The Phone Call

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Chapter 36

Blake had his hand wrapped around my small hand. I didn’t know why, it was as if I would get lost but I didn’t kind of it at all.

It felt right and I felt protected at the same time. He kept taking deep breathes. Before he pushed the door he looked at me. He gave his genuine smile which he gave before.

“What?” I asked slowly.

“Sometimes I wonder this is a dream” I heard him mutter.

He opened the door and there was a large crowd. All eyes were on Blake and me. I saw Seth and Benjamin along with the others down.

Wait when did they go there? But my thoughts were cut off as Blake cleared his throat.

His face hardened and it was nothing other than the face he gave me before. I felt something twisting in my stomach.

I felt Blake having a strong grip on my hand. I looked at him to see his grey eyes on our hands that were intertwined.

“This is Audrey! My main mission is done. Let’s celebrate!” Blake said.

Cheers erupted. Blake walked down the stairs. Many people were on the ground moving to give Blake space to reach the other end of the room. I felt several eyes on me.

I slowly looked at who it was. On one side it was the ladies who were giving me dead glares. The other sidemen were staring at me like a piece of meat. Blake tighten his grip as he saw the men.

I looked at him and his eyes met mine. His eyes softened a bit. We reached the end of the table. Blake sat at the end where I sat next to him. He didn’t release my hand yet.

“Enjoy!” He shouted.

All people started eating. He looked at me.

“Eat what you like. No one’s gonna do anything” he said plating himself a piece of a streak.

I looked around the table to find mashed potatoes, steak, chopped vegetables, bowls of soup, pork, beef, and a lot more.

I decided that I would eat mashed potatoes and a small piece of steak. I cut the steak in half and placed it on my plate.

Blake released my hand yet had his leg wrapped around my leg underneath the table. I felt something twisting in my stomach again.

“Compliments to the chef,” Blake said after 45 minutes.

By the time I was so ready for bed. I was exhausted from all the happenings.

“Hey, I think you need to rest,” Blake said.

I nodded and looked at him. He took my hand and gave a stiff nod looking at Seth and Benjamin. After he walked out of the crowd and pushed a door.

We walked along the halls. I saw a painting right next to the room that Blake brought me. The painting had a familiar sign but I was too tired to pinpoint what it was.

“I will leave now. Bye, good night” Blake said.

I looked at him. He didn’t release my hand from his grip. I didn’t say anything either. We stared at each other’s eyes. It felt like I was connected to him so how.

Also, I felt that I had known him for years and years, the whole lifetime. He shifted his weight from right foot to left foot. I looked down to see that he had realized my hand but I was still holding his hand.

“Sorry” I mumbled.

“It’s alright,” he said. I looked at the bed and then at him again.

“I will leave.. then,” he said dragging the ‘leave’. It was as if he didn’t want to go. But why?

“Breakfast will be at 8, you are fine with time right?” He asked. I nodded.

“Have a good sleep, good night” he said. “Good night,” I said as I stared at his back as he left the room.

I stood awkwardly in the middle of the room, not knowing what to do. I decided to take a shower and slip inside the warm comfy bed. I looked up the roof and thought of every single happening before I drifted to sleep.

I felt something near my leg and someone is present in my room. I felt as if someone had eyes on me very rough. I opened one eye slowly to see nothing but a silvery object was shining on the bed.

“What the hell is that?” I thought. My heart raced.

I opened both of my eyes to see if the silvery object is what I am sure of. I was right, it was a knife.

I felt something moving in the corner of the room. I looked closely to see nothing.

But I felt something weird. I looked to my right to find the right switches on the lights. I placed my fingers on the switch and pushed it.

My breath hitched at the sight. A person covered with black in my room standing right in front of my bed. I couldn’t recognize if it was a female or a male. But the person is fit. I screamed.

“Shut your fucking mouth” the person snarled. I screamed more loudly.

“They can’t hear you bitch. You will be done tonight” the person said. The voice was unisex or am I have a hearing problem.

The unknown stranger was very clever that the person changed voices quickly. He or she is well trained for voice changing.

“You took what’s mine, I will take only the one thing that you have. Poor pathetic bitch! See now you are helpless! ” the person said while laughing wickedly.

“What did I do?” I asked softly.

My mouth opened wide as the stranger picked the knife and pointed at me. I screamed at the top of my lungs.

My doors opened within seconds There was a very tired Blake standing along with Benjamin and Seth. As soon as they entered the stranger ran to the corner of my bedroom.

I looked at the corner and the three boys, back and forth. Benjamin put his finger on his mouth signalling me to keep my volume down.

He nodded to Seth and pulled the curtain that covered the window which was right at the corner of the room. But the window was wide open.

I couldn’t help myself, I broke down into tears. “Shhhhh, it will be alright. We will catch that person” Blake said as he hugged me.

I kept my head on his chest listening to his heartbeat as my silent cries continued.

Any thoughts?

I am crying in the last part.

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