The Phone Call

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Chapter 3

I was startled at I felt two huge pairs of the hand underneath my thighs. I opened my eyes quickly to be welcomed by a very bright light.

” you are awake ” the stranger said.

I rubbed my eyes and felt I was moving. It was more like carried to somewhere. I looked at the stranger’s face. Holy shit!!! It was Ares King. One and Only Ares King. The bad boy of our school.

My heartbeat raced so fast and I was motionless. Can’t be he the person who picked me up? No way! I was full of shock that I didn’t even realize that we entered a blue-black-colored room. ” Take my bed tonight and go to sleep.

I will leave you here. We will talk in the morning” he said while placing me on the bed. The warmth of the bed embraced me that I fell asleep within seconds.

“Night,” he said and I repeated it as well.

I heard some ramblings. I opened my eyes. I looked at the surroundings and memories flowed to my mind. What will I do now? Go back to your house and live like this never day happened. I said to myself.

I pulled up the comfy covers over my body and started to walk out of the room. But I was met by a bare tensed set of muscles. It seemed so hard on the inside but seems soft too. I wonder how can muscles be so strong? Wait a muscle? I am starting at a person!

” Are you done staring?” A masculine voice asked.

I looked up to see Ares standing right in front.

” Are you done staring?” A masculine voice asked.

I looked up to see Ares standing right in the front right in front of my face. I was embarrassed. ” Bad timing,” I said to myself.

” Come on, since you are awake let’s have breakfast,” he said.

“Ok thank you so much, but I don’t think I will join for breakfast cause I am going home now” I rambled remembering that Landon is fuelling with anger as my dead body is not to be seen.

” No you are not going back to your house, I will not talk anymore about this topic. You will stay here” he said.

I nodded as can’t say any words. We reached the kitchen.

A person was sitting at the corner of the kitchen, chewing an apple, starting at the phone. Since his hoodie was large, his face was covered. A shiver ran as his cold grey eyes met my poor chocolate brown eyes.

” Blake meets our new guest, ” Ares said to him.

How can I be so dumb? The leader of the bad boy gang.

BLAKE KING!!! Of course, he will be here.

Also, they are siblings. What an idiot am I? He kept staring at me like a hawk. No one tried to stop staring at each other

” Guys ” Ares said.

I looked at him holding pancakes in his hand.

” Eat up,” Ares said giving me a plate.

I sat on my chair far away from Blake. I started to chew a piece of pancake and ended eating half of it. The entire time Blake was staring at me and it was uncomfortable for me. I pushed the plate aside while staring at the ground.

“Wassup Blake?” Another masculine voice shouted from far away.

I looked at who was so loud this morning. I never thought that bad boys or their friends could at least have a cheerful friend.

” Bro, what are we gonna do tonight? Clubbing? I want to have another good time again like last time. Let’s go to Reds-” the person shut up as he saw me.

He blinked continuously like a dumb idiot.

“Morning, Ash ” Ares greeted.

” Umm morning” he mumbled and walked towards the other side of the table while scratching the nape of his neck.

The left man of Blake King. But his name is Seth? But what is Ash?.. Who cares anyway..

Another bad boy that would have any chick for a week and throw her away. Blake stood up and nodded to both of the guys. I couldn’t get any sign and he went out of the kitchen.

” What’s your name?” Seth asked.

” Audrey Collins ” I mumbled.

” Ok, and why are you here?” He asked.

” I am leaving soon so no problem,” I said while beaming a smile.

The clock was on my mind that I was playing with one of the bad boys. I said something rude so will they kill me? Or hurt me? Oh God !!! I played with my fingers as I became more nervous. No one has moved an inch.

” We talked about this Aud, ” Ares said.

I scratched the tip of my nose since the new nickname was new to me.

Ares smirked as he noticed the tint of red in my cheeks.

” You will be staying in this room,” he said while dragging me upstairs. It was next to the room I woke up.

” Thank you very much but what will my father do? ” I asked.

I saw his jaw clenched and his knuckles became white. Oh, bad news!!!

” My uncle is a police officer so, I will today inform him to put your father who is such a douchebag to put to rehab,” he said.

His words shocked me. Rehab?!

” Did anyone else do any kind of harm to you ? ” he asked while raising an eyebrow.

My legs were feeling like jelly. I knew what I had to say us just my uncle.

But the thought of him sent shivers down my spine.

” Audrey you could tell me,” he said while softening his grey-blue eyes.

” No,” I said slowly.

” Are you sure? You were going to die yesterday night, all this happened because your blood father? ” he asked while raising his voice a bit.

I nodded. He hugged me.

His action fell off guard, but it was welcoming that I hugged him back. Suddenly, he became stiff. I moved away to be welcomed by two pairs of stormy grey eyes which was nothing compared to Ares’s eyes.

These were screamed the word ‘dangerous ’ and ′ angry ’. I saw his jaw clenched very tightly that made a perfect jawline.

I blushed at thought me admiring the bad boy of the school. His hands were red as he clenched and unclenched them. After few seconds Blake went away.

” I will come back again to settle you down until that get comfy in your room. And your bathroom is here” he said opening a door.

I was just in pure shock and stood like a complete idiot processing what just happened.

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