The Phone Call

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Chapter 35

“Come one, we have to get dressed,” Jenna said.

I nodded and followed Jenna. She walked inside the same room I changed my clothes before.

“So, you are going on a date this evening. I was thinking that a dress would go. Would do you think Audrey? Are you good with a dress?” Jenna asked.

“I am not going on date” I exclaimed.

“Yes, you are! Who in the world would just ask a girl to hang out?” Jenna asked.

“Well, Blake I guess,” I said.

“Nah, you are going on a date” she argued back.

“Leave her alone, Jen. Audrey what will you wear for this evening?” Maria asked.

I thought for a bit and realized I have nothing to wear.

“You can choose from here” Maria stated.

She showed a lot of dresses. I didn’t like any of them. They had deep cuts that showed my body. My eye caught on the last dress. It was black with white little flowers on the top. I liked it.

“I think I will go with this,” I said pointing to the dress.

“No way, that is just a random dress,” Jenna said while scratching her nose.

“If you like it, you can choose it,” Maria said giving a stern look at Jenna. I nodded and changed in that dress.

After I let my hair flow and just a touch of blush with lip gloss.

“What about makeup?” Maria asked. I shook my head.

“You are going to go on a date without makeup?” Jenna asked.

“This is fine, I like this way,” I said softly.

“Oh, then it is fine for both of us,” Jenna said as her excited face dropped into a disappointing one.

“Good luck,” both of them said as they pointed me in the direction of the garden.

I walked through the dark halls. There were no noises. This made me scared. I walked and walked till I reached a door.

I opened the door and peeped. I saw Blake standing. I closed the door behind me and gasped. The garden was decorated with bright small lights with little flowers attached by the side. It was beautiful.

“Oh you came,” Blake said in a surprised tone.

“Yes I did,” I said looking at the sky and smiling for the first time in years from my heart too.

“I thought you won’t come,” he said slowly. “Why wouldn’t I?” I asked.

“Cause I am a Mafia leader, every girl is scared of me when I say that. Well, I haven’t said too many girls actually” he said.

“Oh, I am not scared. I git scared before but you saved me so I don’t think you are dangerous like Landon” I said.

He clenched his jaw when I mentioned Landon.

“I will take revenge on that,” he said. I didn’t reply.

“Have we ever met before?” I asked. I could remember his face but I couldn’t pinpoint it.

“Yes we have,” he said with a stiff nod. I thought for a second until he broke the silence again.

“It was the day where I saw Landon first” he commented. I nodded and encouraged him to keep speaking.

“If I tell you the whole story I am sure that you will hate me,” he said.

“I don’t think so” I replied.

He smiled genuinely for the first time. It was a smile that I had never seen.

“Ok, first I am sorry for everything. I had to do this to save my Mafia too. The day I saw you were standing next to Landon. I met you at the gas station at 10 pm. You were wearing a long red blouse with black pants and white sneakers” he said.

That’s when I realized that he was the one who made a huge deal.

The person who nearly killed half of the gang. The person who stole more than 5 million from the gang.

But mostly the person who spoke to me before leaving when I was punished.

“Wait, you were him? ” I asked quickly. He nodded.

” ‘I will come for you’ i remember this. You said this to me” I said. He nodded and gave a wide smile where his dimples appeared.

“You remembered that?” He asked as he was surprised.

“You were wearing a black mask to cover your face. But the grey eyes... Yes, that’s you!” I said as memories flowed.

“Yes, that is me. I had to get to you so that I can track done Landon. I thought he might treat you better since you were his girlfriend. So I had to track your phone. But they changed it soon. After two years the phone call happened. Everything changed. That same night I was planning to attack the gang to get you but it changed. After I realized that it was you who called me.” He said.

I looked at him speechless. I couldn’t believe it. He knew who I was. I couldn’t feel my fingers since it was cold and they were numb and white.

“You knew... me?” I asked as my voice cracked. He nods and that’s when all broke down. I had more tears flowing on my cheek.

“I wanted you so that I can take revenge on Landon. No one knows Landon much as you do” he commented.

I hugged myself and scolded that I was wearing a dress in the night. He came closer to me and his next action was surprising.

He hugged me closely. I had my head on his chest while he had his hands wrapped around me.

“Shhh, it is alright now. We have a huge dinner to eat” he said. A small smile appeared on my face as he mentioned food.

” Do you want Oreos?” I heard a voice. “Shhh babe, they are having their moment” I heard another voice.

I was embarrassed as I knew who the two voices belong to.

“Oi, Benjamin, and Seth come out now. I need to speak to you guys too” Blake said still hugging me.

“Please don’t separate them “I mumbled to his chest. Benjamin and Seth walked out from the trees behind.

Seth was scratching his head while Benjamin was looking down on the ground.

“I won’t” Blake whispered.

“I am sorry for reacting that way,” Blake said to the cute couple. They looked at Blake speechless.

“You guys know that it is illegal in the Mafia?!” He said.

“Sorry, but it is just who we are,” Seth said looking down the ground. Benjamin held his hand quickly.

“I know, I know. I cannot change your sexuality. I love you, Seth. You will always be my brother. I will fight for you guys and try to change the rules and take permission from our uncle. You know how he is” Blake said.

Seth smiled and squeezed Benjamin’s hand.

“Yes, we know. I love you too, Blake. You will always be my brother as well” Seth said while giving Blake the guy shake.

“You better look after my brother,” Blake said to Benjamin in a joking manner.

“Of course I will,” Benjamin said giving a guy shake to Blake.

“Wanna Oreo to celebrate?” Seth whispered to me.

I mentally laughed at his childish manners.


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