of place. I moved away to the corner. The girl kept her hand on Blake’s chest but he didn’t spare a look at her.

He was staring at me completely. “

Blake, does it hurt? Babe?” the girl asked in a seductive tone. She was completely going nuts.

If she could, I knew she would jump into Blake’s pants right here.

“Blake,” the girl said quite harshly while patting his hand continuously.

Blake broke the eye contact and looked at her.

“Blake you know that I miss you,” she said. He didn’t say anything.

“Holy shit... Why is there a red color on the sheets?” Victoria asked him. I wish I could die right now.

“Oh Blake, babe what happened?” the girl asked.

Her hand lowered down. I got the sign that Blake was uncomfortable as he moved side to side. I couldn’t do anything.

She was way stronger than me and who was I to Blake?

Victoria winked and left the room. I felt out of space. The girl pulled her t-shirt down to make her boobs pop up. I laughed at her.

She surely has done surgery, I wish I had that much money to at least eat all the candies with a lot of snacks.

She leaned to Blake’s ear and whispered something. His head turned to me. I felt something empty in my stomach.

“Sorry,” I said in a low tone and started walking towards the room.

“Audrey” I heard Blake’s voice.

I turned my head to see he was patting the bed aside him. I looked at the girl who was shooting daggers at me. I walked over to him.

“You know, I like one person who is standing right next to me,” Blake said staring at the wall.

“Who babe I know who it is,” the girl said.

“Fuck off Tina, I like her more than you, fake bimbo and you can now find someone else to please you,” He said in an angry tone.

I was shocked. Wait for what? Does he like me?

Tina looked at me and stormed out of the room. I looked at the door and she shut it very angrily. Blake sighed deeply.

“Thank God I can stay in peace now,” he said as he made himself comfortable.

“Umm... What about the sheets?’ I asked slowly. He looked at me.

“They are fine, I will tell some nurses to clean it up,” he said.

“Um.. ok,” I said.

We stayed in silence for about 30 minutes.

“Did you stay here the whole night?’ he asked. I nodded.

“Oh..” he replied. I took an orange juice and took a sip.

He looked at me again. I hate when he stares at me.

“Do you need anything?’ I asked.

“Water” he replied.

I nodded and took a bottle of water. I poured it into a cup and gave it to him. He drank a bit. Water leaked from his mouth at the side. I took a server and keep it to absorb the water.

He wiped it slowly. His movements were slow which indicated that he was so weak. I took the server and wiped his mouth gently and threw it into the dustbin.

“Thank you so much” he whispered. I smiled.

“Hey, Audrey... Oh, Blake you awake?” Jenna said as she was walking inside the door along with David.

“Just woke up an hour ago,” Blake said.

“I about some soup, and a piece of apple pie for Auds,” Jenna said.

She gave it to Blake while David and Blake talked.

“Auds, do you know where spoons are? I forgot to bring one” she said. I shook my head.

“Let me find them,” I said while searching the cupboards.

I walked to the washroom cupboards. Who knows where hospitals keep spoons... I bent down to see three spoons inside. God damn.

“You found them,” Jenna asked from behind. I nodded.

“Wait Auds, raise the skirt up,” she said.

“Wait why?’ I asked. She gave me a suspicious look. “Raise it” she demanded.

“I can’t,” I said.

“Why? Come on.” she said. I shook my head.

She came towards me a raised my skirt. I kept pushing it down but she pulled it up. She gasped. I knew it.

I would be kicked out now from the group and would be disgusted for the rest of my life. I closed my eyes as I sighed.

“What happened to you?’ Jenna asked loudly.

“Babe are you alright?’ David asked quickly.

“Yes, give me a minute” Jenna replied.

“Did.. did you cut..cut?” she asked.

I shook vigorously.

I have cut my wrists twice but not my thighs.

It was Landon. I wish I could say it but I couldn’t.

“Who did it, Audrey? Who did it?” She asked while hugging me. I couldn’t speak.

My throat was blocked. I felt tears spilling down my face.

“It is alright. Just say the name and I will kick off them” she said.I shook my head.

“Babe are you really alright? I am going to come in” David said as he pushed the door.

“What happened?’ he asked nervously. I was embarrassed.

How could I ever say that I was abused for 8 years of my life? Lost my virginity at 13. I couldn’t say it at all.

“Say the name Audrey,” Jenna said.

“L-“ I was cut off by a male voice.

“Sir, we need to check you up now”

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