The Phone Call

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Chapter 6

Why would I want to go to the mall with the popular guys? They would have girls drooling at them. Especially Blake. Wait why would I think about Blake?

He is just an idiot. He was the person who nearly kissed me. Neither of us has feelings.

Who will like me? I am just a stranger who has cuts and been abused throughout life, who would like me?

I shook my head and went to get ready. I brushed my teeth and I remembered that I didn’t have any clothes. I walked to the kitchen and saw Ares typing in his phone busily.

“I don’t have anything to change into. I brought only two t-shirts. I wore both of them yesterday and through the night” I said.

“Just take a t-shirt from my room,” Ares said.

I nodded and went to his room where I woke on the first day. I took a t-shirt that smelled very minty.It was veery comfortable and I liked it.

I secretly wanted to keep his t-shirt cause it was much better than my own t-shirts but I can't play with the King boys. They will surely end me up.

I changed into the t-shirt and because it was big for me, I drugged inside my pants and made it a crop top.

The t-shirt was plain black. But I still loved it. I walked out of the room and walked to my room and did my routine in the bathroom and cleared all the knots in my hair.

“We are leaving now” Ares shouted.

I walked down the stairs. I saw Ares smirk.

“You look great,” he said. I smiled. I saw Seth smirk as well. Blake appeared from the back.

I saw a small smile flash but he covered it up quickly faster than flash as he saw caught my eyes.

I walked into the car and I got in the back. Ares drove while Blake sat in the front passenger seat. I was stuck with Seth. Seth talked but I didn’t answer him.

He was so annoying. He kept poking my arm. I glared at him.

“Do you know that when boys poke a girl they poke ten times back?” He asked randomly.

I laughed at him mentally. That’s because we, girls don’t have an ounce of patience when it comes to stupid idiots like you.

“Are you serious? I have to poke Tori and see” Ares said.

“Oh, she will kill you. I just know that” Seth said.

“Let’s just see,” Ares said.

He parked the car in front of the mall. All girls were drooling and they glared at me.

My assumptions were correct. Great, now the girls would kill me. I was born to kill and be bullied. I reminded myself. I laughed at myself. Who am I to be hanging out with bad boys?

The normal theory is bad boys hand with sluts of the school. Right? Me, I am just a random abused girl who is at the moment stuck with them for a limited amount of time.

“Who is this?” A red-haired girl asked Ares.

“Meet Audrey and Audrey this is Victoria my dear girlfriend,” Ares said while slipping his hand around his waist.

“Hi,” she said and I greeted her back.

'Heyyy' I heard Victoria shouted while pushing Ares's arm.

'See I told you, poking to a girl is kind of a death wish' Seth said. Ares was nodded while rubbing his arm.

“We will leave you, ladies, here. Get anything you want. We will pay” Ares said to both of us.

Blake stood next to him like a statue and Seth was flirting with a random girl. Both the Kings left off to somewhere. Now I was stuck with a girl I even don’t know. Oh, God!

“So what would you like to buy? Crop tops? This is cute” she said while showing Ares’s t-shirt.

“Thanks” I mumbled. She would kill me right at the moment if I say I borrowed a t-shirt from Ares. “We will start from here,” she said while pointing to a big shop that had a lot of girly stuff. This is going to be a long day. I am not used to going shopping much unless it is just 5 minutes to buy something from a random shop near my house.

She started to put a lot of clothes in the bucket. They were all low cuts in the front or back. I just didn't like showing my body much. I was not interested in any of her picks. But my eye caught in one t-shirt. It was very big and seemed comfy. I loved it It had the verse ‘She’s one of kind’ in bold white color. It looked simple and I liked it. “That’s it. We are getting that too” Victoria said and put in the bucket. She grabbed every t-shirt in that section. I was quite surprised the way she acts. I couldn't understand her at all. She waste Ares's money as if he is a billionaire. He might have some amount of money but still...

“Try all these. We will see if these look better on you, I think they won't” she said while pushing me to one of the changing rooms. I sighed and started to put on them. She makes me mentally down. After 1 hour of changing clothes, I was exhausted. I looked at the bucket which I liked most clothes. All of them were dark colours.

But I loved it. It was from black to dark blue. I picked one grey hoodie and it looked perfect for me. I didn’t want to waste money but Victoria forced me to put it on the cart. The things that didn’t fit me were taken by Victoria. She pushed the cart straightly to the cashier. I mentally cried at her behaviour. God she is going to waste such a lot of money.

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