The Phone Call

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Chapter 8

I glared at him back.

“Don’t you lie? Something obviously happened” I said while raising my voice a bit higher. He looked shocked at how much I raised my voice but quickly covered it up.

“You blacked out when you were going with Ares in front of me. That’s all actually know” he said honestly.

At least he said that I blacked out. Who wouldn’t be afraid when you saw the person who completely destroyed your life is at your feet, in front of you?

“Just say what caused you to blackout?” He asked.

“Nothing, maybe from some past incidents,” I said while brushing it off.

He didn’t talk anymore neither did I. Soon two heads appeared.

“You are alright Aud,” Ares said while stretching his hands for a side hug. I heard Blake leaving the room.

I looked at the door and watch him leave. He is definitely doesn’t like me. That’s for sure. Why am I thinking of being friends with him anyway? I shrugged.

But my thoughts were cut off by Seth rapping my shoulder.

“Yes?” I asked.

“Don’t mind him, he will come by around. He is not used to new people” he said.

“I don’t think so,” I said.

“Who wants Oreos and milk?” He asked. I looked at him and laughed.

Oh! This boy cannot live without his Oreos.

“Everything is fine with a glass of milk and Oreos,” he said.

Ares rolled his eyes. Soon we started to eat Oreos.

After 30 minutes, I was discharged.

“Make sure she is hydrated cause dehydration has many possibilities to black her out again,” the doctor said.

Ares and Seth nodded while going out of the room with me. We walked towards the car. Blake was already sitting in the driver’s seat. Seth and I sat at the back.

I kept my head leaned towards the door and immediately my eyes closed. I felt someone pulling me I was tired to open my eyes.

I open my eyes to see I am in my room. I looked at my room. I was filled with awe. It was painted in grey and was simple. It had no luxurious stuff but the things around me were luxurious.

I never had a closet to myself or a cupboard at least. My past room was the storage room.

There was a lot of old-fashioned stuff with a lot of mechanical stuff as well. My uncle and my father are both mechanics. Well, apparently was mechanics and now they are lunatics. I

walked towards the other door to see a shower and a toilet with a sink besides. It was simple as well.

I looked at my bed again and saw a small table with a chair. There was cactus and I loved the plant. It made the room just more simple.

The light flowed from the window beside my bed. I smiled at my room. Never in my life, I thought I would have live with the bad boys. I didn’t notice this beauty before.

I remembered the reason. Of course, Blake had to cause drama. He causes drama everywhere to be famous.

Maybe it is one of the characteristics of being a bad boy. Why am I thinking of him?! Oh, God.

“Oh.. you are awake,” Seth said while smiling.

“Yeah” “how do you feel?” He asked.

“Better” I answered.

“Great! I am going to watch a movie, wanna join?” He asked with a smile.

“I think I will skip today,” I said.

“Oh... Maybe I will watch tomorrow,” he said.

“If it is because of me, please don’t do it. Watch the movie. I have no problem. I just need alone time” I said.

Then it hit me hard.

I said alone time which probably makes Seth think that I want him to go away. I felt bad as disappointment run across his face. But the talent of his brother was in him as well.

He quickly masked his face with a smile and nodded and left the room with my thoughts remaining again. I sighed.

I decided to take fresh air outside. I opened the window near my bed. As I opened it, I saw only one person there standing in the garden looking at the road. Blake.

Why does Blake always have to be where ever I see or be? But he seemed sad.

Crying? I pinched myself to see if I was dreaming. When did bad boys cry? Yes, they are human but bad boys act as if they could kill someone anytime right? I groaned and shut the window.

I sat on my bed and laid down. My thoughts leaned back to the things that happen this week. Slowly my eyes closed.

“Morning Aud, wake up,” Ares said.

“Morning” I groaned.

I rubbed my eyes.

“We have school today. Happy Monday” he said.

I mentally face palmed myself. Of course, it is Monday. I hate schools. The school makes me feel as if I am useless. Being bullied for the whole school life. I just didn’t fit myself among the students.

Mostly I hated when teachers ask questions specifically from me. The students would look at me as if I was prey. Some laugh and some snicker.

It makes me get anxiety attacks. Even though I know the answer to the question the teacher asks, my throat doesn’t respond.

This makes me hate school. I got myself up from the bed and walked to the bathroom to get ready. I decided to wear the grey hoodie which I brought from the mall. Ares brought me from the mall.

I shrugged at my thoughts and proceeded my way downstairs to see all the three sitting around the kitchen counter.

“Eat up and we will go in 5,” Ares said.

“Good morning,” I said to Blake and Seth.

“Morning” Seth mumbled.

Blake didn’t reply instead I got a stare. Bad luck that his eyes and my eyes connected.

Neither of us broke eye contact. His grey ones showed a lot of emotions. I just couldn’t get one specific emotion. It was very complicated.

I didn't understand anything.

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