The Phone Call

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Chapter 30

The doctor walked in.

“Sir we need you out,” he said to David.

Jenna tagged behind me and I went along with them.

“Please just say the name,” Jenna said.

“If I say you the name, you will end up dying just like my best friend, Emma. I will not say. That person will find it out and you all will be killed the next day. I don’t want that to happen.” I rambled.

“Is the person still doing this to you?” She asked.I shook my head.

“Not after I came to the boys’ house,” I said. She tensed up.

“Care to explain?’ David asked.

Jenna explained without wasting any second.

“What the fuck?” David faced me.

“Name now,” he asked me.

“You guys can’t do anything. He is powerful” I said.

“HOLY SHIT. I thought the person was a woman. Damn a man… We need it now or else it will be infront of the gang” she threatened.

“But I don’t need you to be in danger,” I said.

Landon will kill them easily. He is a drug dealer. The top drug dealer in the area.

“No, he won’t. Believe e we have stuff” David said smirking.

“What stuff?” I asked.

“Many stuff,” Jenna said.

“How is he doing doctor?” David asked as the doctor came out of the door.

“Boss is doing fine. He needs to recover more. His wounds are healed a bit but it needs more time” he said.

We thanked him and entered the room as I was lost in thought. Why do they call him Boss?

“So back to you,” Jenna said.

Blake raised an eyebrow at Jenna and me.

“Nope, I will not say it. I am done with this talk” I said while folding my hands together.

Jenna sighed deeply.

“This is because for your good. If he keeps doing this to you. You know what will happen” Jenna said.

“What will happen?’ I asked.

“This is Abu-“ she was cut off by Blake.

“What? Abuse? Who the fuck in our gang is abused? Audrey? You?’ he asked with widened eyes as he jolted up from his leaning posture to the sitting posture. I blinked twice.

“Yes. Blake is abused. She has so many cuts” Jenna said.

Blake looked at me and looked at David. David nodded.

“Holy shit. Name now?” He demanded in an angry tone. I never have seen him this angry.

“But I said you all now. He.. he.. he will k…ki.. kill you guys” I said as memories flooded when I got the news in the morning that Emma was killed.

“No one is going to kill us, Audrey. That’s bullshit” David said.

“But-“ I was cut off my Blake’s voice.

”You two out now” he said.

I was scared of his voice. He sounded so scary right at this moment. I was shaking.

Why is my morning so upside down?

“Shhhh, Audrey. Come here” He said as he pointed to the same spot as before.

“Sit here” he instructed calmly as I walked.

I was afraid of him. I was in a room with a guy who is injured but powerful.

It reminded me about all the times with my father, my uncle, and Landon.

I sat but quite far from his hands mostly likely at the middle left corner of the bed.

“Now, listen you might not know much about the group. No one will ever harm us. I am pretty sure of that. You are safe as well. Just say the name and he will pay for it” He said slowly.

“But, how can you defeat him? He is powerful” I argued.

“Goddamit. It is so hard to explain Audrey. Today I will be discharged and I will explain all with the group. If not this is going to be crazy” he said.

I nodded.

“You will also say the name. Prepare to say whether you like it or not. I think you will say after we say all the things” he said while giving a small smile.

I nodded and sighed. My phone rang. I looked at it. ‘Coby’ it showed. I switch off the phone. The phone rang again.

“Who is it? Take it” Blake said. I shook my head.

“Coby, he wants to know if I like to go on a date,” I said.

“So do you?” He asked.

I felt tension building up in the room. A weird tension.

“I don’t know,” I said. He nodded.

I got a text from Coby. On my lock screen, it appeared and I didn’t care to open it.

“Answer?” it showed. I sighed again.

“Boss you can be discharged now” the doctor. Blake nodded.

“But regular checkups are needed.Mostly drink liquids much as possible and keep the body hydrated. No physical exercises since the wounds aren’t fully healed” the doctor said.

“Thanks, Kendrick,” Blake said. Dr. Kendrick nodded. Seth and Benjamin walked in with large smiley faces.

“At last” Seth said.

“You drop Audrey off and I will take him,” Seth said pointing at Benjamin.

As we walked out of the hospital there were more than 10 cars parked. Benjamin drove a black car as I got in.

“Sorry for yesterday,” he said.

“Nevermind, I still owe you guys. You give me food, a place to stay too” I said.

He smiled and sighed. I looked at his face as I saw something wrong behind his eyes.

“What’s wrong?’ I asked.

“Umm... Nothing” he said as he was surprised by my sudden question.

“You can tell me,” I said.

“Ok, I am scared of Blake. I know he doesn’t like the relationship. On top of tomorrow is the first anniversary too. I haven’t planned anything” He said as he banged his head on the stirring wheel.

“Blake will understand at some point. The anniversary thing, do something special” I said.

“What am I supposed to do? I don’t know. We have done everything” he said while blushing.

“Oh, what does he like the most?” I asked.

“He is more like a calm guy, that what I love about him,” he said. I laughed as he kept blushing.

“What about picnic? Is it too low?’ I asked.

“That’s a great idea,” he said while beaming a smile.

“Wait but where? somewhere special” he said against his smile dropped.

“Since he is more to nature, maybe a panic near a lake, mountains, or somewhere like that,” I said.

“Any specific place?” He asked.

“What about the lake downtown next to Rosewood street?’ I asked.

“Never heard, How did you find it?” he asked.

“When I feel lonely it is the place I go,” I said.He nodded.

“You can find right next to Rosewood street, turn to left. You will see a rocky path. Follow it and you will end up in a lake area” I said.

“Thanks, I will check it today itself,” he said.

We arrived at the house. I saw the other black car to which Seth and Blake went.

I walked inside the house to see the whole group sitting except Victoria and Coby.

“Let’s start the meeting. Be ready I will come” Blake said. All of them nodded and walked towards the kitchen. But, Blake stepped in front of me.

“Don’t be afraid” he whispered. I felt something is going to happen in my gut.

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