The Phone Call

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Chapter 33

I looked at Blake’s eyes hoping that he would shake his head but it was the opposite. He nodded his head slowly looking at the ground. I couldn’t breathe for a moment. I felt someone crushing me.

“But-“ I was speechless.

“But we don’t kill innocent people like him,” Seth said slowly.

I couldn’t still believe them. I shook my head as vigorously as my hands were shaking in fear. The memories of Landon and his silver knife flowed quickly in my head.

“I am sorry” Jenna whispered. I nodded.

“And what was that you had to tell me before? That you were killers and is there some more of it?” I questioned Blake.

He gulped hard as I mentioned the word ‘killers’. He softened his eyes as a lone tear ran down my cheek.

“Is it?’ I asked in a low voice. Blake sighed as he looked at the others.

“Yes there is but I think we will let you rest for now,” Seth said as all of them left except Blake.

He walked to the other side of the bed and ran a hand through his hair.

“ I am sorry but you just have to trust me. Do you trust me?” He asked again. I sighed. I do trust him but after hearing this I have a doubt.

“I.. I-“ I was cut off again. “I know Audrey, it is hard for you to trust me because of all this mess. But I need you to trust me. I want answers from you to my questions so that I can help you. I can keep you in the house for now then we are moving so that Landon can’t relocate us again. And I need your phone also. I found that he has tracked us to my house by your phone. He might have entered a chip in your phone. So I need your phone and here take this for now. I will buy whatever you like when we move. Ok?" He rambled as he held my hand with both of his hands.

I nodded and processed what he said.

“I am sorry about everything. My stupid phone” I said as I looked at it. He looked at me sadly and took it.

“Here is the phone. For the temporary one, for now, I have entered all the numbers of our group and there is our group chat over here. And, this number is the hospital number for any emergency cases. This number is one of my head fighters, Dave. He will meet you tomorrow or the day after when we shift” he said and looked at me straightly to my eyes.

The phone was black and a normal touchscreen phone. I didn’t know any brand but this phone was much bigger than the phone that I had. He was so close to me that I felt his hot breath against my nose.

“Thanks,” I said as I cut the tension in the room. He nodded and scratched his neck.

“Umm... there is something too but I will say it when all of us are here” he stated. Several thoughts ran through my head. First, he is a killer, second, he is what?

“Excuse me, Boss, I think it will be much better if she rests now,” a nurse said as she peeked through the door after a knock. He nodded. The nurse closed the door and left.

“Boss?” I whispered.

“Yeah, that... I know it is crazy but this hospital is my one” he said under one breathe.

“What? Your hospital?” I asked as I couldn’t imagine what I was hearing.

He nodded as he smiled nervously.

He smiled and said “ Sleep”. He walked over and switch off the lights.

I laid down the bed and pulled the bed cover. Blake walked over again to my bed and helped me to dig the covers. He dragged the chair and sat down.

“Are you gonna stay here?” I asked in a timid voice.

“If you don’t want to I could go,” he said as he leaned to the bed.

“You can stay but your wounds would hurt you at night when you say longer,” I said.

“Wait I will send a message to the nurses to bring me a bed,” he said as he started texting.

After a few minutes, the nurses and three people wearing black outfits walked in with a bed. Within a few minutes everything settled down and all of them left.

“Good night,” I said slowly.

I heard something Blake mumbling but I fell asleep before hearing them. I felt something warm beside me.

I moved my leg but it was still the same. I opened one eye to see the rays were falling on my legs.

I yawned and sat on the bed. My wounds were turning to scratches. Thank God. It is healing very fast.

“Good morning” I heard a husky deep voice. I looked to my right to see Blake staring at me.

“Morning” I whispered.

“So today you are getting discharged. I spoke to the doctor before and he said to me that you will have to eat more to be healthy. Also, we are moving out. I already said the group to pack their stuff. We just have to move. Alright?’ he asked.

I nodded. I looked closer at him to see that he had bags underneath his eyes. He looked tired.

“Did... Um.. did you sleep?’ I asked nervously hoping that his reaction won’t be anything worse. He sighed.

“I don’t sleep much. You will find out why tonight and I promise that even the God comes down tonight I will say to you all the things and worship him. You need to know everything before everything falls into wrong hands” He said.

After two hours, I was sitting in front of the house, still in the hospital dress which I hate.

“Hey Audrey, How are you doing?’ Jenna asked me as she got in the car.

“Hey, I am doing fine,” I said. The car started moving as an unknown man started driving.

“I am sorry for everything,” she said as she grabbed my hand as observed the cuts.

“Me too,” Maria said who was sitting next to her. I smiled at her.

“Anyway, I was thinking that we have to have a girl maybe out. May be tomorrow” Jenna said. Will that include Victoria too? This was the main question that I had.

“I can’t, I have a date” Maria said slowly replied Jenna replied. I smiled at her as she was blushing.

“I need details tomorrow and I am going to dress you up too… and Audrey what happened between you and Coby?” Jenna asked.


I am confused as well. I shrugged.

“Did he talk to you at least?’ she asked.

“He did when Blake was in but... I don’t need him I guess” I said as I looked down my lap.

I saw a huge smile appearing on her face and Maria’s face.

“Anything that makes you happy,” Maria said. The car stopped.

“Ma’am we have reached the destination,” the man said in a deep voice.

Jenna thanked him and got out of the car. I followed her. Blake and the boys were standing already outside.

“Audrey, meet Dave,” Blake said as he pointed to the man who drove the car. I smiled at him and he gave a stiff nod.

“So, ok.. Welcome to your new house Audrey” Blake whispered to my ear.

I shivered as his breath touched my soft ear. He smiled. I looked at the house and I was amazed at how big it was. A black house. It had five headquarters.

"Welcome to the headquarters” Blake said to me.

I didn’t notice that others had left.

“Come in,” he said as he opened the door.

I walked in and was welcomed by cold air that made goosebumps appear on my skin.

“First you will change since I know hospital clothes are the worst,” He said.

“I will leave you three now,” Blake said pointing to Jenna and Maria.

“Someone, it’s beauty time,” Jenna said as she dragged me to a large room.

It was white and grey. It seems so expensive. There was a huge chandelier in the middle of the room with a large closet opened beside the window. A massive bed that fits more than four people and a bathroom door followed next to the window.

The girls pushed me to the bathroom. Everything shouted ‘EXPENSIVE’. I removed my clothes as the girls gave me some privacy. The warm water hit my skin and instantly it made my muscles relax.

After a few minutes, I walked with a talk wrapped and wore the clothes that they had picked. A simple t-shirt and long comfy pants. I liked it. I walked out and the girls smiled.

“Thanks,” I said. They nodded and walked out of the room and next to it was an elevator.

“Now it is the huge reveal,” Jenna said as she pressed the button in the elevator. We walked to a huge hall and Jenna opened the room. Silence.

We walked in. The sitting order was the same but the table was much polished. It looked as if I was I walked down a court.

“Audrey, here,” Blake said pointing to the chair next to him. I sat next to him. All the group members were sitting except Victoria and Coby like before.

“So Audrey, Welcome to ‘ The Kings’s Family’ “ Blake said. All of them smiled.

“This is it?’ I asked him slowly. He chuckled.

“Any questions you have?” He asked.

“What do you do?’ I asked. Benjamin cleared his throat and Seth slapped his hand. Ares smirked.

“We do a, a lot actually,” Blake said.

“So what?’ I asked.

“We exchange stuff, we save people and kill people who try to destroy other people., So like e that we do lot” Seth said.

Blake nodded but didn’t say anything. “Umm.. ok,” I said.

Landon would kill people for fun, have women to please him, have people to serve him, practically people were his slave.

“That’s all,” I said randomly.

“Hmm. I think you should know this. Let me introduce you to the future owner of the M-"


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