The Phone Call

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Chapter 4

I sat on the bed. It was so comfy. I watched tv till Ares came back. There was a loud thud next to my room. It was like a bullet pass through the walls.

I looked at the side of my room. To my surprise there wasn't any bullet that pass through. But I am pretty sure it was something big.

I wanted to walk and check what it was it my mind was on the Tv. Who can blame me. I was watching Vampire Diaries. It is one of the hottest tv series. Stefan or Damon?

I looked at Ares but he didn’t care any second about it. It was as if it was normal to him.

So who cares what is happening. Even the owner of the house doesn't care... I sat on the bed making it go deeper. I love this bed so much. It makes me feel asleep. But my tiredness was cut down by the deep voice of Ares.

“You will be attending school this coming week. We are going to the mall tomorrow to buy stuff. You could tag along as well” he said.

“Ok but I think I will go to the mall any other time,” I said.

I don’t want to make their position at the school as bad boys lower since there are hanging out with me.

Also I don't want to fight with any girls for taking their dream crushes or may be boyfriends.

I mentally slapped myself for answering the phone first place.

“That’s it. You are going to the mall whether you like it or not”.I groaned.

I continued to watch tv. No one came inside bringing the worst news. I watched tv straightly 5 hours. I have never watched this much in my whole life.But it felt good.

I fell backward to the bed that soon my eyes closed. I enjoyed the time in the bed where I fell asleep without wasting any moment. I woke up to see the time.

It was “8.40 pm”. I missed dinner too. I wasn’t hungry anyway. I changed my clothes and fell into the bed again. I closed my eyes hoping sleep would come over me.

After 1 hour of rolling through the bed, it finally worked.

“Aww my child, I missed you,” my uncle said to me while placing his dirty hands in my hips.

I started to struggle but his grip was so strong. I started to run but I was held back.

“You can’t ever run away from me. I wanna taste you,” he said.

He started to put his hand under my t-shirt. I am never going through that process again. I gasped for air. I woke up and pull the covers over me.

I had a huge headache. I groaned as it was getting worse and worse every minute. I walked downstairs to the kitchen to see Seth passed out on the couch without a shirt.

I blushed and proceeded my way to the kitchen. I drank a glass of water and kept my hands on my head.

My head was getting worse. I hate nightmares as they would end up making me through up or bed all day. I heard the back door open.

I looked to see bloody Ares and Blake. They didn’t say anything, neither did I. I wanted to ask what happened but my body took me quickly to my room.

My hand snatched the first aid box. My legs took me to the kitchen. I couldn't control my movements at all.

I saw them having ice packs over their body. I took a piece of cotton and put some betadine.

I gave the cotton to Ares. He took it and kept it on his cheek. I took another and did the same and gave it to Blake.

He didn’t take it. Both hands had ice packs. He looked at me with no emotion. I took and placed it in his cheek where a large bruise was formed. He flinched.

“Sorry” I mumbled.

I placed it softly. He was burning holes through his grey eyes. This made my legs shake. I have never been so close to a boy this close. I gave Ares another piece of cotton. He watched me closely as I treated Blake. No one spoke. I took the needle and stitched Blake’s mouth where it was quite wide open. I did the same to Ares as well. I packed all the stuff and went to my room.

But I forgot to be water to myself as I was very sure that I would get a nightmare again. I walked downstairs and entered the kitchen Blake was only standing with his ice pack. I took an aspirin for my headache and took a glass of water. He looked at my eyes. “Thanks,” he said. I nodded.

“Blake and Ares where the hell were you guys?” A sleepy Seth walked to the kitchen. I quickly took my glass and walked away. But I heard them speaking. “Today the battle was against The Lords,” Blake said as I recognized his voice. “So you won?” Seth asked. “Yeah but then they beat Ares . We are in the same level now. the Main match is in the next month,” Blake said. I shrugged and walked to the room. I closed my door. I got on my bed and closed my eyes.

“How are you, my dear? I love it if you shout my name from your sweet mouth of yours” my uncle said slowly. He was in a drunken state. He started to take off my skirt. I was pinned to the bed with his strong hands. Alcohol was the only thing I smelled.

“There you go. You have such a nice body” he said. I screamed at the top of my lungs. I gasped again for air. I heard footsteps in front of my door. “Open the fucking door”

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