The Phone Call

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Chapter 34

My mouth was hanging as my eyes widened when I heard it.

“WHAT?” I shouted. Blake had a cocky smirk on his face and chuckled at my reaction.

“Yes, Audrey we are to be in the fucking Mafia. We are apart but still, he hasn’t got the full power but within a few weeks, he would” Ares said.

I shook my head vigorously in disbelief.

“Umm... I don’t know what to say” I whispered.

“Ok, then I will say is it fine, or do you need time to process?” Blake asked.

“Go on,” I said.

“So my father was the Mafia leader in Spain and he married my mother who is in Spanish Mafia. They got married so the Spain leadership was passed to my father as well. At that time he had both Italy and Spain Mafia clans. But the agreement was when my father turns 30 my sister’s brother will get the Spanish Mafia who is now 65. However, he killed my father when and took both the Mafia clans. But I am going to kill him in return to get the Italian Mafia, maybe I will get the Spain one as well. But I am not sure since his son is 16 right now. When he turns 20 I will have to hand over him anyway. Spain one is not powerful than the Italy one” Blake explained.

My breath hitched as he mentioned killing someone. I took a deep breath.

“How did you even find two million dollars at once?” I asked slowly.

“We find 1 million within 10 minutes. But to save you I gave him the thing I took Can you remember the day I picked you from my bike?” He asked.

“Yes I can remember, that day was raining, ” I said as I can remember the first day of school after shifting to King’s house.

“That day I attacked their storeroom and took 4 million stuff. Because he took my stuff before so revenge” he said.

“Oh... Thank you very much. But I don’t have that much money to pay you back” I said as disappointment covered my face.

“You don’t ever need to repay me. Your presence here is the only thing that matters” he said softly.

I felt something running through my body.

“I have another question. How old are you?” I asked in a soft tone. “That’s a good question. I am 24 but because I have my father’s Gene’s my brothers and I are very lucky that we look much younger. That’s how I joined the school.” He said.

Then why did he join school if he is 24?

“But why did you join the school?” I asked.

The room tensed again. I felt something is going wrong again. Everybody looked down the ground and no one said anything.

“Did I say something too wrong?” I asked them.

Ares shook his head immediately.

“I think it is will be for another time,” Blake said as he stood up.

“I promise I will say it to you soon. Meet me tonight at 7 in the garden” he whispered. I nodded as I saw an ounce of admiration spreading in his face.

But I could pinpoint what was going on. All the guys left, leaving Jenna, Maria and me.

“You know, you can trust him right?” Jenna said. I nodded.

“He changed for good when you suddenly appeared,” Maria said slowly.

“I agree,” Jenna said.

“Don’t hold anything from him. I swear that he is different from Landon. I know it is hard to believe this. Also, Landon is a drug dealer and Blake is a Mafia leader. This makes things worse but if you look into his heart and trust. I promise he will never hurt you” Jenna said. Maria nodded.

“I think we need to give you some space,” Maria said and they left as well. I was all alone.

I rubbed my face up and down with my hands. What a day. All the things are scattered. Landon almost killed me.

Blake saved me. The next minute I am in the hospital and now I am sitting in a room in a Mafia headquarters who I trust. But barely trust. Why can’t things go normal?

Why can’t I have a life of a normal teenager going to parties, having fun instead I have to deal with drug leaders and Mafia leaders. I sighed deeply.

I looked at the clock. It’s almost 2 pm. Lunchtime. I walked out of the room. I followed the path where I heard several voices.

“Give me that,” Jenna said as she snatched the knife from David.

“It’s my chance baby. Back off” David said as he smirked.

“Ok ok but if you lose this time you will have to buy me anything. I mean anything” Jenna said.

“Sure, Deal,” David said.

He took the knife. He rotate it once and arch his eyebrow at Jenna who was already staring at his muscles.

David threw the knife with a force in the board’s direction. His knife was on the red mark in the middle of the board.

“Done staring my darling?” David asked Jenna who was blushing.

“You know you look damn hot when you are aiming” Jenna replied.

“Someone here is calling me hot” David teased her.

I looked at the board. The knife was in the center. How could he even do that?

“Oh hey, Audrey,” Jenna said.

“Hey” I replied.

“When did you come here? I didn’t even see you” David said smiling.

“I came when you threw the knife and that’s amazing,” I said staring at the board.

“Thanks,” David said. What a talent?!

“You like knife aiming?” A deep voice whispered in my ear.

I looked behind instantly to see who it was. Blake.

“I do now. It is cool” I said.

“Then you are going to love half of the things,” he said as he took a breath.

“I hope so until it’s not for killing,” I said randomly and he stopped walked and I met his eyes which shows a lot of emotions.

Sadness. Guilty. Anger.

What do you think about the surprise?

Hope it brought the story into a new level. But if didn't I ma really sorry. I did my best.

Anyway, I would love to hear your thoughts about this chap...

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