The Phone Call

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Chapter 32

My feet were hurting as he made me walk in the rocky path. He made me walk without any shoes.

“Are you are remembering the lessons?” Landon asked. His stupid lessons. No tears flowed.

“You know sometimes I hope that things change too,” he said while grabbing my chin roughly.

I knew this was his trick. If I ever agree he will punish me. If I disagree he will punish me too. I didn’t react to his words.

“Ahhh you can remember this too” he said while slapping my face fours times in a row.

He kicked me to my stomach and I fell on a concrete path. He dragged me by the hand to a room. The rook I had suffered before. Memories flowed.

He took a sharp silver knife. A shiver ran through my spine as he slashed the knife with another.

“I will mark every inch of you, each inch,” he said in a deep tone.

I shook my head as I walked backward. My head hit the wall. I knew there was no escape. He laughed evilly and took the knife.

He took my wrists and without any warning, he slashed my wrist.

“Ahhhhh” I shouted. It echoed. Blood flowed. I felt the pain but part of me was numb as well.

He slashed another cut. His face was emotionless. I didn’t feel the pain since the before cut numbed my whole hand.

“I love how your blood oozes out. Look you have red bright blood. Before you had dark blood” he said while smiling.

A call interrupted him. I took my hand to myself from his tight grip.

“What the hell? The Kings. I will end her” he said at least and threw the phone.

“Your fucking boyfriend is a coward. He is giving me two million in exchange for you” he said while laughing louder. I sighed deeply.

Even though my hand hurts I was fine. But my thoughts drifted to Blake. Two million for me?! How did he even have this much money?

“Thinking of him? You don’t know him fully. I think now is the right time to say you. Let me say he is a drug dealer like me. Oh, I forgot to mention he killed my brother and he had killed thousands of people as I do” Landon said without any doubt.

Blake, who I met a few days ago is a drug dealer?

No way?! These are lies... Lies. Lies. Lies.

“Lies” I whispered.

“Keep saying it yourself. In the end, you will see who says you the truth or who says you the lies” he said.

“Sir, we have three black cars in front of the gate,” the bald man said. Landon nodded.

He dragged me from my hand as I kept falling on the rocky path. He pushed me towards the car. He checked his phone.

“Alright, you can take her. But remember I will always come back” Landon said while kicking me one last time.

Benjamin came out of the car along with Jenna and Maria.

“Deal,” Benjamin said in high power. Jenna and Maria helped me get indie the car.

“DID. LANDON. DO THIS TO YOU?” a high authority voice asked.

I looked in front to meet the two pairs of grey eyes fuming with anger. I couldn’t help as tears rolled down from my eyes.

“Shhh it is alright” Jenna patted my back.

“Calm down Blake, we will get for that back,” Benjamin said as he drove off the haunted place.

The car stopped in front of the hospital where Blake was admitted. They put me in a wheelchair and pushed it to the. Emergency unit very quickly. Within seconds I screamed on top of my lungs as my whole body was burning.

They applied surgical spirit into every wound. I couldn’t recognize any person there. No one. No Blake, no Jenna, no Maria, and no Ares. But I heard a warm big hand as the nurses were cleaning my wounds.

My screams lowered as they were bandaging them. I drifted to sleep. I suddenly woke up as I felt pain shooting my leg.

“Hey hey. It is fine.” Jenna said smoothly.

I looked at it to see a doctor checking my wounds. The whole group was standing with at least one bandage.

“She will be alright. The wounds aren’t deep but her wrist slashes. Also, we found some scars on her thighs, stomachs, and back. They are signs of abuse. But I can’t say it, sir.” I heard the doctor say to someone who is standing outside the room.

Silence filled as Blake came in. He had his jaw clenched tightly. He had his right hand bandaged and his stomach was bandaged as well since he was wearing a bug black t-shirt.

“Are you alright?” Seth asked me. I nodded.

“Do you need water?” He asked again. I nodded and took a sip from the water cup he passed to me.

“Audrey, have you ever been cut?” Blake asked.

Everyone stopped their movements and looked at me. I was afraid to answer. I knew things would be alright if I say them.

They saved me. But on the other hand what if things get worse? They always don’t have two million to save me... I looked at him. He raised an eyebrow.

I couldn’t find my voice. A lone tear found its way down my cheek. He motioned something and one by one left.

“It is ok. Tell him” Jenna whispered.

I blinked at her. She gave me a weak smile and left.

“So were you?” He asked as he sat beside my bed next to me. I sighed deeply.

“Just nod for me, will you? Please? I need to know. For your own good” he said as his grey cold eyes softened. I took a deep breath.

But my mind was lingering on one question. Is he a drug dealer?

“C- can I - ask you something,” I asked from my hoarse voice.

He nodded encouragingly.

“Ar- Are you like Landon?” I asked. He closed his eyes and exhaled.

“He said something didn’t he?” He asked as he opened his eyes.

“Is it true?” I asked slowly.

He raised his hand. I closed my eyes I knew it. He will slap me next second or drag my hair.

“I will never hurt you as he did,” he said as he placed his fingertips on my face.

I opened one eye and then the other.

“So is it true?” I asked again.

He clenched his jaw. He nodded at last. Everything around me stopped for a moment.

“I will make sure to make him suffer all the pain you went through,” he said as he kept his pal on my face fully. I looked at him.

“Just trust me. Do you trust me?” He asked. Do I trust him? Can I trust him in the first place ?! I sniffed.

“I guess so” I answered. He saved me from him. But will it be the same?

“Did you do all this to you? Did anyone involve in this except your father?” he asked. I shook my head.

“Landon and your father,” he said. He got off the end and walked to the door.

He peeped and said something. All of them came inside.

“I think it is fair that you would know all the things about us too.” Blake said while smiling with others.

“So you will have a guess,” Ares said before. Blake opened his mouth. I looked at him and gave him a weak smile.

“Drug dealers like Landon, ” I said. They laughed.

“Do you guys kill people?” I asked in my shaky voice.

Seth scoffed. Benjamin nudes him by his shoulder.

Blake looked into my eyes as I saw lot of emotions flashing sideways.

What will it be?

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