The Phone Call

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Chapter 5

I heard Ares shouting. But soon they kicked the door and it opened.

I saw an angry Blake with both Ares and Seth. I was more scared. Blake's nerves in his hands were popping and was visible. I grabbed my blanket very tightly.

My whole body stiffen as they didn't say anything. I grabbed all the courage I could find and spoke for my dear life.

“I am really sorry,” I said while eyeing Blake.

Something flashed through his eyes but he quickly covered it up.

“Are you alright?” Ares asked.

I nodded vigorously. I took the glass of water I brought and drank it. My head was killing me. I kept my head on the headboard. I felt the tension of the room decrease. At least it was fine with Ares.

Afterward, Seth came with Oreos. He gave me Oreos with a cup of milk.

“Everything becomes better with Oreos and milk,” he said trying to cheer me up.

I gave a weak smile. We started to eat.

“Do you want to talk about what you saw? Wait... do you always get nightmares?” Ares asked.

“Give her a break,” Seth said while he drank his milk.

I giggled at the sight of him. He had a milk moustache on his face. I ignored the question they asked me and focused on Blake. He seemed so tough.

He had an emotionless face. He wasn’t angry, calm, or anything. But still manages to me handsome. Wait no handsome... I have to admit it.

He do have a handsome face but I will never fall for his charms. That's for sure.

“Ummm.. yeah I get them always,” I said slowly.

“It’s ok,” Ares said while patting my arm.

“Do you want to speak about it?” Ares asked.

“No way” I said refusing.

“Who wants to join me to watch any movie?” Seth asked. I looked at him and gave a smile.

“We are gonna watch now and anyone who races first there get to choose the movie,” he said while leaving the room.

Ares raced as well. I was left with Blake.

I pulled my covers. He stood near the entrance of my room watching my every movement like a hawk. I scratched my nose nervously. I took a blanket with a pillow.

I took the glass in my hand. But clumsy me dropped it. I was shaking.

“I am really sorry. I am very sorry” I said repeatedly.

He walked over to me. His steps were similar to my uncle’s or my father’s steps.

Memories came flowing all the way to my mind. My hands were trembling in fear. I tasted fear all over my body. He bent and started to pick the glasses up. His actions made me surprises. He is full of surprises.

I breathe out which I didn't I was holding till now. But his hands got cut. My legs were shaking more. My whole body froze at the sight of his blood oozing out of his fingers. He is damaged more because of me.

Oh, God. I walked over to the first aid box and took a plaster. He threw the glass to the dustbin. I walked over to there. But he stared at me.

“Don’t come here” he said with his deep voice.

I looked at him confusedly.

“There are small pieces of glass,” he said.

I felt as if I was stupid. But why would he care anyway? I shrugged and stood there. He walked over to me. II felt as if I was stupid. He walked over to me.

I took again his rough hand with was bandaged. His fingertips were bleeding. I went over and took a cloth and put some water over.

I wiped his fingertips. I looked closely to see no glasses. Thank God, if so it will hurt so much. Wait! Why am I thinking about his pain? I asked myself.

Why am I treating him like this? I asked myself again. I frowned as I had no response. Stupid idiot... I put the plaster on his fingertips. He was now standing in my height. Our noses were touching. His hot breath brushed my skin. I shivered. He leaned forward a bit. His lip was brushing against mine.

I was surprised at this position and was shaking vigorously as if a coke bottle had been shaken. “Guys we are starting” Seth shouted. Thank God, timing was not bad. I will never forget the awkward moment ever in my life. I quickly took the things and ran downs the stairs. I missed a step. I was going to fall but strong pair of hands caught my waist. I steadied myself. “Thanks” I mumbled. I walked to the living room where both Seth and Ares were ready with the movie.

I walked and sat on the corner. Blake sat at the other side. Ares and Seth were in a deep conversation while Blake and I were still in shock at the last moment. The movie started. It was a horror movie. I hated them. I closed my eyes and I fell asleep. I didn’t get any nightmares. It was the best to sleep that I had in years. I rubbed my eyes as I woke up lazily. I walked to the kitchen to see no one. I started to make breakfast for everyone. I took bacon, eggs, toast, and orange juice. I made everyone’s food and kept it on the counter.

I ate my breakfast in silence. I heard groans. Three heads appeared in the kitchen. “Good morning and Thank you, Aud,” Ares said. I smiled and greeted him back. “Good morning and thanks,” Seth said. I did the same to him as well. Blake took the plate and looked at me.

“Thanks,” he said but it was more like a whisper. I nodded and washed my plate as I finished eating. “Get ready to the mall,” Ares said. I groaned.

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