The Phone Call

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Chapter 31

I followed him. We walked to the kitchen and he opened a door which I have never seen.

It was like a sudden doorway. I guess I am less aware of my surroundings these days.

“Never saw this door sunshine?”Blake asked.

I shook my head. Wait did he call me sunshine? No, It’s just my imagination. We walked a long way and finally met a room.

The gang was sitting in chairs at a long table which was kind of arranged in positions.

Blake walked to the front of the table and everyone stood up. He sat and all the others did the same.

I was the only person who was standing. In his right, Ares sat, and in his left, Seth sat.

Beside Seth, Benjamin was sitting followed by David in the next seat, and beside Ares, a black short-haired girl was sitting followed by Jenna.

“Audrey,” Blake said. I looked at him.

He pointed to a chair that was next to him.

“So this one is ’The Audrey,” the black hair girl said.

Ares chuckled slightly while the rest of the group scratched their heads nervously. I was confused.

THE AUDREY? Really? Blake narrowed his eyes at her and the others.

“The Audrey?’ I whispered. Blake shook his head with a chuckle.

“So the meeting today is about joining a new member of the group, you all know Audrey,” Blake said in a serious tone.

This guy is very surprising. One minute, he is like a teenager, and the other minute he is like a murderer. All nodded.

“And Audrey, meet Maria, Ares’s real girlfriend,” he said.

A real girlfriend, That meant Victoria is fake?

“I know you are confused now. I am sorry for the behavior before but I had to do it” Ares said.

He placed a kiss on Maria’s cheek and she blushed. Blake cleared his throat and his brother blushed as well.

“So, ok... Audrey all of us here are in a-“ he was cut off by a loud thud.

I looked at Blake who had an emotionless face. He nodded and Seth walk out of the room. He signaled something to the group.

All of them were ready to attack. Suddenly a lot of troops wearing brown walked and the fighting started.

Behind them, a tall thin person walked but I couldn’t see his face properly. Blake took my hand and walked to another room which I didn’t even see before. God this place is like a maze.

“Oh Look what we have here, two love birds running” a voice that I have killed in my mind for thousand and thousand times.

I looked behind to see him. Landon. Blake stood in front of me. I peeped to see his face. The fact that I have been haunted by in my dreams. The face I wanted to crush into million pieces.

“What do you want?’ Blake asked.

“Tsk, Tsk, Tsk the thing you are hiding,” Landon said.

“Never,” Blake said and soon they started fighting as well.

Landon eyed Blake’s wound. Before I could react, Landon kicked him to his wound and Blake was down.

“Guess you have become weak, mate... What a shame?” Landon said to Blake.

“Miss me? darling?’ Landon asked me as he focused his eyes on me.

I felt my hair raising and tons of bricks hitting my body. All the torches, cutting, and abusing flew very quickly in my mind. I looked around.

All of them were fighting. Landon took my hand harshly and walked. I struggled from his grip. Blake punched his stomach but Landon punched him back to his wound.

I bit his hand and kicked where his sun don’t shine. Landon knelt. I looked at Blake who was holding his bloody wound.

“Thought that can affect me,” Landon asked me.

He took a large amount of hair and dragged me. I screamed and struggled but nothing worked. Blake was trying to stand up but he couldn’t.

Seth was injured along with Benjamin who was struggling to save Seth from a bald man.

Jenna and Maria were fighting women who seems to be well trained. Ares was fighting as well.

Everybody was fighting. We came to the kitchen. My head was painting. Hell was much easier to pass rather than his punishments.

“Looks like I have to remind you who you are playing with,” Landon said as he pushed me to a jeep.

The same jeep I have sat for more than a thousand times.

“Let’s get some fun when we reach home,” he said.

He placed his hand on my thigh. I felt disgusting. Tears were rolling uncontrollably and my collar was fully soaked with it. Is this a dream?

Please make this a dream... I wished thousand times but I knew it wasn’t. We arrived at the storage house. I hate this place.

The place where I was abused for about 5 years continuously. The place where my best friend was a friend in front of me. The place where I was tortured with sharp silver knives, ropes, and belts.

“I told you before dear if you say someone a single word they are dead” Landon’s aid in a deadly serious tone.

“Why won’t you talk like before darling? I think my lessons are still in your memory. Good” he said as he kicked me out of the jeep.

I stumbled and fell to the rocky path where my legs were wounded. Blood flowed from the small scratches on my knees.

Can this day be any worse?

What do you think?

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