The Phone Call

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Chapter 7

She didn’t try the outfits either. She kept putting everything she touched. I just hated her behaviour.

Victoria started to hook up with a boy. . She was clearly flirting infant of my eyes. I just didn't like her at all. She keeps flirting with every guy passed us. The boys of course, reacted each and every time.

It made me throw up. If you have a person right at your feet, he seems to love you more than anybody, so why does you need someone else? I also felt bad for Ares.

I walked through the aisle. I randomly picked things and looked at it. All the things I picked were black. I need something black. I thought. I didn’t know where I am going but I kept walking until someone stopped me.

Oh God not this time. I mentally groaned. It can be a man who wanted the same thing as my father or uncle. Or a girl who needs to bully me.

I looked at the person. A girl. She was very pretty. She had her nails very polished and her hair fixed perfectly. Her whole outfit was very tight that made more curves appear forcefully. Overall the words that matched her was 'Rich, perfect, Modernised woman' She looked at me angrily.

I didn’t do anything.

“Listen, I will tell only once. Stay away from Blake King he is mine” she said.

Wow!! This girl has no idea of how I want to get away from Blake.

“Of course, a stupid idiot like him is yours,” I said in a lower voice.

Her head turned right at me. Her eyes widened with shock as she proceeded with what I said.

“How dare you tell him stupid? He is very intelligent and perfect” she said.

How much do you know he is intelligent? Which student goes to fight during the night and gets injured?

Well, I am not against wrestlers in the world, they are fully trained for that. But Blake? He is still a student?! I shrugged.

“Maybe you should look more at him” I whispered the part.

Who cares if she gets angry? Will she end up killing me right here with many witnesses? At any second she slapped right across my face. My face turned red as the mirror next to her reflected it. Anger came across my body.

I felt the burning sensation across my body running through even cell in my body. I just hated being so bullied in the society.But I didn't have strength to go against them.

Before I react to it, Blake and the boys came straight towards us. The girl wrapped her hands around Blake. Something in my heart stung but I couldn’t figure out what it was.

“What happened?” Ares asked.

I shook my head not willing to say anything.

“Victoria, did you see what happened here?!” Ares shouted.

Victoria came running. Oh my God, the foolishness of Ares shines right at my feet. How could a girl who is apparently 10 meters away see something like this? She might had fun few minutes ago. I metal rolled my eyes.

“Nope, I didn’t see. I was talking to Christina. Babe, I got you these too” Victoria said

Lies.. She showed him pair of Nike shoes. She was changing the question and I thanked God silently for that. But I looked at Blake who was right staring at me.

Seth was flirting again with the cashier.

“How about tonight?” The girl asked. I shrugged and proceeded to pay from Ares’s card to the things.

“I promise I will pay you back for this stuff,” I said, Ares.

He looked at me as if I had three heads.

“Are you going crazy? We are practically like family.” He said.

Wait when did I become family? But my thoughts were cut off seeing one person.

My uncle standing right in front of me twenty feet apart. I was invited to join darkness. I heard a beep sound that went on continuously. I hated it.

I opened my eyes to be welcomed by a very bright light. I closed and opened my eyes to adjust myself for the light.

“Good, you’re awake. We were scared that you will fall into a coma” a girl with a white dress.

Then it hit my head. I am in a hospital and she is one of the nurses.

“What happened?” I asked.

“Wait, there is a visitor who stayed from two days ago in the hospital in the waiting area asking permission to see you,” she said. “Sure,” I said. But my thoughts drifted. What if the visitor was my uncle? He would differently act differently in the hospital and then I will go back to the past life...

I am totally born to please men and be bullied. But the visitor was not the person I expected. The two grey eyes laid straight on me. “I will leave now. Make sure she is hydrated and also she can leave if the doctor gives permission” she said. She was drooling on Blake.

“Maybe I can also give you my number too,” she said seductively. Oh God, she is going to get in his pants right in front of me in the same room. Of course, the bad boy would say yes and take his number. I thought. He gave her a death glare. I was quite surprised.

But who cares. Maybe he has someone who is very secretive. I shrugged and fell backward to the pillow. Who cares. Nobody even cares even If I am alive. I will secretly end my life. This everything is because of a stupid phone call. “How are you?” He asked. His voice was hoarse. When did Blake King care about others? Not that I know of.

“I am totally fine. I can leave soon and I will leave from your lives soon” I said. He glared at me. “What happened?” I asked. “Nothing happened''

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